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  1. I lived in Coon Rapids for 6 months. Spoiler alert- it's a dump.
  2. I was actually telling my son this yesterday. Ironically, had those people not tried to help I bet Billy bad ass lets him up. Obviously, not their fault and I can't imagine doing anything differently if I were in the shoes of the observer.
  3. That whole thing was a fiasco. That guy never should have been anywhere other than on a desk and every psych test or evaluation of him screamed that he was a danger to the public. Not because he was psychotic like the present case, but because he was jumpy as hell and had bad judgement. But he was still hired for political reasons. That one, imo is on the mayor's office or whoever forced that hire. I actually felt bad for the guy. I mean, not as much as for the dead girl, but he was set up to fail by an incompetent administration.
  4. In all the examples the former prosecutor gave it involved at least some analysis of the heat of the moment- did the officer think they were in danger, was it reasonable, etc. These things obviously take time. In this case it should take about 8 minutes, or one review of the video, to show he was in no fear of his life and his actions were not reasonable. Now charging the other 3 may take some time, but not him.
  5. If you've ever been to the campus, you'll notice that Gopher students have little to fear from the MPD.
  6. Dude went to Columbia and Penn and lived in NYC for his early career. I just think he prefers flyover country where he can drive to work and think about financials without distraction. I too would love to hear the Mackey anecdote lobo referenced.
  7. My ex wife is a cyclone. So is the mouthy neighborhood college kid down the road who is home for the quarantine/summer. Losing to these assholes should be a fireable offense. Ok, their general fanbase is actually quite nice and fun to tailgate with (other than that one that took half my shit), but the point remains about we should never lose to them.
  8. When a large bass absolutely destroys a topwater.
  9. I guess he proved it's possible to not kill someone by putting pressure on their neck. Though it's hard to prove it can't kill you because we have some substantial video proof otherwise, plus common fucking sense. I mean there's a reason why a standard cliche for have no mercy in sports is to put your boot on their throat.
  10. I'm now convinced ChiTown is a Dos Equis spokesman.
  11. Coon Rapids not your vibe, huh? Perhaps I overstated it a bit. I'm not saying they're awful people, just that they're not exactly warm or even genuine. You never really know what's going on with them as they won't be very direct with you.
  12. Are they, though? You know the saying Minnesota nice? It's actually an insult- it's a kind of fake nice. Old joke up here that a Minnesotan will give you directions to anywhere other than his house. As far as race relations, ask any Iowa State fan why their stadium is named after jack trice. Granted it was a long time ago, but you're kidding yourself if you think that shit was confined to the south.
  13. I mean she's a total narcissistic bitch, but even they have constitutional rights. Seems public property is open to members of the public, even the assholes. Probably a moot point because Amy ain't staying in NY long if I had to guess.
  14. Interregnum and now obstreperous? Now you're just showing off your fancy law talking degree.
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