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  1. Listen to Rusty Shackelford... he would know.
  2. Anyone jonesing for some sports should tune in to FS2... the aggy-UCLA 2017 comeback game is on.
  3. I sweat a metric shit ton when I sleep. I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve woken up to go to the bathroom and have to change my t shirt or my side of the bed was soaked. Switched sheets about a year ago and that’s generally gone away. For 85 bucks switching sheets were a pretty nice solution. https://www.peachskinsheets.com
  4. I have a week in Cancun booked for June, but checked last night and noticed the room had dropped a few hundred over the course of my stay. In a situation like this would they change it if I called and haggled/asked, or so i just need to cancel and remake the reservation?
  5. Renegades suck. There’s still time to jump on the Roughnecks bandwagon though
  6. Being on the pipeline/data side of this is making me a little more comfortable, but damn.
  7. Etexhorn13


    Their smoked chicken flauta is fucking great.
  8. The Justin Wells East Texas treatment
  9. My coworker that sits closest to me in our open office is leaving for Italy for two weeks starting tomorrow... I’m hoping they’ll make him work from home for a couple weeks just in case. Fantastic.
  10. That was my experience as well... wife and I spent late afternoon/evening getting drinks around the river walk and walked over. Awesome, fun vibe with the band, and the food was great. Made for a super fun date for us.
  11. This hits close to home as my wife and I just paid for flights and a room for a week in Cancun in June, way back (2 weeks ago) when this thing was just affecting China. I’m ok with the decision to have gone ahead and bought those tickets.
  12. This Dallas team looks like shit. Also Landry Jones might have the flattest body I’ve ever seen.
  13. PJ Walker is a lot of fun to watch. That offense is legit.
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