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  1. Fred Bednarski A name only ArnyBrat may remember. Played for Texas from 1956-1958. First player to make a "soccer-style" kick in football. Crazy story. Survived Nazi concentration camp and family migrated to Bastrop after war. His kick was made against Arkansas. They thought is was a fake when he lined up to the back and side of the holder instead of straight back. My son was practicing field goals at Hill Country Middle School a few years back. Met him as he was walking around the track. https://www.barkingcarnival.com/2010/02/11/uts-fred-bednarski-college-football-pioneer
  2. Nice payday for Wyoming -- $1.85M https://www.hookem.com/2020/04/28/report-texas-pay-wyoming-nearly-2-million-football-guest-2023/?fbclid=IwAR2b3gK5tLafootgLJUP1JQ7hqUcO8_zn9cfd9Q-9CKSwKxGXZcSql4w6GI
  3. I was at that Rice game in '77, too. Didn't realize so many old people frequented Shag Surly (besides Army Brat, of course). I was so pissed when Little tied the record (against Texas, no less).
  4. I guess you missed this: https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/04/25/biden-accuser-mom-called-larry-king-live-1993-over-assault-advice-mj-lee-vpx.cnn
  5. If Trump loses in November, the Republican Party will blame him and separate. Especially if they take a beating in the House and Senate races. The establishment never wanted him in 2016. I think there are a lot of people like me. I was a life-long Republican but have left the party -- or really, the party left me.
  6. "Voulez-vous coucher avec moir, ce soir" is all you really need to know.
  7. He directly quoted Trump from a few weeks ago. He hates that.
  8. University of Tampa referred to as UT. Who knew?
  9. My daughter (no pics) is friends with someone from Wuhan. He is still in quarantine. 50 days and counting. Cannot leave apartment. He says there absolutely are new cases from people he knows. China cut off his internet acess on Tuesday of this week. No one has heard from him since. Assume he's dead now.
  10. Didn't they contradict themselves in same press release?
  11. Myself and three friends going. Booked months ago and not cancelling. May not be smartest decision, but if I’m going down, doing so in a blaze of glory - Vegas style.
  12. No way. Texas would have been the only undeated team left and beat Auburn. Would have been #1 (to go with our baseball championship that year). A better arguement could be made that Nebraska wins Orange Bowl that night if Texas won earlier in day. Miami (and fans) would not have been as motivited.
  13. Kill the OP. One of the worst days of my Longhorn fandom. I was a student sitting in the end zone.
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