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  1. It's fitting that Kansas doesn't even make the twitter screen cap. (They are projected at 150/1, BTW)
  2. I saw a couple of Brennan's UH games at Aloha Stadium. That place was electric during that run. Such a blast, and what a tragedy for one of Hawaii's favorite sons.
  3. Seriously. Why not just inform us a few posts later while he's at it?
  4. Just simply terrible and unfair. God bless the Ehlinger family.
  5. Add 8 to 7 to get the ones digit (5), then add 2+1+4 to get the tens digit (7). I don't consciously go through that process -- two digit sums just sort of appear automatically for me -- but if I break down the process that's how it happens.
  6. True on SLO and Santa Barbara. And cool, you can keep Boulder. You're right that it's closer to everything, which is its downfall. The fewer people in Ft Collins and the surrounding mountains the better. Also surfing sucks, don't try it 😉
  7. Santa Cruz or Malibu -- either would be fine. Fort Collins, Colorado is infinitely better than Boulder BTW.
  8. Is the lame part the joke or the fact that you retold the same joke posted earlier on this very page?
  9. Agreed, and proof of vaccines should also be incentivized at other events -- sporting sections relegating non-vaxxed to shittier seats, concert sections, travel incentives for vexed people, restaurant hours, etc. Treat the non-vaxxed like smokers. You can continue to live like an idiot and make stupid choices, but you aren't going to endanger the rest of us.
  10. About the size of Milwaukee or Baltimore. Just a couple more NFL-size cities taken out by this virus and the former administration's piss poor handling of it.
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