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  1. I knew for sure during Heman's pre-game talk to the team before the osu game, when he told the guys that osu would tap out in the 3rdQ, that something was seriously wrong with our coach. We won the game but i knew the season was fucked and our coach was fucked.
  2. As I understand it, China won't be able to use NAFTA anymore to avoid tariffs, and there's a provision about north americans making a nice minimum wage in the manufacturing of goods
  3. Hell fuckn yes. My day is made. Hook'em Javonne.
  4. i'm saying we've got trouble, right here in River City
  5. I look at the news and see uproar about Trump subsidizing Ag. Then today I see news about Trump getting control of the Fed. Then comes apparent headway with the EU on trade. Is any of this connected?
  6. I don't know if junior's excitement amounts to all that. The "getting dirt" malfeasance goes around. Certainly from Trump's POV. Russia has influence in Iran, for starters.
  7. The intel agencies don't have a perfect track record, they don't mind thousands of deaths, they crave boogiemen, and everybody on earth knows Trump believes the establishment appointees of the last 3 administrations are attacking him without evidence. And there is no evidence. Trump's not a guy to stand on decorum. He picks his lies, and this is a time he's not going to tell a lie. He doesn't trust the establishment intel formed by John Brennan. If he lied and said he trusted the agencies established by his political opponents, everyone would know he's lying. We all know our government isn't a monolith. So why fake it? It would also be a strategic blunder, because it would cast doubt on the legitimacy of his election win. He would make a lot of people happy, but it would be an idiot move. I guess if you're convinced without evidence that Putin has blackmail ammo on Trump, then maybe Putin has some kind of hand. But Trump understands leverage as well as most people, and we are giants compared to Russia. Trump said on the RNC debate stage that he'd be willing to meet with Putin, and he's going around offering every worthwhile country a fresh deal, individually. he doesn't like dealing with unions. He does things differently. He said he would. That's why a bunch of people voted for him. It's not treason.
  8. Just my opinion, but I think there's an over-reaction. Of course Trump is stupid if he thinks anyone in the media will point out the obvious. 2006 2007
  9. But Burr acknowledged that the committee would have difficulty forcing Steele to be interviewed. “How do you do that?” Burr told BuzzFeed News. “[He’s] not a US citizen, doesn’t live here..." having Steele create the dossier was a smooth move.
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