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  1. You lived in a nicer neighborhood than me, you rich fuck.
  2. Sort of.. Seattle is was a huge shit show long before this due to the cities approach to the homeless population. This has already been hashed out on another thread but in short, the policy put forth by Seattle politics stemmed ultimately from the voters. They borrowed it from San Fran and Austin did it's best to copy it. There is a thread where a lot of people here argued for the policy. Chaz was the extension of that policy to it's logical extreme. The voters put these people in place, and despite the years of issue have never voted them out. They are idiots run by corrupt idiots. That teams idiots just have a different flavor of stupid than the other teams, which also has plenty of stupid that contributes in different ways. (Commercialized Criminal Justice for example, not wearing a mask is a right for another) You have a place like Phoenix on one end of the insanity and San Fran and Seattle on the other. For the record, don't think Austin, who copied it's homeless policy from Seattle isn't also in the mix here, but we all know ACC is a very well run and non-corrupt group. Neither fucking work. But hey, everyone is putting on their team jerseys for the upcoming elections. Want to find the right people to blame. Head on over to the CR and watch the two teams prepping to continue to expand and continue their pointless bickering that will lead to zero change. Yay Blue or Yay Red. Let's keep this party rolling!!!
  3. Heh, yeah. I didn't even know people that had a CC membership or a boat. Shit, in my mind people that knew people like that were rich. Even more, Chad down the street who did have a fishing boat, the only person I knew who's family had a boat and AC in June, JUNE along with cable was rich as fuck. Oddly, I never thought of myself or family as poor. Mostly because I had a "poor" cousin and "poor" friends. I credit my parents, mostly my mom, for never leaving me wanting for needs. Sure, I didn't have some of the things but I sure as shit was clothed and fed.
  4. Huck, you post here, you live in the world. Don't tell me you find McVey's brilliant plan hard to fathom.
  5. My dad came over during the red scare having lived through Mussolini and a few US bombs in Milano. His brother, my Uncle got to head to the Russian front in his military uniform of Long Shorts and boots. If he made the first winter, he decided not to come back to Italy. Not surprisingly we were not taught Italian and it was never spoken by him.
  6. You should Lutze to him he a Mengele major.
  7. Lobo, I really thought Baer of you, turns out you're also a real Dick.
  8. Sadly, we're no worse, in fact possibly better than the majority of humans though I could be wrong. Hell maybe we are worse. However, with the variance of a few bot like and some overly emotional exceptions we largely have the intelligence to recognize the futility of rage yet acknowledge the depressing reality of the world. Which ultimately leads to a laugh or cry reaction, and mostly we choose to laugh at the insanity, stupidity and morbidity that surrounds us. I won't say it's a good reaction to laugh, but I personally prefer it to the equally pointless crying.
  9. From fake wreaths to rock throwing pederasts... Attention whoring compulsive lying wanna be city council members to paranoid armored car driving lunatics.. from whiney drunk sorority girls wanting a pic removed to long diatribe posting wanna be rappers from brain injury surviving gun nut to aggy hating aggy from golf club wielding former submariners to beta cuck sandwich shop employees from expert golfing cat talking geniuses to octogenarian upside down pic posting wheel gunners from Russian bots to 90s Corvette financing pay stub posting whore fucking weirdos... You can find all the insanity you ever wanted in all its forms right here at Surly and formerly TOS. Now we just need some snot nose mustache wearing Oklahoma sux Nazis and morbidly obese Karen wannabe Nazi flag stealing McVeys to complete the puzzle. We're oh so close to the royal flush.
  10. You folks really need to stop stereotyping these fine Oklahoma sux people. I'll have you all know there are plenty of crackheads and heroin junkies in that fine state in addition to the meth cooks/junkies. In fact, the efforts in Mexico to manufacture meth are really creating financial hardships on God fearing Oklahoma Nazis with terrible beards and snot looking mustaches. We should gather resources to "Help build a wall" at the border of the Red River. Keeps meth from flowing north and taking away jobs and riffraff from heading south into places where theyre not wanted. Let's all get behind the McVey's of the world, end the Nazi terror by stealing flags from clearly mentally disturbed meth cooks and make our Texas great again. (By keeping out Okies).
  11. Imagine seeing this in the mirror and thinking "I'm a member of the master race." I believe I would mostly keep thinking, "What the fuck is running out of my nose, oh... Yeah.".
  12. He'll explain it in his content drop tomorrow. He knows what's up with umlauts and virgulilla. He's Spanish/German/Scientific. All good.
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