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  1. I believe we could do that very legitimately. Chinas loyalty to the dollar is much stronger than Vladimir Putin. They don’t want nuclear war. If anything, it benefits them more for Russia to be defeated so they can feed on the carcass. If we threaten, they will not do business with Russia.
  2. Ask yourself this - would we, given the resources available to any football staff at UT, have produced worse results what we have experienced over the last decade. I’d argue the answer is no.
  3. I’ve said it from day one - whoever has more Precambrian metamorphosed sedimentary rocks rich in iron ore is going to win this in the end.
  4. It would make sense that Putin launched an ill advised invasion and refuses to back down even in the face of mounting losses if he feels like he’s going to die or become incapacitated soon and needs to cement his legacy before then.
  5. I personally don’t give a fuck that we didn’t have anyone drafted. I wasn’t operating under the illusion that we had a bunch of talented upperclassmen on the roster.
  6. CNN got high on their own supply. In the grand scheme of things, a cable channel with 500k daily viewers is pretty unimportant.
  7. Ewers has definitely missed some throws today. I still like him better than Card but he’s got some work to do, as should be expected for a guy who hasn’t played in a while.
  8. Offense and defense have both shown flashes of goodness (not greatness) today. It’s probably the most encouraging spring game I’ve seen for quite a while.
  9. One hopeful sign is that our corners don’t play 10 yards off the ball every play anymore. Maybe only like 50% of the time. Baby steps.
  10. Actually a great throw for Card. Credit where credit is due.
  11. It’s basically a big “fuck you” to Putin. Let’s see how much of a tough guy he is when it’s time to risk an actual conflict vs NATO.
  12. No way the kid on the far right in that picture is older than 16.
  13. If we have a semblance of a functioning OL next year we will lead the conference in scoring. But after 15 years of shit OL I’m not ready to make that assumption.
  14. Putin cares about retaining power above all else. Using nukes is almost a guarantee that he loses that power - either because he’s dead through MAD or by the entire world invading to depose him. The standard Russian playbook in this case is to continue ratcheting up the purges and accusations of traitors.
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