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  1. Well it's to their demise to go down that road. There's not a lot of ammunition, the bar for Joe is set crazy low. Couple that with the unhinged, slurred, bizarre rambling from POTUS that the Dems could roll out, and it should end pretty quick.
  2. Exactly the question I ask when someone spouts off about socialism. Did you cash your stimulus check?
  3. The Trump campaign is so screwed. They are pinning all of their energy on Biden being senile and Biden being a left-wing nut job. If debates happen, it will become very clear that Biden is neither. I guess they don't have anything else to use. Other than racism, which won't get him to 270.
  4. Maybe he wouldn't be so persecuted if he wasn't such a criminal.
  5. Same here. Walked with about 1000 people in a great march and protest about 3 weeks ago. Kids everywhere, lots of great conversations. Totally calm and peaceful.
  6. I also love that these morons feel more emboldened than ever to spew their bullshit into a camera that will eventually lead to their demise. True, absolute, unqualified idiocy.
  7. I would ordinarily say I hope the guy in the blue shirt should lose his job too, but he doesn't look employed. Or employable. My money is on "receiving government assistance" while yelling about socialism.
  8. Exactly. Trump's base of non-educated whites don't realize that he's truly screwing them over. They just hear "you can be racist" and vote for the guy. As a comedian said recently (Trevor Noah, maybe?) Trump despises the vast majority of the people that vote for him. He'd never be caught dead with any of them in person, allow them in his clubs, or allow them on his properties.
  9. I gave an address to a bunch of psychologists in South Africa in 2017, soon after Trump started. It was an uncomfortable time to be traveling with an American passport. The first thing I said when I took the podium was, "Listen. I didn't vote for him." Immediately got a big laugh and a standing ovation. The rest of my talk was downhill from there, but it didn't matter.
  10. The final 5 seconds of that video is great if you have wild dogs to chase off your property.
  11. Exactly what I have been saying all along. It's a private business. They can refuse service. No one has a constitutional right to shop at Costco.
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