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  1. I'm pretty certain this is not a thread in which I really belong as I don't post in the manner of the primary word in OPs post here or anywhere. That is to say, I tend to be very brief and too the point and never over extend my verbiage on any post. I simply see not reason to do so, and thus do not unless specifically compelled to do so for reason yet unidentified.
  2. With you and me included there are 4 posters here that went to Skyline at a minimum. Others already pointed at MDmost who also went to Skyline and his brother, MDLeast who doesn't post a lot who attended Skyline. I think there was one more, but maybe I'm thinking of you. Most people have no idea that Skyline was actually a Magnet school. Granted, it was vocational, which many people frown on, but the training available in Aeronautical mechanics, Diesel mechanics, plastics, languages, etc were actually pretty damn impressive and there really should be more in the US. Me, well, I was
  3. "outrage isn't attractive", words that would have done me well but gone unheard most of my young adult life, and a while after. 7 years today. Reading this thread did me good today. I don't get a chip because I don't to to meetings, but as I always like to note I'm not better than anyone else in here or in any meeting. Just different. Today's weird for a lot of reasons I'm not really interested in getting into right now. I'm pretty blah, and part of my head is telling me you need to celebrate being alive. Another part is saying, yo, I am happy about it, and glad I'm sober, we don't h
  4. Sounds like something a sock would say.
  5. You neglected to include have/had among us cat whispering golfing expert, rock throwers and pederasts, mega thirsty phoenix like folk risen from death that post like a raging chihuahua, and a Longhorn loving nerd of epic levels that attended aggy. Not to mention a slew of politicos ranging in all extremes, a 1990s Vette leasing, pay stub posting Russian whore expert, diatribe video posting lunatic, fake wreaths for fake cancer having con-men, a panic stricken, the world is ending lawyer that is paid by word count, a IRS payment neglecting BBQ schiester, a former nuclear submarine driving, golf
  6. Amusingly enough, the toughest fight is against police in Pacifica. Occasionally, when doing the beach serial killer activity there I reviewed above I'd kill an "innocent". The police would come with bots. They were, at level 50, the hardest challenge in the game, save a couple of the Cyberpyschos. However, the Cyberpyschos could be dealt with in specific ways. (Distance, sniper rifles, roofs, grenades)
  7. No, we already bag manned UM with unmitigated resolve. Now it's about dotting Is and crossing Ts while Turtle twists in the wind. It's glorious, enjoy.
  8. Mostly it was us hiring someone that lost to UConn, Navy and SMU.
  9. Take a breath, it's done. Let me be clear, few have been on the fire Tom bandwagon longer than me, which I got on the day he was hired. However, we got this, and it's all good. Letting Tommy Turtle twist in the wind a bit is our pay back for four years Maryland losses, last minute KU wins and never, ever putting games away early. It's our time to enjoy the very pain he inflicted upon us, on his own mind.
  10. It truly could not have played out better for the aggy mind. They win, they beat Mack Brown and should have been in the playoffs, which of course they would have easily won. They lose, they should have been in the playoffs so "the boys" weren't motivated because they were clearly the best team in college football. Either way, aggy wins, in their own little minds.
  11. Hell buying one and having "Never Forget" stencilled on the back would be amazing. Amazingly horrible taste and bad form... Very Surly.
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