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  1. Just for your understanding, your house is traditional insulation. The batts are the rolled type insulation that is stuffed into the walls and between the joists for the sloped ceilings. The flat ceilings will be covered by some type of cellulose (most likely recycled paper and cardboard) that is blown in from a truck parked outside. The spray foam insulation is an expanding (can be open cell or closed cell) product that is sprayed on the outside walls and directly underneath the roof. It expands and fills the cavity. They leave it "rough" looking under the roof, but will come in with a long saw blade and cut it level with the wall studs on the outside walls. It is superior to traditional insulation but costs quite a bit more.
  2. Are you spray foam insulation? That'll make huge difference in the sizing of the unit.
  3. Think that was Ashley Madison
  4. Where were you able to find one? I'm having trouble even finding some parts
  5. Okay, question for those in the know...or just have an opinion. I bought three cans recently (.22 and 9mm for fun and plinking) and an Omega 300 for the bigger bore. Currently, I only have .223/5.56 rifles, but would like to add something a little stouter, yet stealthy. Would probably do more subsonic than anything. Which would you do, .300BO or .308? Mostly hogs and, maybe, a 'yote or three.
  6. Catpfish


    Nothing on the wolf yet. Suppose it's some type of symbolism of the wolfs at the door.
  7. I think you are okay watching...kind of an ethical question. However, I have heard that it is highly illegal to be listening in since neither party to the conversation has given permission (I believe that Texas is a one party permission state).
  8. But in a way, it really doesn't matter, does it? Once you are Covid+, the hospital has to treat you the same as someone who is worse off in the sense that they have to tie up the special wards and use the PPE on you. Or I could be completely full of Covid free shit
  9. I have the Orbi and have had very little issue with it. Of course, my 14.8 Mbps down and 1.17Mbps up probably don't tax it very much. Yeah, and that speed costs about $150/month east of Derkaville
  10. The rain has been so hit and, mostly, miss this year. I saw late last week that Camp Mabry is at 19.40" for the year and ABIA is at 20.96" I'm a little east of Pflugerville any my weather station is 13.60" for the year. The tank is dropping already.
  11. The touch are a nice concept but they suck after a while. Sometimes you have to touch it multiple times and then it'll turn off randomly. I think we have a Grohe.
  12. But isn't/wasn't there a big issue with fraudulent cashier's checks that led to the mass proliferation of wiring for closing. I seem to recall that (could be erroneous) banks were even placing holds of up to 5-7 days for cashier's checks to clear before they would release the funds and that made them fairly useless for closings that have about 3 days lead times with amounts.
  13. We are not having a pillbug invasion, but it seems the entire millipede population of northeast Travis County has marched on our house. The exterminator only cares if they are dying not preventing entrance...which might be impossible.
  14. I have the heater/chiller and I think it's a Pentair, but not sure. It really won't do much for heating the pool (we do have a fairly large pool at about 20 X 40), but it does keep it from getting bath water warm. I think I have mine set for 89 during the summer and it makes a huge difference compared to my sister's pool. My pool has no shade at all and it's able to keep the temp down. It really helps to run a split schedule if you can to where you are running the chiller at night when it can make the most use of the temperature differential between the ambient air and water temp.
  15. On a septic system so don't want to put water there. Just dump it on the yard. Live in Central Texas, so it's humidity central right now
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