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  1. That sounds like a headache and opportunity for a leak. If you can afford it, I would recommend replacing the whole unit.
  2. Yes, I had an uncle who was murdered in a robbery. My parents also had a friend who was found dead locked in the trunk of his Volvo. There are some sick people out there... stay vigilant
  3. Any suggestions for an upgrade if you have a standard light socket in the garage? Space is limited socket is between two garage doors, 8ft ceilings.
  4. What makes ABCCANOPY better over EZ Up or the other popular brands? Looks like $50 more... from what I read, legs may be thicker metal? Also how helpful are wives setting up and breaking down?
  5. Interesting thought... the pop up style beach shelters look easy to setup. A couple of those may be a better option if we can fit 5 to 6 people.
  6. Looking for something that’s easy to set up/take down, doesn’t weigh a ton, but not disposable either? Will use at lake and parks.
  7. That’s a pretty nifty device. How big and strong is the dog and how ambitious is he? You may want landlord permission to drop a full post if he’s likely to test the fence. I built a 4 ft tall white picket fence to accomplish the same thing. However my dog is less than 30 lbs. I know someone who put in a 6 ft chain link gate and it looks like a prison
  8. OP, I’ve never heard of a tent helping with the cold. However look for one that can minimize the wind coming through. For example, my Coleman Sun Dome is great for the heat because of massive vent on top and also the rain cover canopies far to let air through. However that sucks when it’s cold because the wind passes right through.
  9. I don’t know much but was reading on another forum about them since I’m considering buying a sedan. It’s to be determined how much I’ll actually drive it and therefore how much I should care and if I want to pay extra for a regular tranny. However, I wanted to have a basic understanding of pros and cons in preparation of any potential fire sales. And yeah I need to test drive...
  10. This. Also one of my HVAC engineer friends says there is little difference between Goodman and Amana. In many cases it’s literally just the badge.
  11. Anyone own a car with one? Thoughts on them? I don’t know if I could get used to a shiftless car but also don’t know it would be much different than a 9 or 10 speed automatic.
  12. only explanation for such an amazing draft is that Jerry lost internet connection on his yacht
  13. 15% hit to retirement accounts, but I have a feeling I’ll lose more when the market will implode again through August. 20k losses in non retirement account. Feeling like I’m beyond blessed.
  14. Yup. We like drawful - good with adults and older kids.
  15. This. Stay home. It could save someone’s life, maybe yours.
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