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  1. This is Helo talking about the Yankees in the 90's
  2. This is the kind of innovation the world has been missing.
  3. So she’s drunk already again? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Add once the slowdown with the sandwiches begins to happen. What's funny here is they closed down a brand new Popeye's right down the street from Boise St at the beginning of the year to switch it to The Habit burger. Then they backed out of that and the building has been empty ever since.
  5. Just tried it, no lines or nothing and it lived up to the hype. Seemed like it was twice as big as Chickfila, though more expensive. Will eat again, just need to walk to the restaurant and hit up the gym before and after. Also they need to add Chicken and Waffles to the menu with that chicken.
  6. He was born in Canada, so there for he can run for POTUS like Cruz right?
  7. Tapa just blew up my phone for all of the Maloney posts. Guess I’m watching that when I get back to the office.
  8. So I decided to check out chin pubes site and see what the ags are saying. Of course one of the dumbasses is betting others $100 that Pelosi calls off the entire impeachment inquiry by next Wednesday and drops the whole thing.
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