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  1. Pepper Jr is playing Intermediate Little League (50/70) and school ball 54/80. So far no issues. LL thus far he is 2/2 at the plate with 2 walks, 1 double and 1 HR. He actually hit 3 out of the park last night, but two went foul down the LF line. The other was in the LC alley. He's 1/2 for his school team with a single and a K. the K was pretty rough at the 2 strike pitch was above his letters. He shouldn't have swung at it since it wasn't close. He's pitched from both distances at given up nothing so far. Off to a good start.
  2. I have a new larue 65 Grendel with 18 inch barrel and a Larue 300 blackout with 14 inch barrel. I need optics for both. Don't think i need to spend a fortune on either but what do i know. What is the surly consensus here?
  3. i've done some wagyu briskets and they are spectacular. One thing i noted was the cooking time was way shorter than a normal prime brisket. i supposed the higher fat content speeds things up a good bit.
  4. Got first dose yesterday and very glad since it is reported they have now run out in houston. Distribution should be better, but it appears we are vaccinating ~1 million per day for the last week or so. Not bad, but not enough. not sure how it is possible to get more out there.
  5. yep. we played 54-80 all fall for tournament ball and it was fun. At least it was on the fields with proper fences. When we played on fields that are geared to be 60-90, but had alternative mounds for 54/80 it wasn't as good since the fences were way too big for 13 year olds. Now we will be playing Intermediate for LL and going back to 50-70. I cannot imagine the poor bastards who have to face pepper junior from 50 feet.
  6. I ordered this thing first week of july.....just saying, be ready for a loooong lead time if you go with Larue. I ordered a 300 blackout for my son on the same day, and it still hasn't shipped.
  7. Have this bad boy being delivered today.
  8. the Robb Walsh recipe is really easy and damn good. Cheese Enchiladas With Chili Gravy Recipe - NYT Cooking (nytimes.com)
  9. This off season will be worse believe it or not. Springer is gone, Verlander is done as an Astro, Osuna is done as an astro, Brantley is done as an astro. Not sure click has been made aware, but he has no outfielders who are plus fielders at the moment with Reddick also done as an astro. Correa should have been traded last year when he had some value. We have no draft picks due to the suspension. It's going to be a graveyard for the foreseeable future.
  10. right. Jerrod Douglass and Robert Strait just happened to want to go to BU over the likes of NU, OU, PSU, Miami, et al at the time? Yeah. We believe you Grant. What a tool.
  11. That is some of the most glorious shit these eyes have every seen.
  12. if you didn't get the carbonara there you need to correct that tactical error immediately. nevermind. you said ostia. I was thinking antica osteria on bissonnet. we are hitting ostia friday night.
  13. i had lunch over there a few weeks back and it's fine. Seems like it is pretty slow in there. Hard to imagine how these places are making it, but the food was very good.
  14. We came away with our 2nd win of the year last night. We have won 2 and punched out in the semis twice. Unlike past years when we beat everyone with dominant pitching and hitting we are now winning with pitching and defense. THe move to 54 feet on the mound has mean we do not strike out as many batter, and has meant the defense has to had to get meaningfully better and it has. Pep Jr threw the semi final game yesterday and went 6 ip, 2H, 1R, 8k, 67 pitches. Definitely solid.
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