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  1. What an awful collection of people. Not a redeeming quality in anyone involved In this massive shit show.
  2. Lee Anne has to be the most annoying and excise making contestant ever. Good grief. She’s made terrible dishes in 3 of the 4 episodes and is simply an annoying, whiny personality. Why bring her back? Geez. So many better options out there. I’d rather have marcel back for the 8th time or whatever.
  3. it is true of my 911 when I have taken it to the track. I drive it down there, run it on the track as hard as my shitty driving abilities can manage, drive it home, and back to work the next day. they're just made to do this stuff.
  4. no one has ever purchased a corvette based on interior styling. ever. I do believe they would be better served if they simply went with the "utilitarian" model or "more is less" kind of thing. They definitely could take some notes from the Mustang on how to make a cost effective interior respectable.
  5. our league has suspended all activity until at least second week of April. My son's 12 year old year, and my last year to manage. I get it, but this just breaks our hearts. My last year to coach him, and it's likely gone. This feels remarkably like the moment I was informed my brief minor league baseball career was over. Aside from the death of a loved one, and one particularly trying stretch of my actual career that was the worst day and thing I have ever experience. Oddly, I think that event, in many ways was way harder to get over than any of the other tragic life events. You know family and loved ones passing is part of life. You know trying employment times eventually get resolved. The moment you're told you can no longer play a kids game on any organized level is a freaking beating unlike anything. The finality of it and the cold hard reality that you're no longer good enough is absolutely devastating in ways that cannot be described unless you've been in those shoes. Particularly if you're ultra competitive and you kinda "need" to make it. That was my situation. I am frankly not sure I ever fully got over it. Still haunts me 30 years later.
  6. I don't know. all I know was driving that thing in the hills of aspen I thought it was going to explode any moment. whatever it was, it was just a woefully shitty, underpowered engine.
  7. looks like a cheap knock off of a RR Disco with a retro bronco front end. I was not looking for a re-do of the Bronco II. I was hoping for a legit full size bronco with a decent engine. That turbo 4 banger is trash. had one in a Ford SUV last year and the thing was just pitifully underpowered even in a small SUV.
  8. Chance the Rapper was really good. I had no idea what to expect. Kid wanted to go so off we went. Really enjoyed it. I Was surprised it wasn't that crowded. The carnival wasn't that packed, and the show was crowded but nothing overwhelming. easily found parking nearby, easy to get out off there. took all of 8 minutes to get home.
  9. chick from floribama shore is on there. Maddie.
  10. I could have waited this long to get to Saul. Wish it wouldn't have taken this long. What annoyed me is that it took 3 seasons of Chuck and his really uninteresting BS to get the show to be interesting. I could have definitely gone with a bit more Squat Cobbler nonsense and crazy client hijinks. I just didn't need 3 seasons of chuck. Maybe one season, maybe even 14-18 episodes. Absolutely did not need Chuck around that long. no way, now how. Glad we have moved on, but I do think laboring on Chuck for that long robbed the fans and ratings of what could have been a much more entertaining series, and one that would have produced much better ratings. I am a super fan of this world so I was in no matter what. to the casual or even new fan 3 seasons of chuck was not going to hold their interest.
  11. Wife has had two 2012 Cayenne S and 2015 Turbo. Between the two we have put 180,000 miles on them with virtually no issues other than basic maintenance. I think the only real work done on either aside from routine scheduled maintenance was the radio amp on the turbo went out. it was replaced under warranty at zero cost. Other than that it's been nothing but lots of awesome hassle free driving. That turbo is stupid fast.
  12. it's amazing how much bigger my 997 is than those old 964's, and the new 992 is about as much bigger than my 997 as the 997 is to the 964. Just a remarkable growth spurt on these cars. It's easy to comprehend the growth from 1980-2005. It hard to process who much bigger a 2020 model is over a 2005 model.
  13. you can totally see/feel the Kim/Saul disconnect developing. will be fun/tragic to see how that dissolves.
  14. new 911 Turbo and Turbo S hit the web page https://www.porsche.com/usa/models/911/911-turbo-models/
  15. tell him to focus on the process not the result. Process leads to results. Get the process right and the home runs come a bit more regularly.
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