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  1. Picked the wrong day for a colonoscopy cleanse. https://www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/austin-water-to-repair-waterline-in-sw-austin-on-june-7-service-disruption-possible/
  2. Horn_Spanker


    Don't trust Cologuard! Cologuard results showed a problem. $1,800 later the surgeon said "I found nothing, must have been a false positive?"
  3. I was working the door at a sold out Cars concert in the early 80s. Many many people approached me with cash in their hand. They all saw the show and I made a lot of money!
  4. Went to pick up a prescription and was told it would be $67. Why so high? Insurance doesn't like the quantity of 20. Took out two and the price dropped to $2. WTF?
  5. If your PC screen resolution is at 1080p and you watch a 4k video on Youtube, are you really seeing 4k or is it maxed at the screen resolution you've set? Asking because my HTPC is set to 1080p on a 4k TV. Do I need to invest in a more robust video card? Or, build a Plex server and let the TV deal with the resolution?
  6. Shoddy Craftsmanship My 40 year old microwave died today.
  7. Any tax professionals recommended in far south Austin? Slaughter/Mopac or near? Have always done my own, but this year stuff happened and I feel I should hand it off to a professional.
  8. Friend took Prozac and Viagra at the same time. Told me he could go all night! He was in his late 30's. He had a heart attack and died!
  9. I'm getting sick of walking into HEB and immediately being harassed by Spectrum salespeople. I finally said: "I had you guys for 32 years. It felt like I was being held hostage and ass raped every day."
  10. Suspicious white Ford pickup just now in front of Kiker Elementary. License plate AK3 0957. Did not pick up a kid, pulled up behind my wife, stayed in truck and began to follow her as she pulled away. On her tail until Slaughter and Manchaca whereas she pulled over to loose him.
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