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  1. "Lendale White has been the MVP in this game" Craig James always with the hot takes
  2. Was at the Rose Bowl players' exit after the game. DT had the biggest smile of anyone that came out.
  3. The "Mike Leach's jokes explained" account is pretty great as well.
  4. She sounds badass. Read a little bit about her and she doesn't take this sort of bullshit from anyone.
  5. And I vote for peeing bear.
  6. Good because I looked for several minutes before I gave up.
  7. There was a surprising absence of profanity in that video, so I guess that's something.
  8. Took me a moment but pretty funny. Well then do us a favor and explain it.
  9. There are plenty of details in the actual article. By actual journalists reporting actual facts.
  10. GOP math: if we don't test anyone, 0% infection rate.
  11. Turned 50 the day my symptoms hit. Wife is in the same age range. So far 50 has sucked the goat ass.
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