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  1. I started my kids (albeit younger than yours, probably around 8-9) with a single shot rifle/shotgun .223/.20 gauge with a switchable barrel. Crack 'em open, put in a bullet or a shell, close it, take it off safety, shoot and eject. Not much doubt about whether the gun was loaded and they learned to take a good shot the first time. They graduated to a pump .20 gauge and a bolt .243 after a couple of years of practice.
  2. Pork Chile Relleno. Good choice. I am a fan of their Mole sauce. Either with baked chicken or with enchiladas, IIRC.
  3. Governor Hogg wasn't even born until 1851. Never had anything to do with the Civil War.
  4. Nothing wrong with moving to an oven after that much time -- there is only so much smoke flavor you are gonna get, anyway. I assume you've already wrapped it?
  5. That's not CR. Removing those statues in the middle of the night with no notice and no open deliberative process is not our standard.
  6. He'll long be remembered for this: https://www.texastribune.org/2017/08/20/ut-austin-removing-confederate-statues-middle-night/
  7. Good comparison, except that Thursday nights at Armando's is an amazing experience.
  8. Good for you. I answered as "white" and "american" -- we both are probably going to prison.
  9. The Austin Club switched over to a "to go" only model two weeks ago. Still excellent food. Really low price points, around $15 per entree. Even Easter buffet is around $25. I assume that they are just trying to find a way to support their key staff. My bet is that private clubs and hotels will end up being the only "fine dining" spots still open after the smoke clears. Welcome back to the 1950's and 1960's in Texas, before Governor Connally pushed through "Liquor by the Drink"
  10. The Governor specifically exempted hunting and fishing from his "Shelter in Place Order" yesterday -- so let's get to it!
  11. We had 100% turnout on a Zoom happy hour with 9 of my fellow drunken frat brothers last week. Win!
  12. There is a huge difference between deaths "caused by CV-19" and deaths "associated with CV-19." There's probably not a lot of effort being placed upon that distinction while in the heat of battle, but it will certainly be studied for years to come.
  13. Perhaps there might be a pattern of Asian countries being less than totally forthcoming about the CV-19? As the article implies (perhaps better said -- as it points out), Japan's explosion related to CV-19 coincides nicely with the Olympics postponement. Hmmm... https://www.chicagotribune.com/coronavirus/ct-nw-tokyo-olympics-coronavirus-20200330-fwlj7xw7rfb6jfkjh5iafplzsq-story.html
  14. Gumbo's on the Square in Georgetown has had some good grocery deals -- including TP! They also have daily prepared to-go food menus on their website.
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