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  1. Gotta be getting close to Stockholm syndrome. He’s gonna be their favorite player soon enough.
  2. Yankee fans are down bad right now. Real early 2000s “what the fuck does any of this matter if we can’t beat OU” vibe emanating from the Bronx. Urquidy beating Nestor would permanently crush some spirits.
  3. Hey [mention=2291]Helobious[/mention], you can get a pretty good deal on Father’s Day cards right now. Please mail them to: 501 Crawford St. Houston, TX 77002
  4. Glad you agree that Kyle should be rotting in prison.
  5. Too bad there wasn’t a Rittenhouse there that feared for his safety.
  6. I’m okay with Maton only being good in the highest leverage situations.
  7. I had a genuine thought this morning that I hope the Civil War starts soon, before my toddler-aged children are of an age to be expected to participate. Cool county we got going right now.
  8. White women care, but then Tucker will tell them that there's an underground legion of Democrats that are imprisoning preschoolers in the sewer system or some shit and they'll BOTH SIDES this shit and pull the red lever as always.
  9. Now let's put on our thinking caps for a moment and think about which decision was being referred to in his statement.
  10. As usual, you are incorrect here.
  11. He looked off from his very first pitch... it seemed like he was falling off the mound on his first few tosses and never really recovered. It was a very weird and uninspiring outing from Pressly.
  12. There isn't a better summary of the Conservative mindset than Thomas omitting Loving from his list. "Obviously this one freedom that affects me should be protected, but fuck all the rest of y'all."
  13. Alito is just an average Fox News Facebook commenter... with the power of a Supreme Court Justice.
  14. Please help us navigate the emotions of a tough loss. You’re much more experienced with this than we are.
  15. About a year ago we had the discussion on here about who you would rather have: a transfer from Ewers or Arch. I voted Arch because I thought the perception bump for the program would be unprecedented (and today is doing nothing to change my mind there) but I honestly had more faith in Ewers on the field. The fact that we get both is honestly hard to comprehend.
  16. And yes, I’m sure that a 29 year old journeyman with a career ERA over 4 has suddenly transformed into the best reliever in the history of the sport. No need at all to brace yourself for any regression.
  17. OMG a dominant Yankee closer. Can you imagine?
  18. Most comic book villains have less traumatic origin stories.
  19. No idea how the parents of those kids are able to listen to this.
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