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  1. Maybe that's what they're counting on - government letting out every other fucking criminal. Why not them?
  2. That's all it took to get Futureman to break the fourth wall?
  3. I kinda like the Geico commercial about the new homeowners with the Ratt problem. I think their next commercial should be new homeowners with a W.A.S.P. problem.
  4. Lhorn

    Cosmi should starts

    I don't lift but 675# seems like a lot.
  5. Hell yeah! Great news.
  6. Lhorn

    Brandon Jones

    Definitely going to be missed. Really tough, physical tackler. Good luck Brandon!
  7. A Tyvek suit and face mask for 4 quarters in September sounds like a bitch but I’m willing to give it a try.
  8. Part of the material suggested by my 1st grader’s teacher for at home learning is on line. This site called “Brain Pop” has a short video on learning to tell time. Something about this building looks familiar.....
  9. I might be cheap too. It might be more straight forward for other people than it was for me. I have a main electrical box on the side of the house along with a sub box in the kitchen and another in the garage (where we have a second refrigerator). I had 3 electricians give estimates and every one had a different option on how it HAD to be done. The main switch would be on the side of house which is at the opposite end of the home from my grill, so I'd need a create another gas hook up if I wanted to run the generator on NG. 2 guys said we'd have to run a switch to the pantry sub box. Essentially the way they wanted to do it, I would only be powering half the house. Either the kitchen or the rest (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc) of the house but not both. So despite all the expense, I'd still be running extension cords. None of this would power the garage so I'd also have to run an extension cord for the garage fridge. Two guys also said I'd need a much bigger generator. So the expense would be $1500 plus a couple grand (at least) for a bigger invertor generator, but I'd still have to run some cords. It made no sense to me. I assumed you just buy a $400 manual transfer switch at Home Depot which disconnects you from the grid and back feed your whole house from the sub box in the garage, but apparently that isn't so. I'm not an electrician obviously.
  10. I think maybe you were talking about the transfer switch. I would agree in my case. Not to get into it far, the switch allows you to disconnect from the grid so that your generator doesn't backfeed into the the electrical grid. In my case, other than spending $1500 for the switch, they said I would have to upgrade my generator. Not worth it for my needs. I just want to keep my food from going bad and run some lights and a TV, etc. If I lived in an area where AC were mandatory, I might consider the switch, but in northern california, AC is largely optional
  11. Looks dry AF. Maybe a good candidate to chop up and throw in a pot of chili
  12. SEC “defense” against Covid 19 is a lot like their defenses on the field - overrated
  13. Lhorn

    Classic Car thread

    Nothing special. It was a car I bought in college when my truck was stolen so I’ve had it for 27 years or so. 67 Malibu convertible. Originally a 327 motor with a power glide transmission. I rebuilt a 350 motor sitting on and engine stand. Also nothing special. Stock crank, forged pistons, hydraulic cam. Edelbrock heads and manifold. swapped the power glide for a 3 speed auto trans Swapped bench seat for buckets. Plan to eventually go back to original red / red paint. Took off the frame last year and did the underside of the car with epoxy and rhino liner.
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