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  1. “We’re baaaaaaack” to being shitty!
  2. The girl killed was our friend’s niece. This shit man. It’s gotta stop.
  3. I made a cheeseburger. It had two patties, cheddar cheese, pickles, griddled onions, iceberg lettuce, a thin slice of tomato, and Whataburger patty melt sauce. It was good.
  4. I still, for the life of me, cannot figure out how Rihana is top-10 selling artist of all time. I understand she's very popular. according to soundscan she's #9 just above pink floyd, and above the Stones, the Eagles, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Garth Brooks, U2, etc.
  5. The mistake you made was eating at jack in the box sober before midnight
  6. I didn't laugh once during the last episode. Someone put this show out of its misery. It's painfully, awkwardly unfunny.
  7. Lulz. You got fucking TRIGGERED because people had the audacity to suggest that your passing game coordinator might just possibly consider accepting a promotion to OC in the NFL, and that himsigning a contract extension is some sort of ironclad agreement to keep him locked up at LSU. Because coaches never break their contracts for a promotion. Fucking relax weirdo.
  8. you've obviously never been to 5 guys
  9. irishtexan

    Willie Nelson

    Willie would find the hostility on this thread very un-Willie.
  10. irishtexan

    Willie Nelson

    You’re getting a show from an 86 year old man. Calibrate you’re expectations appropriately.
  11. KVUE put together a kinda-long piece outlining most of the evidence against him. https://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/rodney-reed-texas-death-row-stacey-stites/269-83d1b2d1-8db2-412f-aae2-afbda9128e48
  12. Literally no one saying that "one's other bad acts shouldn't amount to guilt in a separate case" in this thread has said they think Fennell did it.
  13. What is laughable about it? I think he's guilty af, but it seems like two people willing to testify that they knew he was in a clandestine relationship with the victim is pretty fucking significant. I think the point of testing the belt is to see what you find. What if you find another convicted murderer's DNA on the belt? Then what? It's unlikely that the test is definitive in proving anything for either side. The point of evidence gathering is to provide a more complete picture. Why not just delay the execution and test the fucking belt?
  14. It's important to celebrate life's great accomplishments.
  15. Got hot at league play at dart bowl tonight and bowled a personal best game (241) and series (655). Went home to celebrate with a leftover meatball in a hot dog bun thrown under a broiler with some string cheese and some pickled japs. Wild turkey 101 chaser.
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