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  1. China dude. They could shut off the internet, close the roads and lock everyone in their house if the government was inclined. Sure, a few rebels might come outside, but they would just be ghosts, quickly.
  2. I release the safety in my draw stroke on 1911s. Is built into my draw stroke and I've done it so much it's muscle memory. Trigger safety, it's a tad more debatable. If you aren't working your draw stroke and follow up shots while on the move frequently, the safety isn't going to make a bit of difference. If you are, the safety isn't going to make a bit of difference.
  3. I once met a Carole. She didn't seem like they crying type. She did seem like the big Dick dick type though.
  4. We need to create a dirt bike Twitter, monetize it and restrict reactions. I'd pay 9.95 for that.
  5. This too. If the rules don't apply to females exactly as they apply to males it is descrimination. I hope an ACLU lawyer has not current work and takes up the case.
  6. I'm good thanks. Anyone with a pulse and some active brain cells would have realized my hypothetical had nothing to do with illegally shooting whitetail. May want to actually trying thinking. Just a thought.
  7. And the Cowboys, Giants and the Lions. Let's not be cruel and only hate on Cleveland for their shitty picks. Plenty of hate to go around. Sure Cleveland runs the shitty pick world, but others compete.
  8. I'm glad someone here is familiar personally with the set up. I really have no idea how many hours I spent reading and watching videos about various optics options. I really considered the VCOG for the SCAR but based on my what I gathered, it is an optic that requires a lot more practice to become familiar with for usage quickly. The ACOG was pretty much loved universally and the RMR had a similar level of love. MRO was also well received but not as much as those two. I'm excited, and will admit that I picked out/was a little lazy as the LGS gun tech was a marine and will zero optics to 100 for dirt cheap. Downside is my SilencerCo and my THOR for will have to wait. Particularly as I saw Sig is now selling a P320 with an optic include for a price cheaper than converting my G26 to properly support one and the cost for the RMR. The pain I suffer.
  9. So... In the spirit of shot show.. I needed an optic for my new 300 blk pistol, and a "stock", and a mount for, the light I needed. Trijicon RMR purchased along with an SB brace, and Surefire light. But then my Colt AR was mad, as it has only irons. Burris optic purchased. Lo and behold, my SCAR H wanted in. So I got an Trijicon MRO. Not enough it yelled. So...to appease it I got it a Trijicon ACOG. I felt bad for the new guy, and gave him the MRO. I mounted the RMR at 45 on the SCAR. Yeah.. That happened. $2000+ in a week or so...
  10. This isn't shit you heard in a bar. It's sage advice that all men should know.
  11. So one night I got pretty hammered and a buddy and I are at a bar. We were just hanging out throwing some darts and this crazy bitch came up and started bullshiting with us. Now sober, I'd have told the ugly bitch to fuck off, but I was young and drunk. Next thing I know this crazy bitch is offering to fuck us both, get this, in the bed of my buddies truck. Well, as some here know, I didn't make great choices when I used to drink so I'm all, why not? That's were it takes a weird turn I'm not to proud to admit to. At first it was some kinky double penetration, which is on the borderline of behavior anytime. However, it didn't stop there. After I got my nut this crazy ho want a double anal treatment. For me and my friend that was definitely a bridge too far. So, being such a gentleman I offered a her little fisting action. Welp, one fist was not enough. Double fisting with some gape action was, well, just not pleasant even just providing the fist. I was out pretty quick, just too much for me, but then this crazy ho starts shitting herself in my buddies truck bed. Just all over. He threw her out of the truck bed, we jumped in and went straight to the car wash. I remember just before we climbed in the car the crazy woman yelled, "You'll be back for more Carol action you pussies". It was a strange night.
  12. You did read that I said financial and emotional well being. To paraphrase a famous philosopher: You get the rep points, then you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women.
  13. Your future financial and emotional well being greatly depends on your rep points. This is an indisputable fact.
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