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  1. I will still be a fan, but I sure as well won't be happy about them cheating.
  2. You are equating a team taking full advantage of the rules as they existed at the time to blatantly and shamelessly violating the rules of the league? Shame on the Cowboys for playing their best players and not making them wear blindfolds so other teams would have a chance.
  3. No, the record book is not all that matters, but too many people agree with you, and that is part of the problem. Now get off my lawn, while I reminisce about Landry's fedora, and getting Roger Staubach's autograph.
  4. Do you really want to be lumped in with the douchy Pats/BoSox and now Houston fans? I don't.
  5. No for me. I want a team of which I can be proud. Winning by cheating would not achieve that.
  6. Ah yes, the Tator Digger....sad to say I remember it all too well.
  7. Damn, for some reason, I thought we were already out of the FA Cup. Guess not.
  8. He needs an "injury" that keeps him out until July.
  9. Way to impress the new boss, lads. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. Meh finale for a very meh season, with another completely worthless twist. How telling is it that the person who won never went to Island of the Idols until they were all forced to live there. Lessons from Rob and Sandra were so helpful that everyone who got one lost. Of the finalists, I thought Dean made the best argument to win, in spite of his blunder of saying that he hadn't made any finals pacts when he actually had made several. I don't think he intentionally lied, I think he simply forgot under the pressure of being grilled. Maybe that undermined his entire résumé, but I did not feel that it did. I did think that both Dean and Tommy did well in final tribal, which is rare. I feel bad for Kellee. Dan's behavior directly led to her being voted off. I'm not sure I have any interest in seeing more Sandra and Boston Rob, so I may skip next season.
  11. Saturday's match should be interesting, with Everton having as much chaos as we do.
  12. I don't see South Austin's mom on the list.
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