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  1. Nvm I think I read your messages wrong carry on.
  2. I feel like your geography of Houston is lacking for someone or your username
  3. The yellow bird sauces are gross to me. Aardvark blows that, and the Melindas while I’m at it, out of the water. The only hot sauce named after a woman I eat is Marie sharps.
  4. On santorini, we stayed in Firostefani, which is a 10-15 min walk north of the main downtown of Fira. It was way less crowded with Asian cruise tourists. There were several good restaurants across the street from our airbnb, which gives you that sunset view that’s in all the pictures.
  5. This pretty much mirrors what I did. Spent a day and a half in Athens, then went to santorini for 4 days, then Naxos for the last 2 or 3. Naxos was the “unpopular” beach island we chose. Really laid back, and the island is small enough that you can rent a moped and go to different types of beaches across the island. We went to three different beaches, and all of them were different color sand and terrains. There are also a cluster of mom and pop type restaurants we really had a great time at.
  6. I’m jealous. We went a couple years ago and it was probably my favorite vacation ever.
  7. Anyone have a stream link?
  8. That was a first time effort for the beef ribs (turkey is easy as fuck and delicious btw). I kept seeing recipes calling them to cook for 6-8 hours+... I’m not sure if it’s the Kamado or what but this ~4 lb set of ribs took about 5 hours at 285. A buddy of mine did some a few weeks ago at 225 and took them off at 4 hours. I was kinda surprised by how quickly they cooked, especially being beef, but damn it was easy and the results were fuckin delicious. Wrapped after 3.5 hours and they were probing like butter at 4.5-5 hours.
  9. Maybe it’ll be like when a drunk driver gets thrown out the windshield and doesn’t break a bone vs a sober person tensing up and breaking all the bones.
  10. Whoa. Stipe needs to add some weight back, he looked tiny tonight. I texted my brother at the start of round 2 that he looked like he had no chance... 10 seconds later he was getting KTFO. Very casual observer but I watched their first fight and after about 30 seconds of this one I just didn’t see how it would be competitive.
  11. Do you know which “level” they are ok hot ones? Those interviews are hilarious.
  12. These were what I got today as well at bunker hill HEB... for 6.99/lb that seems like a steal. Haven’t been to Costco in a while but HEBs meat department impresses the hell out of me
  13. I bought the DigiQ and the spitfire or whatever fan - I love it for doing long brisket cooks but I am really missing the WiFi connection so I can monitor from my phone. Would that solve the problem? Also, posted in the beef rib thread but damn, I really do love my vision Kamado... beef ribs and turkey breast
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