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  1. I am THAT person. Well, not this guy's person but you know what I mean... 75mg is my minimum I'll have to hit up tailgate this year. It'd be funny seeing some of you partaking in the devil's lettuce
  2. And 2 or 3 of those will be male. I mean... he's named it daddy so not sure what you're expecting.
  3. Pfft. As if I'd insult myself by reducing respect so as to own such a basic mammal found in multiple continents. I own a liger!... you gonna finish your tater tots?
  4. 24 hours later and it doesn't feel any better. 🤘 for all of Ehlinger's family
  5. "Running HS locker thread of mockery"
  6. And btw, how the Mississippi fuck did we get into this position in this conference? Nevermind, I remember.
  7. Not sure about SA but in Houston, we wore soccer, not crew length, socks. But I'm OG status and the less sock the better... wait. What thread is this? The quicker Worthy and this "WR X" gets on campus and getting acclimated with the QBs, the better. That and safety are the only noticeable weak spots on this team.
  8. I'm an idiot that read crush as crash and skimmed the first paragraph which had buses in it.
  9. I've never taken a uber or Lyft or whatever ride app for this reason. Some may say it's a control issue. I say it's a "I don't want to die in the back of a Hyundai sonata today" issue.
  10. Any word on the USC kid's speed? I remember seeing his highlights and thinking he looked the part but saw his weight and became a little concerned. Add that line above about him not being a fit for this conference (but for PK's defense), how much of a concern is it? Regarding Gbenda, yeah, I don't see him sticking around should this come to fruition. He looks ready to play
  11. I think the more important thing to note here is, between him and McConaughey, the BOMC is alive and well in auto sector. Meanwhile, aggy still working on getting Vaughn that lucrative Daewoo contract...
  12. That's badass your granddad was a true OG. Like I said, I still wear it every now and then but during my teens, it was my primary wardrobe to go along with my Nike Cortez. Not many will appreciate that "CSB" about your grand pop's but that's pretty cool to me, indeed, and glad I could solve that mystery for you.
  13. Goehmert, please. And while we're talking dumbass (I know, redundant) aggy and since the prime assholes have been mentioned (not sure I saw Cheney tho), I'd fuck up Rick Perry. No training needed. I'll just log into my student loans account to refresh my memory of why I hate that fucking dunce.
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