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  1. Hospitalization rates for minorities is higher. Maybe we are seeing the results of fewer minorities getting vaccinated?
  2. I received my second Moderna dose two weeks ago today, so I am officially fully vaccinated. Both doses were at CVS in Lago Vista, as that was the only place I could find after a week of searching for my first appointment. I had moderate arm soreness for a couple days and mild armpit lymph node tenderness (shot arm only) for a week or so after both. The day after my second dose, I had a few hours of chills and fatigue, but nothing horrible. I celebrated today with a Whataburger, but still wore a mask at the drive-thru window.
  3. They have added more ad hoc prize money for random challenges over the years, which helps as well.
  4. Like many businesses, the food industry was hit really hard by the pandemic. Also, more prize money likely pulls in better contestants. I have no problem with it. I just finished binging LCK. I was really surprised that they actually revealed the winner. Usually you have to wait for the next full episode. I won't spoil, but I'm pleased with the results.
  5. After years of overpaying for AT&T U-verse, I finally have the option to get Google Fiber. I am planning to use YTTV as my main streaming option. One question I have pertains to commercials. I am seeing a lot of conflicting information regarding being able to ff through commercials with YTTV. What is the current state? Realistically, what will I have to be able to tolerate?
  6. I feel like we owe LAC, but I'll be happy to avoid the play-in nonsense, and face whatever team we get.
  7. The list feels like it is trying way too hard to be alternative and diverse. I have a lot of problems with the order for those that made the list, but on top of that, I'm wondering where some of these were ranked (some previously mentioned). Family Ties Sports Night The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel The IT Crowd Family Guy The Wonder Years That '70s Show Northern Exposure ...and countless others that will pop into my head later.
  8. [wishful thinking] Maybe with no money from European competitions forthcoming, Kroenke might be slightly more open to selling the club.[/wishful thinking]
  9. I enjoyed that one. I think the correct team went home. That trout was hammered. Gabriel looked like he was really taking it hard. Byron almost got he and Maria sent home by not letting her add her green mole to the plate, but that probably needs to be on her for not being more assertive. Team challenges are tough. I'll have to binge LCK before next week.
  10. Somebody chasing isn't gonna drop a game, and will gain on us if we do our Jekyll and Hyde routine against an over-matched Cleveland. I think the "win/loss" sentiment is valid.
  11. Caden is probably too busy right now to help with writing a document.
  12. Is someone timing how long each method takes? It may take someone longer to do the "fastest" method, depending on how their brain works. And how is one method more accurate than another if they all produce the correct answer 100% of the time? I personally dump 28 and 47 toothpicks on the floor and then count them all Rainman style.
  13. Luka may already be more skilled than prime Dirk, but I'm not sure that he will ever come close in likeability. Maybe it's a generational thing, but the whining doesn't help. That said, I'm really glad he's a Mav, and I hope he stays one his entire career.
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