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  1. Wait just a second here...does this Lanning character have any kind of pet sex animal (preferably a monkey to couple with Gia, of course)? If no, do not want.
  2. Banks' stripper girlfriend's pet monkey/new Texas DC...Monkey Gia.
  3. One can only assume, from the silence on the matter, that negotiation of Monkey Gia's buyout is ongoing. If that little primate isn't in Pole Assassin's carry-on bag when the Banks' crew leaves Tuscaloosa, all of this work is for naught. Monkey Gia as DC is the key to this whole deal and, objectively speaking, the staff assembly could not be considered a home run without her on board. Make it happen Sark. P.S. F Saban & Bama
  4. Colin Robinson wouldn't even start a conversation with her.
  5. She's Monkey Gia's friend. And yes, you should care, because they are likely the new Co-DCs.
  6. Holy shit, well, there you have it. The audio isn't great...do they discuss the 3-man front?
  7. Surely it's just that everyone likes talking about the stripper + pet sex monkey combo, since no one knows jack shit about the remaining coaching hires.
  8. Update: Sark meeting with Monkey Gia today, in part to make sure her rabies vaccine is current, her nails are properly clipped and she's not married to running a 3-man front. Fingers crossed.
  9. Yep, does anyone really expect a DC announcement at this thing?
  10. Don't be so sure...you haven't seen Monkey Gia's rider yet.
  11. As mentioned above, the safe/hedge play is a Monkey Gia fisting...Card hands will create some discomfort, but not cause prolapsing.
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