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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×

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  1. Just had a moment of inspiration to drop by and say Fuck that fat Fucker Donald Trump! EABOD!
  2. Man, you’ve hit a new low when fucking Russia starts telling you to treat your people better.
  3. And Texas still hasn’t won the big 12 in football since 2009.
  4. I have 2 objectives for the way I vote in this election. 1. Get rid of Trump 2. Punish the rest of the republicans for not standing up to that asshole I may vote republican I’m the future, but it’s going to have to be a whole new set of candidates.
  5. I think you’re making the assumption that Trump has an ounce of shame in his body. That narcissist won’t stop until he dies.
  6. Even the satanic temple made a statement saying the right things, why can’t the Dotard figure this out? https://app.omnisend.com/view/5ed57d7c99f0b7591e9ce4cf/0
  7. Agreed. I’m at the point that I would get a lot of satisfaction from a president that would just shut the fuck up for a year and do nothing. Biden doesn’t motivate me very much other than the fact he’s not Trump, but I would be happy to see him win and I’m stoked to get out and vote for him. I would probably be happy seeing Trump defeated by a puppy, or a rotten banana, or a broken vacuum cleaner. I’ll even go on record and say that I hate Trump more than OU. That shithead must go!
  8. You might be giving him too much credit, I don’t think he’s smart enough to think strategically. If he has a strategy, I think you nailed it, although I get the feeling he’s just firing from the hip and killing everything he can.
  9. Rush will leave quite a legacy very soon when he dies - he’s one of the only people who could compete with Trump for being the biggest asshole America has ever known.
  10. Nebraska and OU games were awesome that year too!
  11. It sounds like Bollywood music with that auto tuner.
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