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  1. Solid entry for great band names list.
  2. Silver lining - it probably got chopped up and used for bait to catch a shark that he likely desecrated in some manner.
  3. Also illegal to noodle them. And that fish is dead as fuck with him sticking his arm through the gills like that.
  4. If Howard wants to stay on the celeb train he really should consider moving the show to LA for at least a portion of the year. There are dead zones throughout the year where people aren't out promoting and certainly not travelling to New York to do press. He could turn his show into Carson on the radio in Los Angeles.
  5. We were in Vegas a few weeks back and the AVN Expo was rolling. I really wish I had made it by there now.
  6. The Moon sports the 2nd largest known impact crater in the solar system at ~1400 miles in diameter and 8 miles deep. At 6 tenths of a mile in diameter, this asteroid would be like Rhea Perlman trying to dunk on Dikembe Mutombo.
  7. They're back live this morning. Heard part of Richard's Superbowl experience - apparently Howard bought him surprise tickets and sent him to the game and then Jonathan Kraft put him on the 50 yard line when he found out from Bababooey that Richard was there.
  8. There's been a couple of shart instances in my life where given the opportunity I would have put a gun to a kid's head so that his mom would have promptly handed over the Charmin she just loaded in the trunk.
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