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  1. shnsajax

    USMNT 2021

    We could almost include both Caden Clark and Cade Cowell as deserving a chance as well. For the first time ever we are developing an overflow of talent and can have roster controversies outside of a slightly fat Donovan.
  2. shnsajax

    USMNT 2021

    I’m curious if they are getting anymore in Haaland’s next move as they sold him to Dortmund for only $22mil.
  3. shnsajax

    USMNT 2021

    Waking up to an Aaronson brace in the playoffs. 17 starts, 7 goals, 3 assists in like 5 months.
  4. Lost mine when I was 5 and he was only 3, and the same. I remember when he suddenly stopped breathing, and the panic, and the news at the hospital. To grow up with him for 13 or 20 years of your life and have this happen isn't comprehendable to me. Knowing what it did to basically break my parents I still haven't come to terms with. In the case of my brother, we could say he was in a better place and the pain was gone. For this, I have no words.
  5. Its hard to explain this world sometimes. Can't imagine the devistation right now that they have to go through again. RIP Jake.
  6. If they can do anything this season it is to scratch and claw like they learned the last 6 seasons. Keep Darvish on this team and they can easily content for the division. Maybe they still can, but it will take a lot more luck. Still it was a fun 2 days.
  7. An American will will receive the medal no matter what happens. This is the sexiest final outside of a Gio vs Pulisic CL Final.
  8. ehh, CBS Sports Network. Not sure if that real tv or not. No word yet if Gus Johnson will be broadcasting the final.
  9. I would offer Werner and a giant pile of cash to Dortmund for Haaland.
  10. Yep, especially when dealing with a bunch of little bitches with Real.
  11. I'm curious if they keep Werner and/or Havertz.
  12. Once again, Fuck Real and now Valverde too!
  13. I'm a little taken back by the fact that we have an American leading the charge and running all over Real to take them to the CL Final.
  14. Pulisic sets up Mount for what should be the winner!
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