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  1. Assclown Chip Roy supporter came to my door with NO mask. Not even down around his neck!
  2. Did the cabins at Bastrop State Park survive the fire? They were fun. (but the weather needs to be much cooler)
  3. Looks like Google Fiber went down in some areas. SNOW DAY!!
  4. Just watched 3, expecting a big twist? What was unexpected?
  5. Shocked that the Ryzen CPUs are becoming scarce. One I want is out of stock until 10/16. Guns and CPUs, new economics course.
  6. Postings of Apple shit in the Craigslist Computer Parts section.
  7. I've been auditing classes this morning. Teachers are trying their best, but JFC, the parents are rude and clueless. i.e., chiming in mid lesson to ask some procedural questions. A dad walking through asking "what's this shit show?". Kids eating breakfast, dogs barking in the house.
  8. I've been using Google Voice for years with great results. When I know I'm connected to someone's land line or a Android phone, the call quality is perfect. When the other end uses an Apple phone, that's when the quality is bad and we talk on top of each other.
  9. Horn_Spanker

    2020 Drunk Thread

    I've been experimenting with flavored vodka. I kinda like the iced tea flavored one.
  10. Time to tell the wife all her shit shows on the DVR are getting erased to make room for whatever game is on. Gotta make hay while the sun shines!
  11. I can trade you some toilet paper?
  12. Wow! Still empty shelves at B&M? What's the reason now?
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