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  1. Horn_Spanker


    What's the weight on that bag of Infinite Euphoria? It's been so long, I've lost my sight/weight perspective.
  2. Going to re-paint the house numbers on the curb, and all my neighbor's numbers because, goddamn!
  3. Spent the last hour and a half pushing a lawnmower, just to get a little peace and quiet.
  4. Stored in half gallon plastic juice jugs, under the bed in the guest room. Got a pressurized "poof" when opened? Very little intestinal distress?
  5. They have my preferred genre, but I couldn't tune in when I was driving to work. Now that I'm home I can't listen to afternoon radio. Fire them all and put the MP3s on a huge loop.
  6. Get ready for the "shelter in place" announcement.
  7. They did not get soft after simmering four hours. I thought it was my cooking until I read your comments. Next try is 21 year old rice.
  8. These were dry pintos I simmered all afternoon. Just ate a big bowl, wish me luck!
  9. My young attractive female cousins convinced their bible banging parents that they were going to South Padre to do missionary work.
  10. Pulled out my Y2K stash and am currently cooking a pot of 21 year old beans. They look fine, we'll see?
  11. Another fucking late charge on a ZERO balance! The balance has been ZERO for months and up pops a bill. I tried to email the TxDOT head over the toll system, Richard Nelson, but he's too ashamed to post his email address.
  12. Sorry if already asked, but what about funeral homes being overwhelmed? Is it legal to bury grandma in the backyard?
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