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  1. I did the same, and mentioned to my wife how easy her life must be if that’s the case. All she could say was “but they’re best friends!” I showed her Phil’s post about Ian and even knowing Phil after we bought our house with him she’s got a soft spot for him. Women, amiright?
  2. I respect a guy like Caden sticking his neck out for something he believes in as a “public figure”, but id be interested to hear him articulate why exactly he “wont be singing that song anymore”. Is he factually and actually correct, or is it sole PC bullshit that’s been fed (IMO, likely, as has been much of this issue)? Other times it’s come up WRT the eyes I’ve read different perspectives, mostly saying that the song brings people together, if you look into the past of anything it’ll be bad, or even they don’t sing it but have no problem with others doing it etc etc (all from black students at the time). you can’t strike something as meaningful to the culture of being a UT student (IMO) as The Eyes from the records without facing some serious backlash. I’ve not heard anything compelling about how the song is racist other than how some people feel it is, however they choose to interpret facts. I think the school had a great response this summer regarding educating the students about the history of the song and where it was debuted, but I hope it also is mentioned the song want written for a minstrel show, was just debuted at one.
  3. Just saw pleasant grove highlights on Highschool Scoreboard... Landon Jackson has gotta be the most unathletic looking athletic person I’ve ever seen. He looks like a fucking robot running down the field as a TE. That video everyone makes fun of where he looks robotic doing that dummy slap drill... that’s actually how he looks doing everyday football things, he’s just bigger and faster than other people so it’s ok.
  4. Pretty much every post of yours I’ve seen has been a terrible one, so it’s good to know you’re consistent.
  5. Mine came in the mail today... this shirt feels like cheaply made dog shit that I’ll be returning. Looks pretty good but it’s made of a fabric that you can actually hear when you crumple the shirt together. No bueno.
  6. Sorry, but my wife’s whole family is from Lafayette. Geaux Cajuns!
  7. Lincoln Riley Has A Belly Tat
  8. How quick was the goal in OT? I flipped to the NFL game during commercial And flipped back after a couple minutes and the fucking game was over. Wow.
  9. Wrong. Andy already knows what he’s getting post game. Double cheeseburger. Win or lose baby.
  10. Pretty messed up they gave CEH jamaal’s number so soon after he retired
  11. This dude has memes out the ass. Internet famous baby!
  12. @UTPhil2006 you mentioned a while back all the people you knew were still in the game... who do you know/how’d that come about? My wife will flip her shit if you helped Ian buy a house in Houston or something lol.
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