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  1. I like the overtime change. Get it over with already. The rule about keeping coaches on the sidelines, can we please outlaw the "get back" guy? It's so obnoxious. Announcers think its so interesting, or humorous, or otherwise worthy of mentioning between every fucking play. I find it stupid and annoying. I don't care how focused or intense coaching is, it's not that fucking hard to not run forward onto the fucking field.
  2. It says that that story is from her family, and the article says they have not confirmed. I know some will still hate it, but the headline is accurate.
  3. We've seen lots of examples of cops taking out shooters physically, without guns. It's possible, it happens.
  4. You don't think that maybe she was swinging the knife to keep them away? If she was intent on stabbing them, wouldn't she likely have done it much earlier? What are the odds that the exact moment the cops arrived was the exact moment she was ready to stab? I'll wait on more confirmation, but if she called the cops for help and had either taken the knife from the aggressors or was using it to protect herself, it is maybe the saddest situation of all.
  5. So was the girl that was shot the one who called the cops for help? Was she using the knife to protect herself while waiting for the cops to arrive? Did the cop really have time to say "hey what's going on here" before shooting? This is a tough one, but I have to believe there are ways to deescalate, and it's especially sad if the girl was the one calling for help. I've read that but haven't seen it confirmed. Just adds to the notion to never call the cops for help.
  6. Yeah, that would have been a very bad terrible idea. The prosecution would go through the tape, frame by frame, and ask him repeatedly "at this point in time, what danger were you in?" He'd be asked that at least a dozen times, as the tape plays, and is paused. When he says he can't breath "Why exactly did you not believe him? Why were you unable to handcuff him and proceed with an ordinary arrest?" Then the whole thing is played in full time, 9 and a half minutes. "Having seen this video in full now, unedited, without any pauses, for a full 9 and a half minutes, do you think there is anything
  7. Good contribution. Well researched and thought out. Kudos.
  8. Nope. The only reason he was convicted was because he crushed him to death for nearly 10 minutes while someone was recording. If he had used a gun, he wouldn't have even been charged. All cops learned today was to kill quickly, and to not just yell at people to stop filming, shoot them too and destroy their phones.
  9. Yup, o bet they’re being bombarded right now by their constituents and will release something “clarifying” this statement.
  10. I’m sure it’s worse there based on the goober culture, but I think most college sports message boards with political boards are going to be dominated by racism and the like. I stopped visiting them on OSU boards because it was horrible and embarrassing. Just a product of the types of people who are attracted to those parts of the boards.
  11. There’s no way they double down in expanding police authority, but you’re right that there’s not enough courage among dems to make any positive changes.
  12. It will. The Derek Chauvin Safety Act. It will grant superimmunity to any cop for any killing and prevent trials of any kind. Maybe not nationally since Dems hold the house, but I bet money some states try something to prevent any type of accountability for cops citing this "injustice" of a verdict. Oklahoma is about to make it legal to plow over protesters with your car, so yeah, reform is coming.
  13. Swat team needs a little more time to fire up the tanks. To protect the property. Won’t someone please think of the property!
  14. Two weeks home detention and a strongly worded letter. Also he can only watch Disney Plus, no Netflix. That seems fair. I mean the guy was on drugs, did you forget that part?
  15. My guess is guilty of the minimum possible offense. Hence easy compromise. He’ll be free and working as a cop again in five years.
  16. I've driven through Missouri a few times, and there's more than one, all over the state, and they exist next door to porn and sex toy shops.
  17. Saw this on facebook today. Has to be an intentional troll job, but made me laugh nontheless.
  18. Damn. Who had a wee in his blood pudding this top o' the morn?
  19. Meh, I just don't care anymore. Religion as a major driver in society is going to die off with the olds. Yeah, there will still be churches and people who attend and believe this crap, but it is fading fast among the younger generations, and the political power held by these groups will diminish substantially, if not entirely. I don't associate with people like this, I'm sure some of my acquaintances are into this nonsense, but we don't talk about it, and if it came up I'm 100% less likely to ever follow up with that person, because I truly believe that people like this are bad people. I don't
  20. I will say both shots gave me explosive diarrhea. Like nuclear bomb power and the smell of something that died a few years ago. It was bad. But feel better finally.
  21. Thank you to the dookie gods today. I've been gassy as hell the last two days but have successfully navigated it, farting whenever necessary and appropriate, when nobody else is around, because they've been rancid as hell. Just a few minutes ago while returning from lunch, I'm walking alone in the parking garage and feel that familiar feel, get ready to let it go, and just as I'm about to open my sphincter, "the drop" hits, hard. Like several pounds of feces water hitting the bottom of my lower intestine like a bowling ball dropped from the roof. I manage just barely to keep my butthole closed
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