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  1. Ooooffff. I got pretty introspective about life…. Especially 2014-2016.
  2. Great season. Only wish we could have him longer but we’re lucky to have him for a year. That falling on his ass catch against TCU that helped ice the game was huge. Hopefully have a nice NFL career and catch many TDs.
  3. Got damn this is fun! After more than a decade of underachieving Texas is rising and looks to be a monster for the foreseeable future. aggy on the other hand is mired in mediocrity, starting another rebuild, Looch is spinning their underwhelming hires as homeruns and players are deserting the sinking ship. Good times!
  4. — UTSA redshirt sophomore EDGE Trey Moore was one of the bigger names to enter the transfer portal today as the 6-foot-3, 235 pounder posted 14 sacks, 17.5 tackles for loss, 45 total tackles, four pass deflections, one forced fumble, and one interception through 12 starts in 2023.
  5. The recency argument only applies when it helps them I guess. “Texas’ win over Bama doesn’t count because Bama is a better team than week 2.” Maybe, maybe not. But Florida State was a great team earlier this year, but they’re not now. I doubt there is a single aggy whose heart bleeds for FSU who has ever considered the possibility that the SEC shouldn’t be in the playoffs.
  6. Texas beating Bama broke them. It’s probably the biggest reason Texas made the playoffs despite having same record as Georgia and Bama and it annihilated their narrative that SEC was big boy football and that Texas needs to stay in the shallow end of the pool because we couldn’t hang. I mean our bowl with Georgia proved that but “they didn’t want to be there” was used as the convenient excuse.
  7. Whoa, that’s pretty solid. I’m liking the center and right guard (their right, my left).
  8. From those last two clips it seems like he likes to throw people down…. Like he’s pissed off at them for wanted to stand.
  9. Damn I hope the Cowboys roll those losers. I think they’re a good matchup. Both capable teams that can fall on their face too. Since joining SEC aggy acts like they’re a better class of program than the one that struggled in the Big 12. Hope Gundy shows them that they’re still the same mediocre program they ever were.
  10. Damn I hope the Cowboys roll those losers.
  11. At some point can we name one of these portal threads: 1. “This s**t is real! Some of you m***er f***ers need to get in the transfer portal,” Or 2. “You want to go? Get in the m***er f***er! Seems like a fitting tribute to coach Davis’ legendary rant.
  12. Lhorn

    Choate to Nevada

    I guess programs trying to poach your staff comes with success. Good luck to him. Replace him with another killer and keep rolling.
  13. Played a great game. Fights hard for yards and moves chains. He’ll be missed.
  14. Counter point: This game occurred after Charlie’s boy beat the fuck out of Baylor QB room in the season finale. Baylor played without quarterbacks Seth Russell, Stidham, Corey Coleman and 1000 yard back Shock Linwood.
  15. Ultimately having a strong SEC team in the playoffs was more important to the committee than rewarding an undefeated team who would get slaughtered because their QB is done for the year. I’d be pissed if I were them but the playoffs will be better for their exclusion. No one needs to see the team that struggled to put away a completely hapless Louisville team get annihilated.
  16. I would have guessed they’d be favored but who cares. Glad to be on the mix and last couple of games suggests we are dangerous.
  17. That penalty was fucked up. They replayed the sequence and official had his hand still on the ball with 1 second on the play clock and still directly next to the DT, trying to back away when play clock hits 0.
  18. He ran back and made the tackle to save a TD on Quinn’s interception. Turned in a really great season. Showed a lot more than just speed. Tough when he has to be tough, physical beyond his size. Turned into a great team player.
  19. That was brutal. FSU legitimately has a great defense I guess but Louisvilles offense was terrible. Not terrible because FSU was so good, just terrible.
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