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  1. That’s why this thread is like 12 posts and not 5 pages by now. Store owners doing their part to turn the tables of anti Asian hate crimes. Kudos
  2. Lol. I guess she fucked around and found out. Guy in the white shirt going MMA on her as she gets pistol whipped (mmmm) by his colleague. Ironically, she left a satisfied customer and gave them a 5 star Yelp review.
  3. Mayor and police chief must be supporters.
  4. Cool. Didn’t know such thing existed. I’ll look into that. Thanks
  5. As someone who’s not looked into it but have some interest, I’ll ask: where/how does one go about finding places to legally do such camping? Not necessarily “no human beings for miles” but not typical state/national park camp grounds where you have to reserve 9 months ahead of time and have campers 10 feet away from you on 3 sides. Tent/car camping mostly. Don’t care about concrete pad to park an RV or hook ups etc. I imagine it varies by state but interested mostly in California where I live as well as Idaho, Wyoming.
  6. That sucks. Hope for the best for him.
  7. Punishment? Homeless people elect to do that every day.
  8. I suspect the urge to throw a grenade at his TV when a specific commercial comes on is hyperbole. I mean, if the remote were 3 feet away when the commercial comes on, I bet he just sits through the commercial.
  9. Anyone who doesn’t see this shit as 1000% deflection is an idiot. Racism exists in every other major city. What are you doing to address the violence other than blaming racism? [crickets]
  10. He still does movies that go to actual theaters? Huh, what do ya know.
  11. One of the great sitcoms of that era along with Taxi. Agreed, Fantastic ensemble cast and writing. The story involving any one of the characters could have carried the episode any given week.
  12. I was thinking giant beaver teeth
  13. Didn’t want to shit on anyone’s parade yesterday but it was my understanding that dehumidifiers are energy hogs.
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