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  1. I happen to agree with your recency bias take, but you claiming bad inference on what you wrote is you choosing to ignore what you wrote. The "at times" disclaimer does not earn you a pass.
  2. Yeah. I know. The moose out front told me. I vaguely recall even knowing this at one time, but all this yelling at clouds to stay off my lawn takes a toll. I was also led astray by Reneé's wikipedia page, but I should know better. You'll be dazed and confused eventually too.
  3. I stand corrected, but I can see why she would not be overly excited about that role.
  4. My guess is that Reneé didn't mention Dazed and Confused because she wasn't in it. You likely have her confused with Joey Lauren Adams. It's a common mistake.
  5. I've never liked Angelo. He has always come across as a pretender to me. I was expecting to hear Steph's name called instead, but was glad it went the other way. If Malarkey, Lee Anne, and Lisa went next, it would not hurt my feelings.
  6. At least she isn't completely delusional about it.
  7. She's been calling him Babe all season.
  8. Sandra gonna Sandra. At least there won't be anymore camera time wasted on her until the reunion show after final tribal. Yul getting voted out instead of Wendell was rough, but Michelle is still clearly obsessed with Wendell, so it's no surprise. The older players haven't figured out how to stay relevant without having to be large and in charge.
  9. Wouldn't talking to sheriff get meth head drummer into legal trouble? What happens to your buddy if drummer gets arrested? Would it make it easier for your buddy to stay, more likely to get evicted, or have no impact?
  10. I'm sure that is exactly what he was doing, but being a dickhead isn't always illegal.
  11. Glad it was a cheap fix.
  12. Had a person ring my doorbell yesterday evening. It was a person going door-to-door selling ADT security systems. WTF is wrong with people?
  13. Amazon Prime is lacking in both comedic and 30-minute options, so this is good for that, even if it is a short series. Everything coming out right now seems to be crime, sci-fi, spy, or some combo. I could use a few quality lighthearted options now and then.
  14. She is definitely benefiting from some home cooking, having been on the production staff after her appearance on season one. Maybe this was a makeup for her having to go home with altitude sickness in Colorado?
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