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  1. Na c'mon man. Don't do that. You were all too happy to come talk shit, now I'm simply asking for an update.
  2. Yet another "I'mma jump on this beatdown to look smart" comment. It's cool, I'll be here for your reply when you and Arch feel safe again. Yeah I'd take SMU's offense for the rest of the season. Fuck all those advocating we hire one to run it for the long haul. And then got beat by the team that lost to SMU... But I'm sure it was the defense's fault again, right? Oh wait...
  3. How ya feeling there, pal? Don't know but here comes the Texas bowl Let's hear about it then, but whenever you feel comfortable to come back to the slums with us. I'm reaffirming you don't know shit and are looking for likes. I'm sure you feel differently by now because I've seen the offense fail the team since ou (minus 1 half against fucking Kansas) Everyone wanted to bash the defense but I heard virtually no one talking about the issues on offense. They were there despite being TOP 10 OFFENSE (ASSHOLE)!!!1
  4. Since everyone is making their own threads, just wanted to remind y'all who the triple OL, triple OL triple OG in this muthafucka is. Now for some laughs...
  5. Was just coming to post this. Probably word for word. Fuck at this point, I'd share a joint with Dylan Haines and have a good time talking about how stupid this fucking staff is. Then immediately go back to hating the shit out of the guy.
  6. Sheeeit. That'll be one long, confusing banner. What's it supposed to say? "Fire Tom Herman and Todd Orlando/ Hire urban but please don't because we still have values/ Journey is not definitively totally our standard" May have thrown in one...
  7. It's a dumb premise to begin with anyways. If we're wanting to win championships, why hire a guy who only knows how to win A championship? And spare me, "dur, I'd take that over this" bs because that's not the point. And I thought we wanted a better defense? You know you ain't getting that shit with an air raid.
  8. I mean... you would've thought so with all the announcements everywhere.
  9. ... soooooo just in time to money whip Saban out of retirement? I'll take it!
  10. Don't ask me how I know, but he don't respond to emails...
  11. This offense sucks and there's no excuse
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