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  1. Houston police chief rips 'smug' Cruz and McConnell, who 'don’t want to piss off the NRA https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/dec/09/houston-police-chief-mitch-mcconnell-ted-cruz-gun-laws-nra Uh, Art. About that gun violence... https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/deadly-Houston-misconduct-botched-raid-police-14850548.php
  2. I'm not that fancy. It's been 4-door E320's and E350's. Love the 6 cylinder engines. Great power and around 30 mpg up and down I-35 and I-45.
  3. I've mentioned this on other threads, but I've bought and driven 4 used E-Class MBs (all at about 2 y/o or 50K miles, i.e. -- at about half of original sticker price) over the past 20 or so years. I've gotten all of them up to 200K+ on the odometer without anything too ridiculous happening maintenance-wise (OK, the MB before the one I have now did blow a transmission seal and totally FUBAR the transmission, but it was at 235K miles, so I was happy to sell that one to the salvage yard and start over!). I do use an independent shop to do all of my maintenance. Solid cars. Good luck.
  4. There's never a better idea than whatever Discount Tire can hook you up with. Great company that I love doing business with. Always go ahead and buy the road hazard warranty. It's the only extended warranty that I buy (or let my wife buy), but there is so much construction metal and such out on the highways these days that it has really paid off for us.
  5. Good plan. My only addition to this advice is to rub it with kosher salt, coarse ground pepper and ground rosemary before beginning the cooking.
  6. Keep it whole. Let the heathens eat the outside parts and keep the delicious, lightly cooked center for yourself!
  7. Can't find the vid, but this Thanksgiving prayer from The Ice Storm is a classic: Christina Ricci offers Thanksgiving prayer in Ice Storm Dear Lord, Thank you for the Thanksgiving holiday. And for all the material possession that we have and enjoy. And for letting us white people kill all the Indians and steal their tribal lands. And stuff ourselves like pigs, even though children in Asia are being napalmed.”
  8. I had no idea that you were running cases for Thomas J. Henr++, San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer.
  9. I just put on some kosher salt and coarse grind black pepper, the same as I would do to a brisket.
  10. Terry Black's on Barton Springs is a great low-key place to bring family to. Usually not a big line and such, but they'll get the Texas barbecue experience there.
  11. There were also domestic animals involved, allegedly
  12. Just re-watched the movie last month. That's a pretty solid post! Thanks.
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