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  1. Dangling him over a poop filled Pringles can seems like an odd punishment but justice comes in many forms.
  2. If I were him and were banned I’d still show up at the competition but as a spectator. I’d bring 80 vegan hot dogs and a guy with an iPhone to livestream it. I’d stand right next to the stage and when the competition starts I’d start mowing through vegan hotdogs and give myself my own wrestling belt trophy when I own the competition by at least 20 dogs. It’d be an unofficial win but the world would know who’s still the king.
  3. What in the hell does this mean?
  4. Thats probably why their parents pushed them so hard to be good at football… so UT would have to feed them for 4 years.
  5. I’d like to think that AB squeezed off a few rounds of return fire.
  6. That’s some dumbfuckery right there. Because you can’t reverse that ratcheting wrench (you’re supposed to flip it over to tighten), your best play is to get some vice grips on flanged bolt (that’s not a washer IMO) and retighten it enough to get the wrench off and take the bolt out like a non-dumbass, with an open ended wrench. If that is a washer, you gotta just grab the threads with a skinny vice grips or needle nose pliers. Probably gonna screw up the thread a bit but oh well. Oh yeah, take the belt off first. That belt looks like it’s still got tension on it. Some people would be better off paying a mechanic. also, that doesnt look like the alternator. It looks like the tensioner. Does that dumbass think that you remove the belt by taking the pulley off the tensioner? Ooofff. Let your wife do it.
  7. Uh…. Where’s the bushel of parsley? j/k. If I learned one thing from cable TV competition BBQ reality shows, it’s a ton of parsley in the box.
  8. Earl Weaver was a national treasure.
  9. that is a huge ass …. I mean, not for Walmart but for the “entertainment” industry.
  10. They are putting a lot of savagely ugly people in commercials of all sorts these days.
  11. As the late great comedian Patrice O’Neal would say “pussy ages like bread, not like wine.”
  12. I guess it’s Mario working a stripper pole? I hope there’s more to it, because otherwise extremely lame.
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