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  1. I was just using these as examples, could have been Nissan vs Infinity etc. And yes it appears that Honda revamped the product line while Acura got complacent. Same can be said about Lexus; they had to retro Apple Car play as an aftermarket offer and they didn’t do it for all models. The 2021 TLX is supposedly all new and the type S is supposed to be a beast. We’ll see. Where’s the sport in that? [emoji3] This actually looks like a good option for brands that usually don’t deviate too far from MSRP
  2. Can you negotiate with an Acura dealer the same as a Honda Dealer, etc? For reference, I was able to negotiate 10% off of MSRP on the last Honda I bought. While it wasn’t the 30% off I scored on my F150, I felt pretty good about it. I know Honda doesn’t do incentives like Ford and it was also right after a ton of cars were flooded by Harvey. Some dealers refused to budge a penny off of MSRP.
  3. Well it seems the whole world is opting for I4s with turbo instead of naturally aspirated V6s. I guess I should see if those also require premium gas too.
  4. Educate me...I’ve never bought a luxury car before. I’m looking at mid-size sedans and there seems to be a huge overlap in price and amenities between low-end models in luxury brands (e.g. TLX or IS300) and their non-Luxury brand counterparts in a high trim (e.g. Accord Touring and Camry XSE). What are some considerations that I may be overlooking when deciding between say a Honda and an Acura, or a Toyota and a Lexus? Maintenance cost? Fuel type? What else you got? Thanks in advance, WC
  5. This. Also interest rates in general are low right now so financing a used car doesn’t cost nearly as much as it used to.
  6. Like CNN? What’s the point? people can get that from the news and any other social media platform. However, people come here for the assholes and opinions.
  7. How does one go about filing complaints from the local to national gov? TCEQ? EPA? I’ve always seen homeless camps on the Greenbelts but they were always more inconspicuous. All that went out the window when the city said we don’t give a shit.
  8. How do you determine how many down spouts are needed?
  9. No new growth on the two big stumps. The stuff also seems to be working on the smaller hackberry trees where I applied it with a foam brush on the leaves. The leaves are yellowing and some of the trees look to be in real rough shape.
  10. I made absolutely no political or philosophical point. I merely stated an additional statistic for additional context in reference to deaths in American wars. Not sure what warranted the angry name calling.
  11. A friend in Houston waited for over two hours to get a test and ended up leaving untested because of the wait. Then two weeks later she got a positive test result in the mail. How messed up is that?
  12. Smoking related deaths in the US are 484,000 PER YEAR for additional perspective. https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/fact_sheets/fast_facts/index.htm
  13. Well that’s good you know. Whichever pulseox you end up with, the most important part is that it provides precise results..... then you just monitor for changes.
  14. They’re all mostly cheap Chinese electronics. There was on study from U San Fran that indicated Contec is an accurate brand. I bought one and had some cheap knock off sent instead. The vendor eventually sent me a Contec, which was very similar. Both work about the same. They’re off by 1% from one another.
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