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  1. He wasn’t trying at Texas either.
  2. Understandable. You ain’t gonna pay off that many players just selling cars.
  3. Didn’t go to Miami to play backup - even if it’s not gonna cost him eligibility. Chill for a year and start for 2 when King leaves. Unless Manny goes after a transfer QB again, then hit the portal.
  4. https://www.latimes.com/lifestyle/story/2020-08-10/want-more-people-of-color-in-the-outdoors-give-them-gear Oh, camping is so racist!
  5. They made the very cautious decision to cancel the season but changed their mind based in part based on the fact that other conferences have played with, thus far, zero significant adverse event. THAT is the darkest day in Big 10 history?! Did she start following the Big 10 last year? Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno, the creepy MSU team doctor, Urban Meyer agree with her btw Edit - this in reference the Christine Brennen piece mention above
  6. Couldn’t get the folks who dress Cam Newton on Sunday?
  7. Of course the Foster thing still has to play out, but Tom’s done an admirable job in a tough year. Beyond the usual duties, had to hire a new staff, keep guys from leaving, deal with Covid, deal with and support the athletes through the post George Floyd turmoil and “Eyes” controversy. Ultimately he’s come out looking like a guy who has great respect and care for the athletes off the field as opposed to mercenaries like Patterson or phonies like Jimbo.
  8. It’s probably been said before but, wonder if the B1G and PAC 10 made their decisions base on the belief that they would be criticized as recklessly endangering the lives of the athletes and fans by playing and confident in the belief that everyone else would surely follow their lead. Instead ACC, Big XII and SEC have all the attention and there’s thus far been no backlash, plus the advantage in recruiting and having their players get a freebie year of experience. Any word on PAC 10 reconsidering?
  9. Oh no, not falling for that again. I walk in, from the other room you’re gonna tell me to pour myself a glass of lemonade, next thing I know cameraman and someone telling me to take a seat and I gotta explain why I’ve got a bag of wine coolers and lube.
  10. Like finding out about a surprise birthday early I guess were supposed to just pretend we didn’t hear it and act shocked?
  11. That is definitely part of the Ponzi scheme of SEC ranking and scheduling.
  12. Man, I was a bit worried about our WR inexperience after losing Duvernay and Johnson. I’d be very nervous if I were them.
  13. So glad Overshown seems to be finally buying into LB.
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