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  1. This may have already been posted and no idea if it’s alluding to anything.
  2. Leftover fish sandwich for breakfast
  3. Yep, this. I don't even care if they play the national anthem at games anymore. I mean the Olympics and World Cup sure, yeah it makes sense. Every other domestic matchup or a Dallas vs Toronto NBA game, who gives a shit.
  4. I honestly expected Eugene Levy to win just because it was the last season. But yeah, Ted Lasso is the best thing to happen to tv the past 2 years.
  5. I mean I realize its been about 7 weeks now, but he just won a fucking Natty with a 3-star QB from Florida who is now projected in the top 5 of the NFL draft for fucks sake.
  6. You just need to add a little shit around his lips. Or maybe a lot?
  7. shnsajax

    USMNT 2021

    Looks like a bargin now.
  8. shnsajax

    USMNT 2021

    Werder were freaking awful last year as well and lucky to even stay up.
  9. shnsajax

    USMNT 2021

    Reyna is valued around $35 and Dortmund aren’t selling him at a low value. If City pays that for him I would assume he is in their immediate plans or at least like his current role with Dortmund which has decreased under the new coach. I’m assuming that would cost them at least 150.
  10. shnsajax

    USMNT 2021

    As an Arsenal fan I understand the feeling from like 2 years ago.
  11. shnsajax

    USMNT 2021

    Understandable that the Dutch born player doesn't want to support anything German. Then again it worked out pretty damn well for Robben.
  12. shnsajax

    USMNT 2021

    As someone who lightly supports Dortmund, give me this all fucking day over Chelsea.
  13. Hey guys....Wonder Joints! Such a great fucking movie. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Posted in the Haaland vs Mbappe thread but this deserves to be in multiple places.
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