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  1. This 10,000%. I lie awake at night worrying that aggy will go 4-8 or 5-7, scrape up Jimbo’s buyout and actually hire a competent coach. Af least with Weigmans injury they have a built in excuse for when Bama rolls them.
  2. I too like the description of him as a glider and the JC comparison. He looked great every time he’s had the ball in the past but you never know if that was because he was fresh and defenses were gassed. he showed good patience on a couple of the runs last game. he let his blocking develop and accelerated through the hole.
  3. Correction ^^^^ shes another safety which I think is wise. There’s only contact if she wants there to be.
  4. Here’s a female WR. I think the first female scholarship non kicker. I don’t think she played though. She’s built about like X. her dream of playing for the Seahawks has remained unfulfilled AFAIK but who knows what tomorrow may bring. She beat cancer so “you go girl!” https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/college-footballs-first-female-position-player-toni-harris-has-beat-cancer-critics-and-wide-receivers/amp/
  5. Having defense good enough to put opponents in 3rd and long but bad enough to allow them to routinely convert was frustrating.
  6. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/38483610/colts-matt-gay-1st-nfl-history-make-4-fgs-50-yards-longer
  7. It was a bad weekend for Colorado football fans
  8. Lol. No fucking way. Did the Jags put in their “heavy package” accidentally on kick return coverage?
  9. Achane got 2 TD so far and had a long run for a TD brought back on a hold by Conner Williams.
  10. Achane looking really good today for Miami
  11. Murphy and T Sweat dominating in the middle as usual.
  12. Jimbo had a nice block on one of Auburn’s TDs. He’s all effort.
  13. Defense was salty tonight. Played well on the red zone. Nice win!
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