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  1. On the plus side, your kid will have instant game.
  2. I made the mistake of watching the Amazon Prime series first, which I thoroughly enjoyed, especially season 1. Subsequently, I found the film to be almost unwatchable. A series is almost always going to have more depth, but in this instance, I found the acting and minor plot differences be be superior as well. One of the biggest disappointments in the film was Cate Blanchett. Her portrayal of Wiegler pales in comparison to that of Mirelle Enos. Advice to those who have not seen either, start with the film, then progress to the series.
  3. Is there a clear can't miss number 1 on the draft board? One of the Vandy pitchers? Someone else? Is choosing 4th as good as first this year?
  4. Fuck. Thanks a lot, dude. I guess I can work until I'm dead.
  5. Wow. I love a late race of truth to decide the TdF. Your team doesn't matter, even if Pogacar was way over the top in praising his.
  6. If you know the right answer, then why are you asking me? The only way to get proper pickle to crust ratio is with chips.
  7. What you and grandma do in the privacy of your ballpark is your business.
  8. idigTexas

    Moody Center

    Black lives matter, but black paint does not, and it looks like shit in that rendering. I hope that court design is not final.
  9. Per this link, THE TEMPORARY WAIVER OF VEHICLE TITLE AND REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. The tag on your windshield is for registration, not inspection. You only need the inspection to renew the registration. You can get an inspection, and you can renew your registration, but the waiver should prevent you from being ticketed if you prefer to wait.
  10. Clearly we are just playing to the level of our new ballpark.
  11. So Villa and Everton have the same sponsor? Neat.
  12. I'm pretty sure that I don't have epilepsy, but I definitely just had a seizure.
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