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  1. Why does a torque wrench (ratchet) have a reverse?
  2. The little airport there use to be nice, but since Delta pulled out, it's now shit. Lots of morbidly obese people. Red state (for now). I will probably have to move up there in a few years due to wife's family, but am thinking maybe Michigan instead since it's blue and now has weed. But, Michigan roads suck. I'd still drive across Ohio to the Cleveland airport than deal with shit hole Detroit airport.
  3. If you send Christmas cards full of that micro glitter shit, fuck you! (get off my lawn)
  4. It's true, people who drive Chrysler products are deviants. I stress to my heirs, if you ever smoke tobacco or drive a Chrysler product, you're out of the will.
  5. I don't understand the Baylor hate? Especially against OU. If not us, who would you want to represent the BigXII?
  6. I married a couch burner, but Michigan gets legal weed on 12/1. I'm torn... OSU in-laws very much see this as a rivalry. Biggest game of the year for them.
  7. JFC !! Just read Beth Mowins will be a commentator.
  8. Snow Dog and I saw them on September 7, 1982 at Fiesta Gardens. Amazing show. The stage was basically an oval track that went behind the drummer and David Byrne ran around that track the entire concert.
  9. Horn_Spanker


    Indica = in-da-couch
  10. Has anyone ever gotten a "deal", "introductory price" or any kind of discount for signing up with Google Fiber?
  11. Of course I love Bevo, but that background, watermark or whatever you call it really hampers my navigation. I do not run a powerful video card, so the site now is really doggy for me.
  12. Just went to HornFans and saw some names that stayed there instead of following us to Shaggy. i.e. Texanne Does Katy still own Hornfans?
  13. This summer was so brutal, I haven't turned on the heat. Thermostat says it's 61 in the house!
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