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  1. Considering the Gov controls Fannie, Freddie, FHA, and VA it should have been easy to put measures in place against this like virtually every other country in the world did.
  2. Ruling on Trump's taxes should come tomorrow. Should make for an interesting day on Twitter.
  3. I’ve always felt like there were more Dems on this board for a long time now. Main difference is we didn’t scream every chance like Rocky and Swam. Didn’t create 10 new threads every day cause Obama wore a tan suit. You know, not LIV’s like them.
  4. Not to my knowledge as of right now and I don't see Wyoming placing that restriction yet either. On the other hand, most everything has opened back up here in Boise with bars and nightclubs being the exception. The city made masks mandatory in most downtown outdoor settings and indoors, greenbelt is optional. Most every restaurant and brewery is open and spaced out well. Also if never seen before the falls in Twins Falls are worth the stop.
  5. Holy fuck that’s a lot of batshit crazy and running for Governor she thinks.
  6. Can’t help but think she is a former stripper with a last name of Reinbows.
  7. Here’s the second part that I didn’t see on the above link.
  8. I e probably gotten 10 the last two days. They were starting at 300% I think and now up to 600% and that if I don’t donate they will stop emailing me which of course doesn’t happen. That said I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised of a campaign fraud violation that no one will ever look into.
  9. Mentally ill, follower of Q. Shits all the same. I would agree with you up until the licking of the window and calling him a N.
  10. I like taking kids out of Cali who have SC and Oregon offers.
  11. shnsajax

    USMNT 2020

    So Konrad de la Fuente's release clause on his new contract a Barca is valued at $56.2 million and if he makes the jump to the first team it will double. While I want to be high on this kid, I haven't been anywhere near this high.
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