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  1. tried to do a work lunch meeting at Candente today. Show up, and it's locked down. Temporary or a permanent casualty? Hope it's temporary. love that place.
  2. available every day. Ribeye or NY strip.
  3. the electrical stories I could tell about my X5M....they were so bad the thing literally spent the same number of days in the shop as it did in my possession.
  4. the prime steaks at Cleburne for about $20 are incredible. best steak deal in town.
  5. I was “hedging” my answer 🧐
  6. My view is it depends on where the reset button on price is that gets some of the shut in shale back in the game, and to what extent that production can come back on line quickly. I’d be a bit hesitant on swaps as I’m not sure where the above scenario gets triggered and crashes things back down. Might later in a few floors for some cash flow protection. Im just not sure on where supply goes and how soon demand ramps back.
  7. It’s been a crazy 6 years in the industry. The 2014 crash. Climb back to marginal prices decent little run to 60 and then another crash. I’ve ridden the roller coaster of building a small independent into a 200 boed org. Sold out on that but retained management. Ran for 3 years and the parent decided to sell it off in 2017. Management team got together to take on running some assets that had gone into receivership of bond holders. Ran that, made some acquisitions along the way. Latest crash is going to bury that. Im heading to a new group that is going to put together a yield fund to try and take advantage of the opportunities this market black swan event has caused. I don’t know the point in any of that other than this industry is the craziest thing. I swear I must have Stockholm syndrome for it or something, but i love it. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had and the rewards over the years have far outweighed the rough times. Hoping the new venture takes off and this will be the end game. One more run is all I need.
  8. expect our league to announce cancellation in the next day or two. The conditions LLA and the state have set out as requirements are simply not attainable or feasible. Disinfecting dugouts after every game, social distancing, one in/out for restrooms, no concessions operating, etc. Logistically that just doesn't work and even if you tried it it's not going to be a great experience for the kids. has anyone checked the USSSA site and seen that absurd waiver they're requiring, and also note they have raised prices $105 per tourney to $625 now. Nations has no such waiver and still $425 for an event. Looks like if your tournament team plays this summer it will be all nations.
  9. Bcs would have to have the best mind blowing final season to catch bb. I love bcs, but i have to say that dragging out chucks bullshit storyline for 3 full seasons really knocks bcs back a bit. There was good stuff on there for sure, but no way they needed 3 seasons of chuck focus to tell that story.
  10. it's better than the trash they wore in saint louis their last years there. it's not as great as their classic blue and gold, but it's not the worst thing ever.
  11. it was plonsky who did the deal, and franky it was a fireable offense to negotiate such a weak deal, but our AD hasn't exactly been staffed with great forward thinkers for quite some time now.
  12. I have a buddy who has dual citizenship in the us and Israel. He was a knuckle head head banger as a youngster. Anyway, at 18 he had to go to Israel to report for military duty. He could have gotten out of it since he hadn’t lived there since he was a baby. Anyway, he decides, “fuck it, I’m staying and gonna serve”. He ended up in a spec ops unit that operated in the West Bank. Allegedly the show is based on a very similar team to the one he was in. Guy is fucking intense and crazy as hell.
  13. Anyone watching this on Netflix? Shit is intense and these people do not fuck around.
  14. VOltaggio seems to have lost a few mph on his fastball. He seems to still make some creative and tasty food, but neve really seems to nail it or excel within the parameters of the competition each week.
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