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  1. You know, we haven't really addressed how difficult all this has been on my favorite hooker. Not to mention, because I'm social distancing it's hard on me too. We're both suffering. Seems like nobody cares about that fact.
  2. Yeah.. fuckers round here won't be mocking the Austin gondolas any more now, will they? Assholes.
  3. Wrong. Where are you getting your data? Doesn't matter you wouldn't be able to interpret it correctly. To wit, Greenspoint is Megalon!!!
  4. Do we? I wonder what type of under drawers the wear, being a new Yorker and all. I bet they know a lot about bars, with so many in Manhattan.
  5. But..... Wait... Who run Barter Town?
  6. Here he comes to save the day. You and CTJ should start a thread and battle it out, Thunderdome style.
  7. And the fat, stupid people in my rural neck of the woods will keep on being stupid and fat.
  8. Did you get to the most important part? Layna LoCascio also posted a video on the church’s Facebook page explaining that she has been treating her husband with garlic.
  9. See my homicide comment above. And I mean, on a big ranch, with a lot of land.... Options exist.... I'm just sayin'.
  10. With just a water taxi away in Jersey City, I am on team Penelope.
  11. Mexico is going to be an interesting one to watch. Zero shut down, and a lot of national government denial to start. I won't say anymore as it goes CR if I do.
  12. Is murder among the crimes not currently being pursued/prosecuted due to Covid-19 issues? Well, if not, it should be in specific cases. This is one of them.
  13. Apparently Janelle likes outdoor activities including hiking and kayaking. She also loves American. This is the hero we both need and want.
  14. This is the answer to the conspiracy about Ben above. Couple this and the ending of the last Episode... Frank don't miss.
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