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  1. we were terrible when we started as well. Team has now been together for 5 years and we are about as good as any team around at the AA level. We are an upper lever AAA team, and not even competitive against Majors teams. It's a weird dynamic how much better those Majors teams are.
  2. we played our first 13U event this weekend with PG. Won the thing easily. Gonna play one more at the AA level an move to open. The AA competition level post 10U just gets so bad.
  3. Took my first flight in a Citation Ultra the other day. It was quite smooth despite the stormy weather. Not the most roomy inside, but still a kickass experience once i got into the seat. Hard to beat private jet travel.
  4. Any Cayenne Turbos in there? That's the silly SUV I want. My wife has one. We have had it for two years. I personally like the better body kit, lower ride, and overall package of the GTS, but the 530hp in the turbo is a game changer. The thing is an absolute beast when you need it to be, comfortable when you need that, and total workhorse on road trips. It is our second Cayenne. In 2 years we have put 40k miles on the thing, and zero shot my wife will drive anything else at this point. Bonus for me that i like to drive it when i am not driving my cars.
  5. My son lost his 12U year of WULL. We had two kids hit balls out prior to the season shutting down. My kid hit one, and another kid who plays on our tournament team hit one .
  6. We’ve played the last two weekend and plan to play this weekend which will be our last 12u event. Our team is staying together although we will have a new coach and a few new players. Pepper jr has had a couple of good weekends hitting bombs on those little fields. Also now hitting low 70’s on the gun.
  7. I’ve got a larue grendel 65 on order and a larue 300 blackout with 14 inch barrel for close targets. Haven’t arrived yet.
  8. Porsche doesn’t even put dip sticks in the cars anymore and hasn’t for a long time.
  9. tried to do a work lunch meeting at Candente today. Show up, and it's locked down. Temporary or a permanent casualty? Hope it's temporary. love that place.
  10. available every day. Ribeye or NY strip.
  11. the electrical stories I could tell about my X5M....they were so bad the thing literally spent the same number of days in the shop as it did in my possession.
  12. the prime steaks at Cleburne for about $20 are incredible. best steak deal in town.
  13. I was “hedging” my answer 🧐
  14. My view is it depends on where the reset button on price is that gets some of the shut in shale back in the game, and to what extent that production can come back on line quickly. I’d be a bit hesitant on swaps as I’m not sure where the above scenario gets triggered and crashes things back down. Might later in a few floors for some cash flow protection. Im just not sure on where supply goes and how soon demand ramps back.
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