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  1. I also recommend a belt driven Chamberlain as well. However, I don’t do any IOT entry into my house so I can’t personally comment on the Q link. I’m paranoid and know too many dumb asses that don’t consider security in their dev work.
  2. I made the transition. It’s not bad. It’s like Italian va Spanish. Once you know one, you figure out the other. It’s a much more secure os which is why I made the jump.
  3. With everyone staying at home, construction is busy beyond belief. I would expand your search beyond patio cover companies. A general contractor should be able to build a patio cover, no problem. Let me put it this way, a firefighter who moonlights as a handy man built mine 15 years ago and it’s still going strong.
  4. That’s even worse right now. Ammo manufacturers also manufacture components for reloading and they prioritize their product lines.
  5. Yes I believe you are correct, a form 1 is faster. Last I heard was 3 to 5 months vs 9 to 14. I was looking at a complete SBR but was advised to buy the lower and then buy the upper separately to form 1 it.
  6. This. I paid $500 on FB MP but it was almost new.
  7. Congrats! I love the Rugar Mark and am quite envious of the IV owners since they’re not a PITA to field strip.
  8. I have a small Amsec that I love but it only holds pistols and documents. I need to be able to hold 6 to 8 long guns nicely, the stuff in my small Amsec, and firearm accessories like mags. Any recs for a fireproof gun safe? Would something like 30” wide suffice, you think?
  9. I see. Yea it totally depends on the franchise. WW of Austin did a great install for me. My only gripe with WW is that they have a weep hole on the fixed side of a horizontal slider. It lets in a bit of cold air in. I don’t see the point of the weep hole since it’s on the fixed side on the inside of the window. I guess if there was tropical storm sideways rain, we t could help the frame drain. However, that’s not likely for me and there is a weep hole in the slider side as well (under the pane)....so I put a little piece of tape over it.
  10. I don’t recall the name, but there was only one in Austin when I looked at them.
  11. Same thing here. That’s their unethical high pressure sales model.
  12. Why? I know of a dozen installs by Window World of Austin, over a decade, including new ownership of that local franchise. All owners have been happy and so I took their recommendation and just replaced all my Windows and so far so so. Install was flawless, clean, and the crew was quick. The product carries the best warranty, lifetime on everything including the glass. Most companies only warranty the glass up to 15 years which is the MTTF for the glass seal. I replaced all my windows (11 openings), 4 were oversized, for less than $6k. I don’t disagree that Marvin makes a quali
  13. Sounds like the OP should be asking about the cost of installing windows.
  14. I’ve put around 800 rds through mine and didn’t have a single issue. However I haven’t shot any crappy ammo with it.
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