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  1. Did some research, i found data on the internet so you know it's true. G17 appears to be the #1 globally in manufacturing numbers. G19 appears to be #1 in the US which confirmed my suspicion. With 1911 coming in second, but in purely private purchases (not police) they appear close to tied. This is in somewhat large part due to the number of police forces in the US and globally standardized on Glock platform. Makarov PM was number 2 globally affording to a couple of sources. Smith and Wesson Model 10 revolver appears to come in at #3 globally which surprised me a bit. For reasons I don't fully understand, the Beretta 92F apparently had massive sales in 2019 in the US. Let the Glock vs 1911, never gets old, rabbit hole of insanity ensue.
  2. You completely neglected some back handed and racist comments about Mond.
  3. I've never heard of them before this page.. I still don't know who they are, and truly don't care.
  4. Yeah I'm quoting my own posts as some of you clearly didn't read the entire thread and are unfamiliar with how truly horrible Mond is...
  5. I dunno, but it's really fucking obvious that he does. Equally, he shits on the Longhorns. A closet aggy?? Which is.. a paradox.
  6. Glocks actually do have a safety... I mean, it's a trigger safety, but details and such. You know who else thinks they are a Glock expert but made this exact same error about a Glock, in a fabricated story on TOS... A comrade in arms that is probably more familiar with AKs, so who can really fault him.
  7. Smart people attend Vandy, just like smart people attend Texas. Has fuck all to do with the intellectual ability of the respective coaches in both cases.
  8. No, I want to know their sources.
  9. We had better coverage at my HS stadium. Seriously. It's piss.
  10. Okay, the fucking announcers took some serious depressants prior to kick.
  11. Turn on some Rage Against the Machine or Nirvana, turn off the TV sound, slam some whiskey and enjoy. This is exactly what we expected it to be.
  12. Did you tune in expecting great game play, cause um, you have some pretty fuck terrible expectations if so.
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