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  1. Leave tomorrow... t minus 12 hours before flight...
  2. Headed there in a week, how busy was it? Can you move? Plans are: DAY 1 Boise to Emigrant DAY 2 Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic, West Yellowstone DAY 3 Lamar Valley, Mammoth Falls DAY 4 Yellowstone Lake area DAY 5 Bozeman, Helena DAY 6 Helena to Boise DAY 7 and 8 Boise
  3. Would Sessions run as an FU third party candidate?
  4. How can we have tests for a disease before its emergence?
  5. Sorry distracted by Brook Baldwin..
  6. Any updates about COVID travel restrictions? We are headed out on the 28th to Yellowstone via Boise.
  7. I have seen the Air Force Band of the West a couple of times. Well worth it. Don't knock them until you have seen them
  8. I assume breweries are considered bars in Idaho.
  9. He could do both adding Gaetz to the ticket
  10. Yes, I am going to derail the thread but it needs to be noted that Heidi Pryzbyla is 46 years old!
  11. Did this get posted? https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2020/06/17/oklahoma-national-guard-soldiers-activated-for-trump-rally-in-tulsa/
  12. Have an Airbnb on Broadway.
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