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  1. NIUHuskies

    Austin FC

    SAFC beat Oakland tonight 3 to 1
  2. Bumping this: What does a beer drinking history nerd who like thrifting do for 2 days in February?
  3. Was out at Bandera Brewing today. Worth the trip. Had the kolsch and oktoberfest.
  4. Three Branson things to do: National TIger Sanctuary Lambert's Cafe Danna's BBQ
  5. Last episode of Quantum Leap where we learn Sam never returns home...
  6. http://twitter.com/RyanClifford/status/1610135711960776708?t=hHqwk_EigR5Kx-N50DMTgw&s=19
  7. NIUHuskies

    MLS 2022

  8. http://twitter.com/BootlegUTSA/status/1590417703327928320?t=5qOo2RVr_h1eaRUieKEoog&s=19
  9. Pretty sure New Orleans owns the Lakers pick in 2023
  10. Wife and I voted today at UTSA. Steady stream of 6 ppl in and out the whole time. F Abbott. F Patrick. F LAHOOD
  11. Saw Honk for Jesus. Was pretty good.
  12. Went down to Georgia, so needed a reminder of what happened of a lil war 160 years ago
  13. For all the Chicago talk, there is a reason people call it the University of Illinois at Iowa City. Purdue has that similar vibe.
  14. Have been to Iowa City a couple of times. My thoughts: Sam's Pizza in Iowa city for za Stay in the Quad Cities for cheaper hotels and casinos. Hit up the Herbert Hoover Library in West Branch if you are a history nerd.
  15. This season's challenges are pretty damn good. I have enjoyed them. Also, location in Argentina helps too. Not always stuck in a jungle makes its more appealing.
  16. Saw Bullet Train last night. Wasn't horrible. Mindless entertainment.
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