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  1. The primary thing about the civic tree is the government tiers and policy cards. Secondary to that is unlocking wonders. Depending on what you are doing at any given time there is usually a policy card you should be targeting that makes things snowball more. If you need loyalty there are cards for that. Every district has a double adjacency card for it, to boost whichever yield you need. If you need to build certain troop types faster there is a card for that. You have to learn all those policy cards and what is good in which situations to compete at the higher difficulty settings.
  2. Oh I get what you mean... Nevermind
  3. There was 2 seconds on the clock.
  4. That was a great effort, but 67 would be nuts even for Tucker.
  5. Wasn't a return. A one play 75 yard TD drive. A running play.
  6. Won't be long before the surrender cobras come out
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