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  1. Fuck you for bring those flashbacks. But I did laugh.
  2. I think it was @twicehorn who summed it up best in one of the hundreds of posts I read yesterday but can't be bothered to find now. At his core he is conservative- a scared pussy afraid of his own shadow. But he wants to be seen as this swashbuckling badass. So he picks aggressive moves but reverts to his core self by calling the most basic predictable calls to implement them. Something like that. It made sense when I read it but I had just driven back from Ames and watching that shitshow so I was not thinking straight.
  3. AI, Snow Aggy, and the rest of Clone Nation- I'm driving down from the Twin Cities Saturday a.m.- need to drop a package off at the Delt house for a neighborhood kid then attend a tailgate in S8 (NE corner of stadium). Any parking recs to easily kill two birds with one stone? I'll be arriving 11 or 12 if that helps. Thanks in advance.
  4. Ahh, I see, now that you have repeated the exact same thing, but in an even more dickish and condescending manner, it's all clear. Thanks for clearing it up.
  5. You asked for "a change could your opponent make after the 2 point that makes the 2 a bad decision. " I gave you one. Admittedly not the most interesting one, but it's the most obvious one I see at the end of a lot of games.
  6. Here's an example- you score to get within one with 90 seconds left and opponent has 3 timeouts. If you kick the XP, it's a tie game and likely the opponent will play a little cautiously going for a game winning field goal rather than risk a turnover or giving you the ball back. Let's say it's 25% they get it because you know the coach will turtle to preserve the tie. If you go for 2 and make it they are going balls to the wall for a field goal or td and their chances go to 50%. So with an XP (let's just assume 100%) you chances of winning are 37.5% (75% chance of OT, even chance of winning in that OT). With a 2 pt (assume 50%) you have a 50% chance of losing because you didn't make it, and within the 50% of the time you make it you still lose half of those for an overall win rate of 25%. I'm not saying the charts are wrong, I'm just saying that there are situations where your opponents reaction, if you can predict it, should factor in. Kind of like advanced game theory.
  7. ISU fans are welcoming, will share their tailgates with you and treat you with respect. Been to multiple games there since the early 2000s and never had a problem. The only thing I've noticed is that they are the absolute worst at booing the refs. I get it, they've been screwed over by the refs so much they think the world is out to get them (Jonathan Gray fumble, OU Pass Interference. etc.). But they will boo the most obvious calls in the world. Offsides where the left tackle jumps? Booooooo. 12 men on the field? Booooo. DB tackles the receiver before ball arrives? Boooo. You start to think it's sarcasm but then notice all the ISU fans around you are actually livid at the refs. It's actually comical at times.
  8. Went to the 24-0 Halloween fiasco 4 years ago. Everyone avoided eye contact they were so embarrassed for me.
  9. Are people still really saying we intentionally lined up wrong to cause a penalty and we knew KSU would fuck up and not decline? That's some next level 4D chess by Mensa.
  10. There is a much higher risk of loss, for sure, but to say it is guaranteed to go to zero is overstating it. Unless the market drops 50% in one day (for a 2x fund) or 33% (for a 3x fund), it's not going to go to zero. Sure, returns will suck if there are multiple huge drops and that's a real risk. For example investing 10,000 in the 2X QQQ fund of UOPIX fund (the oldest I could find for actual backtesting purposes) at its inception in January 1998 would be worth 52,076 for an annual return of 7.88. Make it an absolute worst case scenario of investing 10K in January of 2000 at the height of the internet bubble and you'd have 5,477 for an annual return of -3%. Is it insane to do this as part of your core investing? Absolutely. But to say funds are guaranteed to go to zero in a span of 45 years is not correct.
  11. They get legal title at age of majority (18-21 depending on the state). But if the funding is all your money, they don't know about the account until you die and tell them in the will, are they really going to take Dad to court about it? As far as all the advice about the dangers of leveraged funds, I hear you, those things are dangerous as hell- volatility decay, fees, etc. I guess my point is that I'm looking for something that can turn 1,000 into an insane amount of money over 45 years or just go to zero. A long term roll of the dice knowing full well of the risk you're accepting. One guy on bogleheads is doing something similar employing a mix of 3x S&P (UPRO) and 3X Treasury (TMF). This is clearly not something you would do with any money you might actually need but it is an intriguing theory. https://www.bogleheads.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=272007
  12. I plan on doing something like this as I hope to have more than enough for my simple ass. Right now I'm opening up roths for my 2 teenagers since this is the first year they've had earned income. Since they'll have a 45 year time horizon, I'm toying with the idea of just putting it in a 2x or 3x qqq fund and forget it. Tell them about it in my will and they'll likely either have nothing or a few million tax free.
  13. That role was good training for playing safety. Hit the deck boy!
  14. I suppose that story is technically apolitical. Coincidentally, it's also apocryphal. So it seems that CDC understands what his fundraising bellcow is and won't let someone fuck that up. I'm hopeful that's the case.
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