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  1. Damn, that RATM video was fantastic. Reminds me of this video -- the whole thing is great but when they do the wardance breakdown just after 4:30 all hell breaks loose:
  2. Just got our Rammstein tickets for San Antonion. Feuerzone. WEIT WIG
  3. I'd like to tell you the good news about Jesus Christ. He once preached, "PIECE OF SHIT FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!" Jesus can be a blessing everyday in your life. For example, FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING BITCH MOTHERFUCKER!!!!
  4. Wife always thought Boston's Peace of Mind was "Piece of pie." People living in competition, all I want is to have my piece of pie. Makes for a better song, anyway.
  5. Idiotic that Judas Priest didn't make it in. After the Doobie Brothers I figured they were the biggest shoo-in.
  6. There's no denying that DLR was hugely instrumental in the success of the band, regardless of DLR's limited vocal abilities. But he never sounded like this.
  7. Give me a break. The NCAA threatened all sorts of things before rescinding them all.
  8. And he managed to insert a thrilling 4 minute discussion about Hollywood dance studios too. Amazing that his bizarre monologue about the most boring, inane, incomprehensible stream-of-consciousness garbage was about 1000x better than his singing. And this is coming from a longtime DLR apologist.
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