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  1. Thank God. If I never hear Brando and Spillman call another game it will be too soon.
  2. Putting the anti-Texas bias aside, there were so many unprofessional mistakes made throughout the game. Mispronouncing Elinger's name, calling players the wrong names, blatantly stating various calls as fact (to be later refuted by replay), missing flags...just atrocious.
  3. I've been wondering about this. eventually this season we will see teams with undefeated records with fewer games (5-0 Big Ten) up against teams with a loss or two with more games (8-1 Big 12). Will be interesting to see what happens there....I like to think that the teams with more games will be rewarded, but then again I'm an optimistic idoit so who knows.
  4. It's possible that after we obliterated a shitty UTEP JV team, and Tech struggled with HBU, that the team took the game for granted. We went up early on and lost focus. Agreed that is on coaching, but at least we won and all of our goals are still intact. This is what infuriates me about ou every year -- they get out of these types of games with a W while we stumble, and then we're looking up at them in the standings for the rest of the year. Well this time it's reversed, and if our coaches can get the team bought in again then I think we'll have a hell of a year.
  5. This dumbass is dead to me, so I guess we're even.
  6. They were so clearly Tech homers. My teenage son kept asking me why they were rooting for Tech. I tried to tell him it wasn't happening, but then the Adimora INT happened. The dude catches it, swivels on a dime, keeps his knee off the ground, and runs back 70+ yards and all they could do was suck that Tech lineman's dick for 5 minutes afterward. That duo sucks.
  7. Yes. That is the one. Awful.
  8. Who are the announcers for this game? I recognize the voice but can't place it...
  9. Not saying he doesnt have potential to be a great player, expectations are a little too high right now..he's played exactly one game against near air. The rest of our players were veterans, also playing against air, but none of them got a sack.
  10. Just passed 200,000 COVIID deaths in the US. That's the equivalent of Salt Lake City, or Frisco TX, or Amarillo. We're well beyond Tempe, or Little Rock, or Knoxville.
  11. "They can start the BS, but I'm gonna end the BS" would be the right take for Joe.
  12. Just tuned in and saw him laying there -- what happened?
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