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  1. heading to Dwight yoakam in Houston tonight. I am sure it will be mostly the same show I have seen the last 10 times, but I am also sure I DGAF and will love it as I always do.
  2. how old are the kids? I would say not very kid friendly on language and some situations. Lots of "f-bombs" and an "n-bomb" or two.
  3. very watchable, and lots of great chuckles along the way. I hope they don't take too long to make #4. I also want to see how in the heck they get the guy out of the can in order to work off his debt after some of the people he clipped. cannot imagine that scenario where any other law enforcement is okay with dude being free to work off his debt. Enjoyed the heck out of this one although a minor ding for not really enough "Miami" and too few hot chick scenes.
  4. My son hasn’t turned 12 yet and came in to pitch the last inning. Faced 1, 2, 3. Struck out 1. Got 2 to hit a rollover ground ball for an out, and got 3 to hit a pop fly that hit our right fielder dead in the palm and he dropped it. Gets two strikes on 4, throws a fastball down and out and the kid hits it a fucking country mile. Unreal. He throws mid to high 60’s too and this kid had no trouble getting it. Like I said it was great experience for our kids who get cocky and need to know they’re not as hot shit as they think. Kids on the canes were definitely not having any fun. As the 3 up 3 down innings piled up you could feel the tensions building for them.
  5. and wow. that article is unreal. we play tourney ball and little league. we are quasi serious, but we are absolute amateurs compared to this psycho. we encourage our kids to play lots of sports and make the fall tournaments when they can. we are nothing like these guys. unreal. I am shocked parents are crazy enough to do this. College baseball gets 9 scholarships, and has a roster of 35.
  6. yep. those guys. Absolute monsters on that team. we held them scoreless for a bit over 3 inning and it felt like we won the damn world series.
  7. So we played our at BBUSA this weekend. Few tournaments available anywhere. only 5 teams in the 12U, and they made it "open" division. A team from dallas came down to play. They're #1 in the nation for Majors division out at USSSA. We had to play them in a seed game Saturday night. Keep in mind out tourney ball team is composed of private school kids from inner loop who all play little league. We play tourney ball, and we are successful, but we aren't even close to the same level as majors teams. We compete well against AAA competition. The Saturday night starter for then goes 6'1 190 with a mustache. Not peach fuzz. A legit mustache. Dude throws: Fastball 74, Curveball 64, change up 68. Last year they were 61-2. so far this year playing 12U Majors, 13U AAA and `13U Majors they are 28-0. We were the only team to even score a run on them this weekend. we scored 1. We played them again in the finals today, and the beat us 8-0, but we held them scoreless for 3 2/3 innings. They then hit 5 home runs in the last 2 to beat us 8-0. Former aTm RB, Japorky Lane's kid played on the team. Kid is really good. Hell, every kid in their team was better than anyone we had. Pitcher today threw 68-70, smooth as silk with a high school level curve ball. Good experience for out kids to fight and battle. Cannot imagine this was good experience for their kids to run rule a bunch of kids who really were not in the same galaxy with them. their closest games were 13-1 and 8-0. All the others were worse.
  8. think of it this way. If I said after the 2016 season you can go to 2 World Series, 1 ALCS, and win 1 out of the 2 WS over the next 3 seasons, but the cost is your manager and Gm get fired, you make that deal 100 times out of 100, right? Yes. You do. Banner is still there just like those of USC circa 2003-2004.
  9. wow. if that is true....i'm pretty impressed, and also saddened. Of course, altuve swinging at shit freely kinda dispels this. dude is a free swinger for sure. Bregman is not a free swinger at all.
  10. in an odd twist, I actually don't hate that thing. chances of me buying 1 are less than 0, but I don't mind them expanding the "mustang" family of cars. That said, I would not have started the expansion with this thing. I would have started with a sport sedan in the same category as the former ford tauraus or something. start with a sedan that is kick ass, and then maybe expand into this thing after you have introduced something that is at least somewhat feasible to wear the mustang badge so it isn't as shocking when you see something that is totally not within the scope of a performance car with a mustang badge. And im not saying the sedan idea is perfect either, but I can at least get behind the concept of expanding the mustang branding to other vehicle classes with a performance sedan. This....this is not how you expand.
  11. got my tickets for Monday bitches. ZFG if you judge me.
  12. true. everyone knows USC won the 2003 and 2004 MNC.
  13. it's a pretty limited basket or collection of players who were using this sign stealing system. some were steadfastly against any and all distractions at the plate. classifying the entire team and organization as "cheaters" is an oversimplification, but about what I expect from today's "cancel" culture. that is, in no way a defense of them cheating. THey did.
  14. wait a minute....WTF? It appears all is well, a walk in dies and it's curtains for good the next day? I'm so sorry, Champ. I know you put your heart and soul into this thing. I'm shocked this is happening with all the positive press, awards, accolades, etc and lack of any edible bbq down there before you moved in. Keep us updated. If you get to cooking back in town I am there.
  15. zero shot. less than zero. hes been open since day one he's GTFO as soon as he can. Will be interesting to see if they trade him this year or next. He's going to be traded. if they're out of contention at the break this year and he's having a good year he will be moved. Springer is unlikely to resign here either. He wants to distance himself from this.
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