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  1. I hope they keep expanding the classics selection. They need to add Alpine Climbers, Mickey's Polo Team, The Joy of Skiing and Motormania.
  2. Those uncoated kitchen grade ranch kettles at the end of the video are pretty sweet.
  3. Tune those dirty zombie teeth up to the white level that you like and then dial it back to maintain it. It can make your teeth sensitive if you over do it.
  4. smuggs

    Truck Nuts

    I picked up a Ranger SuperCab 4x2 XLT with the 6' bed for our new office runner vehicle this morning. 24K out the door. 1st impressions: - It hauls ass. Very quick off the line with minimal turbo lag. A lot of fun to drive. My 17 year old self would have jizzed himself over this truck. - Bumpy ride but it's a small truck, par for the course. The rear-end likes to get crazy over rough washboard type surfaces. Highway ride is good. - Interior is great. It's quiet. The center console armrest kind of sucks (small, placed too far back and weird shape). Otherwise the seats are comfortable with a lot of adjustment. Stereo with 8" SYNC sounds great. Mf'er has dual-zone AC. The XLT trim has more than enough features for a truck this size, imo. I wouldn't spend the extra money for a Lariat unless you just absolutely require heated leather seats. - 6' bed is fantastic. They really need to offer the SuperCrew with it. I'm sure that option is coming soon. I'll be putting a hard shell tonneau cover on it shortly. Toyota really, really needs to blow the dust off of the Tacoma. I know Ranger reliability has yet to be seen but this truck is nicer than the Tacoma in every conceivable metric.
  5. Maybe Yoda got a hold of that sweet Yaddle pussy then sent her packing before the Order 66 shit hit the fan.
  6. Indeed. Hot diarrhea is also less viscous than a tepid diarrhea and would yield a higher coverage of the intended target, ensuring maximum ass disease dispersal.
  7. I like that the article clarifies that this was a "hot diarrhea" attack. Way more serious than your run-of-the-mill room temperature diarrhea attack.
  8. I can't wait to put a NOMAD sticker on my F-1250, right underneath my YETI sticker and just to the left of my Salt Life sticker.
  9. Trays from the dentist. They sell me this shit. I put them in for 30 minutes for a 3 consecutive night stretch once a month. They keep my teeth comfortably white but not so much that I look like fucking Joe Biden.
  10. The Go-Go's is another band that asswipe Jann Wenner refuses to allow in the Rock Hall of Fame.
  11. Make sure to hit the swing sets by the picnic sites on the water, across the cove from the boat launch. They have some giant old school pipe-framed swing sets where you can get a legit ~8 feet off of the ground if you put the hammer down. Last time I was there a few years ago they were still there. Brought back some awesome memories. You'll also want to hike back to Devil's Hole.
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