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  1. Another vote for F1 series and I've never given a damn about racing. Fascinating shit. On a side note, you've got a bunch of average joes manning the wrenches and jacks but the drivers for the most part look like they walked out of a GQ photoshoot (yeah I'm comfortable enough with my masculinity to say it). With the amount of tail those famous millionaire world traveling playboys must get, they must keep valtrex dispensers on pit row.
  2. You're married, have only investment income and some iras? Assuming that investment income is all long term cap gains and dividends then convert 25k (your standard deduction) of ira to roth, and realize up to 85k additional in cap gains and dividends. Total tax is zero. If iras are big you might want to go all the way to the top of the 12% bracket (85k taxable income or 110k before your deduction) and just pay the 15% on the cap gains and dividends. That'll let you move more over. If your investment income is pass through income taxes as ordinary, you'll have higher rates but
  3. If you are already investing after tax dollars in an after tax account for retirement, check out a mega backdoor roth (google it) and see if you can get it. Basically, if your 401k plan offers after tax contributions and in service distributions you can make after tax contributions and immediately convert it to a roth 401k so you'll have no additional tax on earnings. So, assuming you're surly 1%er, max 19500 401k pretax to bring your tax rate down, get company match, do a normal backdoor roth for 6k, then do a mega backdoor with remaining amounts whatever your plan will allow. My pla
  4. Dude just cold cocked a teammate at a bar during a team meeting. Wasn't the night before the game but a week or so prior. His excuse was something along the lines of when I was in prison when someone gets in your face you have to defend yourself.
  5. Watched old man football, a doc about guys from the 90s and 00s from CC Carroll that play a full pads game against each other. It was about what you'd expect, but I have no doubt some on here know the guys in there.
  6. That was indeed a Texaco. Source- my sole credit card in college was a Texaco card.
  7. It's not like you need it escape proof just something a sentient being can undo but a zombie couldn't. Bungee cord, combo lock, loosely tied rope, broom handle jamming the track like all grandmothers seem to have on sliding doors... Any of that shit would work. I'm not sure you can tell, but that's always bugged me.
  8. That, or also in the running for my personal favorite (and still Lucille related to keep with the thread)- Oscar: Well, sure. The question is, which way do I try to get it in her? Michael: I don’t need any details. Oscar: Maybe I’ll put it in her brownie. Michael: Hey
  9. This. My kid is in the process of choosing schools. My support consisted of saying last fall "hey figure out where you're applying and I'll give you my credit card so you can pay the application fees. " After watching that show, I'm either 1)sane, or 2) an uninvolved parent who doesn't care. I'm leaning toward #1 though.
  10. Seems the fact there's no extension in the works is a given and Sexton has to know that. Only two options- Ari Gold gtfo gif or come back for another year on original contract. CDC would be crucified if he did an extension.
  11. And we can confidently sign her to a long term contract with a full buyout if we fire her.
  12. I've got a friend that has been to an erotic masseuse or two. He assured me that it's really hard to confuse with a legit therapist when you're setting up the appointment. Allegedly.
  13. No west mall but didn't Al Gore have something similar alleged by a masseuse? No physical assault but exposing wood and asking her to touch it. I bet that behavior's common as hell among rich/powerful men.
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