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  1. What’s the difference between Madison Cawthorne and Daniel Figurelli? not much.......
  2. Horn Dogg


    Still fat. But let that fatass coach the defense.....or the whole team....or whatever. At least he’s not at at TCU anymore. I’m drunk. Does that count as a haiku?
  3. Madison Cawthorne is Daniel Figurelli minus the twitter fuckup and legs..
  4. Email confirmation says they read it.
  5. You probably need about a 40 round playoff with this crew. I’m pretty damn ugly and I’m sure I would have some competition. How about this for a simpler approach - hire her to photograph a session of Uncle Boobs eating out one of his sugar babies. You specify in the contract that she’s required to stay for the whole thing and take a picture every 3 minutes.
  6. Have you read the stuff Daniel writes? Bad grammar must run in the family.
  7. Let’s hire her for some risqué photography and then send 12 of the ugliest fucking dudes from this website to be photographed naked. Then you send the calendar to Daniel as a gift.
  8. If it’s half as entertaining as the one Daniel sent to Blacklab my day will be made.
  9. They put their honeymoon on the registry. Back in my day the couple getting married had to pay for that shit. We should have chipped in and bought the racist a one way trip to Africa.
  10. Bitch on the right looks like the Statue of Liberty. Still would.....
  11. Juan (his fake friend at UH that called him a genius) is probably one of them
  12. JD Horne (Longhorne1968 I think). He was good on Shaggy by accident.
  13. Just fucking put those Ukrainian pilots on the refugee train to Poland and leave the keys in the jets that day. Or line the jets up by the baby strollers. The pilots can take it from there.
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