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  1. Crowdsourcing for a work project. Looking for names of music venues in San Antonio both current and in the past. TIA.
  2. Cause you are in an apt complex. More power gets ciphoned off at your location than the surrounding housing. The computers don't know what's there just that it's chewing up more watts than others. Tl;dr-surly poors get screwed
  3. Supposed to be headed to H-town Friday, how's the craziness there?
  4. This guy/gal has their priorities straight...
  5. So jealous of gas stoves and fireplaces right now...
  6. Not as talented as some... TN Christmas
  7. 99 WI State Basketball semi-final. (Wasn't on the team.) My high school was down by 13 to the number 1 team in the state. Battled back. Good friend hits 2 free throws to goes up by 1 with 15 seconds left. Other team plays for the final shot. Takes it misses with 2 seconds left. Somehow gets a put back bucket off the rebound at the buzzer. 2011 Oklahoma State loss to Iowa State. Same day as the plane crash that killed the women's basketball coaches
  8. Future radar looks to have 3 more hours of snow in SA
  9. Snow cover will save a lot of pipes. Creates insulation. Won't get the ground as cold. Pray for snow.
  10. Big 10 schools not messing around
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