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  1. Puttin respek on that Texas name, love it! RIP Pimp C
  2. If you want a great small(ish) town in the hill country, look no further than Fredericksburg. / end thread derail
  3. Yeah, you'll fit right in when the time comes. Plenty retire and move out here or already have seconds homes. But if you're looking for entertainment, good food, womenz under 50 but above 18, a decent job or even a fucking house for rent, it's stupid. Fixing to lease a 1/1 house just because it's fenced for my dog. It's old as shit, no central ac and comes at the low low price of $750 per month. Fuck kerrville / rant
  4. Y'all must be old. The people in kerrville are mostly olds. It does seem to have its fair share of rehabs and halfway houses, so I guess there's that... People love it here for the rivers and there's nothing wrong with that. Try actually living here in months that aren't summer. It fucking blows and if you haven't lived it, you can't tell me otherwise.
  5. Thanks asshole, where was your golden fucking wisdom 4 years ago when I had to move to this stupid excuse of a town?
  6. Not a bad idea getting his degree and playing one final year somewhere else. Can't help but think what would've happened had he stayed playing LB (like he did in HS) instead of RB. At the very least, he probably would've been a stop gap measure for the position post Gary Johnson and Malik.
  7. I was thinking more along the lines of the whole dominant/submissive thing but you're probably right. It's been my experience with girls that beautiful are like fucking a dead fish or a hot nagging judge who'll throw the book at you with one wrong procedure. No in between.
  8. BigHorn'13

    Arm Penises

    You think he gives it a test run before the operation? You know, just to see how it works? And furthermore, how would that work? Does he chicken wing it or shoot pool? / no homo
  9. Finally something I can agree with from you. Forever third partier here! I'll read your book and still think it sucks and that people that continue to participate are only falling victim to false choices created by the party they support.
  10. Perhaps in the draft but I think he'll have a great career in the league for his versatility as well as production.
  11. BigHorn'13

    Arm Penises

    That fucker got the extra 2 inches we urrr... y'all all probably want. Lucky bastard with his dick arm...
  12. Gotta admit at first, I was pissed when I heard Texas. Then she said Dallas and the Houstonian in me snickered a bit. And yes, she's got to be one hell of a fuck.
  13. Looking for a house to rent and came across this gem But it has a roof!!!
  14. Yes we were talking about those over 17 Huh. Did not know. Thanks!
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