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  1. Chad Smith and Matt Cameron have already tweeted their apologies and regret for having participated in the article. I don't know why any drummer of their caliber would willingly share intimate conversations with this Preparation-H wipe of a magazine, anyway. Especially when a legit toxicology report and official cause of death, for your close friend, has still yet to be issued... Bonehead move by those two.
  2. Especially if the naked horseplay vids keep dropping first of the month.
  3. Man, Bono has really gone off the deep end.
  4. For the electric mowers out there - do the decks hold up well? They all seem to be made of plastic (at least on the EGO models). The metal deck on my 5-year old gas Honda looks like the shield of Leonidas. I can't help but think if it were plastic it would be completely busted all to hell at this point.
  5. Fucking great movie. RIP.
  6. I'm in. I'll take Guest, McKean and Shearer over another superhero movie all day every day.
  7. Lee Greenwood looks like an AI-produced amalgam of Tim Roth and 1986 Phil Collins.
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