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  1. That sick bastard is mainlining Remicade and you think he's ready for the Catalina Wine Mixer? Pow!
  2. This. I'm out. Made it pretty far out of boredom/curiosity but the payoff is not there.
  3. You have to think Leon is a prime candidate, for obvious reasons, but also he was the one pointing out the urinals needed more depth a few episodes back.
  4. Larry's reaction when Vince Vaughn asked him if he sought the opinion of females for the new toilet design. So dismissive, so perfectly Larry. I'm still waiting to see how the new toilet designs and lack of a shitter create a perfect storm of events for the opening of the spite store.
  5. Speaking of election year markets, looking at that list it is astounding how crazy the month before the 2008 election was for that. I lived through it as an investor, but at that point I had just thrown in the towel and quit paying attention to the daily machinations of the market. Or I'm just blocking it all out. 10-9-2008, down 7.33% (13th biggest % drop) 10-13-2008, up 11.08% (5th biggest % rise ever) 10-15-2008, down 7.87% (9th biggest % drop) 10-28-2008, up 10.88% (6th biggest % rise ever)
  6. Not even close- -7.84% is tenth worst percentage drop, according to the chart. No CR, but I too wonder how much Bernie's probable nomination is contributing to the drop. I'd rather it get priced in now than November if so.
  7. If I was strip club guy, I'd be shaving my head right now on video with a time stamp and about 5 police witnesses.
  8. Yeah, listen to this guy. Was that a body suit, because the tits only looked 40, not 70. Not that I was looking it anything.
  9. The cold open to episode six with those 2 boys playing army. Holy shit, that's a little disturbing.
  10. I forget the exact quote but I lost it when Susie told Larry to take his dirty teeth back to his hovel.
  11. Or some shithole like Indiana...
  12. You're not going to get me to say anything bad about that episode.
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