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  1. It's not often that several million people witness a felony assault live.
  2. Yeah, that's crazy. Tomlin's response in his presser: "Fuck off, I ain't talking about shit." Which is the correct approach.
  3. Garrett shouldn't get a suspension or a fine. He should get jail time. Pouncey shouldn't get a suspension or a fine. He should get a reward.
  4. Kitchens also crucifying Garrett.
  5. Overlord was fun and definitely not a retread of the same old Hollywood schlock. It wasn't groundbreaking or anything, but it was original and fun. Don't overthink it.
  6. Strong page. That blind baseball gets me every time.
  7. Apparently he jumped over the fence into a pile of kindling as well
  8. Couldn't agree more. All female group playing catchy heavy rock and roll about getting drunk and getting laid, while always paying homage to the rock and metal greats. Much better return on investment than Mehringer.
  9. Ain't a damn thing wrong with the Donnas.
  10. So YOU'RE the reason the chick in the Purdue hat is avoiding eye contact and looking ashamed...well done.
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