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  1. The tall towers just keep coming: The Brazos Hall event venue at the northeast corner of East Fourth and Brazos Streets, an early-1900s warehouse that could potentially be demolished for a tower project depending on the results of a historic preservation review by the city. The 1999 office structure seen on the right side of the image will not require review, and will also be demolished for the new tower’s construction. On the left side of the image, you’ll notice a crane for the Fifth & Brazos hotel and apartment project. Image: GarzaEMC https://austin.towers.net/theres-a-tower-in-the-works-at-fourth-and-brazos-in-downtown-austin/?agent=caitlyn@towers.net
  2. Thanks for the PxP, Surly. Hook 'em!
  3. I don't know what the (other) Gringo's eat there, but in my experience, Mi Tierra has always had outstanding menudo and barbacoa. Fun atmosphere is a plus.
  4. It happened when the NIMBY Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association, backed by the ANC and Austin City Council, forced the Austin Aqua Festival to abandon the 10 night format and go to weekends only. Weekend talent is more expensive and there is more competition for entertainment dollars on weekends. Aqua Festival was bankrupt a couple of years after that. Lets hear it for the soulless successors, SXSW, C3 Productions, and ACL Festival!
  5. Will you be driving a Tesla?
  6. So much wrong in that video. Trim the outside fat. Never separate the point. Read Franklin's Barbecue Manifesto for important details.
  7. Railyard Towers gonna be big: https://austin.towers.net/two-towers-at-the-railyard-could-redefine-austins-skyline-twice/?fbclid=IwAR0iOQiB-HsO0RjmqIMQ9y57d795i4lmIQZfBAvTtVeVHOr1By0WrRWfjZE&agent=caitlyn@towers.net
  8. Demo it and go to your nearest Lowe's Home Improvement Store for a new one.
  9. Oh, yeah. I've been hearing about "peak oil" being only 20 years away for most of my life.
  10. Isn't Dave South still the "Voice of aggy baseball?"
  11. So, where is all this electricity going to come from? Non-fossil fuels? Really? I don't get this aspect of the TSLA story.
  12. Perhaps, but still it's a pretty painless way to deal with it. Ask the IRS for 48 monthly installments at 3% and you'll never know the difference.
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