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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I might have the original problem sorted out. I can now see the "photos library" icon in Finder and somehow clicking on it now opens up my photos. I could have sworn that when I clicked on it previously, it didn't do anything. In any event, I'm trying to reformat an old PC "Clickfree" 1 TB backup drive to use as a secondary backup device that I'll keep off site. I think that link you provided Twicehorn will be helpful for me in figuring out where these pics are hidden. Thanks gents!
  2. Thanks. I think what I find frustrating is that I can enter Time Capsule and open up a backup file. I can look in that file and find old pdf documents and crap like that. I can find the folders of my "pictures" just as I can open "finder" and find those same folders, but there are years of photos that are still in the photos app that I can't find in any of the picture folders, either in the backup files or through "Finder." It makes me think that those years of photos that are not being backed up. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but I clicked through the pictures on "Finder" an
  3. Not very Mac savvy and have found this a bit hard to understand. My "Photos" (the 8 side colorful daisy or pinwheel looking icon) largely consist of pictures taken with our iPhones and downloaded to this app when we connect the phones to the desktop. "Pictures" on the other hand is where our digital camera photos end up when we put an SD card in the iMac (found by going through Finder). These would seem to be two completely different areas to store photos (which I think is idiotic). My iPhone "photos" can't be found by looking in Finder under "pictures"; likewise my DSLR photos that I
  4. I suspect RoJo will be used to punish defenses, move the sticks and score touchdowns, but that’s speculation on my part. Hoping for a big year from him.
  5. So "Sark after Dark" is a real thing? I thought Evan Stewart committing late was a one off, but now Rueben Owens. Coincidence? When did "Sark after Dark" become a thing? First I heard the term was in the coaching search thread which obviously predates Evan Stewart. Reason I ask is because I wondered if this was a Surly created thing.
  6. Lhorn

    D'onta Foreman

    I've got Ronnie James Dio on the left and Eddie Van Halen on the right.
  7. I don't pretend to know who the 2023 guys are, but holy shit at those clips. Guy looks like he literally has an extra gear. Video looks like they sped him up 20% and everyone else is playing regular speed. Consider me impressed and pleased.
  8. On a related topic, anyone get the adapter that allows you to fill 1# propane canisters from a bigger tank? Does it work well? I’m thinking mainly about camping and stuff. Plus it seems wasteful to dispose of the 1# bottles. Thanks
  9. Thought for sure it was going to be the youngest kid after reading the thread title. Certified weirdo
  10. Were there rumors that Sam didn’t like Herman? Only thing I ever heard was people speculating based on a look or some other nonsense when Sam went to the sideline after a series. Probably more projection that anything. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sam really did like Tom. Tom probably treated Sam pretty well since his whole job pretty much depended on Sam; at least to a greater extent than any other individual player.
  11. While they likely don’t have deep pockets, I take great umbrage at the use of the term “dumbfucks.” “Heroes” seems more appropriate.
  12. Fucking LOL! I can’t imagine at what point in life you’d tell a kid this is why you grew up without your dad. Beyond a white frosted cake that’s pink or blue inside I can’t understand why this is a thing. It seems infinitely shallow. And for those planning one of these events - no one thinks anything of it but you.
  13. I think you are right about the Genesis. I have a lot of respect for that (vs Bentley). Probably a very nice car and no reason to piss away money like it’s growing on trees. Let’s be real, a young guy in his exact situation who makes rain as a recruiter might have things in his closet that could affect his employment in the future. Kudos to him for living sensibly. I realize we are talking about a high worth individual who married a stripper with a pet monkey.
  14. Surly ballers, which I assume is err’body, what am I looking at here? (The car)
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