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  1. Also belongs on the list of female vocalists that can cause Class 4 scrotal aneurysms:
  2. The fucking guy really went down to the vigil to accost mourners of the person he killed? This strategy is bolder than a bag of Doritos Jacked: Enchilada Supreme.
  3. With the inclusion of Bush Sr. and Clinton - might Obama be on the upper deck of the reverse shit Big Mac?
  4. Chernobyl-hot whole wheat Savage and a root beer, goddamn.
  5. For what it's worth I found this on a Stern show radiogunk thread:
  6. Mickelson has his arms crossed. I'd say strong to quite strong.
  7. This twitter feed is extremely satisfying.
  8. She's a one of kind.
  9. Baby backs. Fuck spare ribs. Pull the membrane.
  10. They have a removable plate that throws a decent enough wake for surfing. They also have internal ballast. The newer model Yamaha jets also have a keel system tied to the pump nozzle(s) that allows them to track a lot better than they used to. Still not winning any slalom tournaments, though.
  11. That's because you calculate the Porsche oil level by measuring the slick on the garage floor.
  12. She's now on OnlyFans. NSFW:
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