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  1. Mercedes is on another level. Then you have Max, then the rest of the field.
  2. Sounds like it's Esteban. Hulk would've been a popular pick I think. Ha, yeah there is the story above.
  3. looks like a goldfish on wheels
  4. I have an old friend from high school named Alexa. I guess that amazon thing took that name over.
  5. Anti vaxxer, shitty rapper... hell he's probably a flat earther too.
  6. I guess he *puts on sunglasses* had you in a stranglehold. I'll see myself out.
  7. I didn't want to have to pay for cloud camera storage indefinitely. Not to mention the aforementioned possible security risks. We went with a Unifi Cloud Key Plus and a couple of the G3 Bullet cameras. I should mention, that I already had a Unifi home network with a POE switch so set up was pretty simple. I also paid a guy to come out and put in some ethernet drops to the spots I wanted my cameras. So far, I'm loving it. Here are a couple of shots of the interface.
  8. Man, he really did disappear after that. The pegging was his final post. lol
  9. It would be cool if one of the support races was all the drivers in a 15 lap race in V8 supercars or maybe a kart race. Hell that could even determine the grid, though the knock out qualifying is good too.
  10. I like Albon too. He was stuck in traffic a lot while Max was in free air "chasing" Lewis.
  11. Saw this on reddit. Max vs Albon at Hungary. Max is fucking demolishing him.
  12. I guess if the big teams lay off 60% of their workforce, it'll be obvious that they are abiding.
  13. Mercedes nailed the engine regs from the start, now they have the best chassis too. Game over man. Wish we could go back to the simpler engine formula at the very least.
  14. Things might collapse before any untangling can be done, sadly.
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