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  1. There’s a river city brewery restaurant in the Wichita, KS airport that has one of the best airport burgers I’ve ever had. Pretty good beer too.
  2. Y’all are looking too much into this. Riley is just going to Jerryworld to interview for the cowboys job.
  3. Oregon’s DC looks to be pretty good...
  4. Saw Jerry’s interview on nfl network... he sounded downright livid underneath his somewhat polite (senile?) answers.
  5. For what it’s worth, I ended up going to nbastream.tv on the firestick internet and so far so good.
  6. Is there a good stream for this game? Reddit perhaps? Don’t watch enough for league pass but need some mavs and they don’t show em in Houston
  7. curious to see if this would impact Harrell
  8. Unless he’s sucking off Coach Pop, I’ve never seen that dude be anything but a negative whiner, especially about anything UT related.
  9. Finger is and has always been a contrarian douche bag.
  10. sounds like this is gonna move pretty quickly... reading the replies someone asks if they have any insight and they said sit tight a few days
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