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  1. I think the window is still cracked open. It is easy to believe the window is closed because the team is not going to be as good going forward as the 2019 version. they did't get it done, but the 2017 team did and they were not as good as the 2019 team. Let's see how it all plays out. They're still the favorite in the west.
  2. the front office has a win at all costs mind set above anything else. this is a zero sum game for them. Doesn't make them bad people away from baseball, but makes them highly competitive, edge seeking, rule bending, and somewhat arrogant within the confines of their jobs. I don't think what Taubman did was a fireable offense either. I think what he did was stupid, but getting fired over someone not liking your words is a bit of a stretch for me. the astors handled that poorly from the jump. no question. This sign stealing thing is bad. on the one hand it's something on another level that could potentially get people banned from baseball. on the other hand, there are likely guys now managing the Mets and Red Sox who would also need the ban hammer, and that isn't happening. The Astros are going to be punished, and it is going to be harsh.
  3. looks like another air shock is out on my Panamera gts. quite a frequent occurrence in these cars. I have a 2020 macan loaner. I have raved about this vehicle in the past, but the move to a fucking 4 cylinder to meet vehicle fleet cafe standards has totally ruined this vehicle. there is no soul in it anymore. fucking thing sounds like a weed eater and is just woefully underpowered. yuck.
  4. not a surprise. the GT3 on a track is a freaking blast and total rush.
  5. CHeck out the new Ferrari Roma Volante/Vantage. Who the F is this freaking guy? dear lowered.
  6. Hinch isn't getting fired over this. The Astros should probably get the same punishment the Red Sox received for the same thing.
  7. how many of you are attending this disaster? https://www.warehouselive.com/e/vince-neil-of-m-tley-cr-e-73478178209/
  8. I saw that, and saw the quote, but the statement from the commissioner doesn't add up. If it was against the rules and there was policy in 2017 then why was it "updated to include video", etc in 2019? does that make sense? seems a bit fishy to me.
  9. lets be clear here, on "cheating". The policy on the use of video was put into place in 2019. The era in question for the astros was 2017. now, they may have used video to violate the spirit of sign stealing, but it does not appear they were in violation of any official policy. Frankly, I would guess the majority of teams were doing something similar. Doesn't make it right, but sign stealing has always been, and will always be part of baseball. Granted its usually the job of coaches and players in the dugout. THey probably took this one step ahead, but if there was nothing banning the practice why would you not be using it? Sign stealing is sign stealing. it's just part of the game. Now that there is an official policy on the use of video to steal signs, that is a whole other equation. Get caught doing that now, you should fry. Bringing this up from 2017? pound sand. its nothing more than a media driven nonissue because they have an axe to grind against the organization who pushed back on the tuabman thing.
  10. d-back with some pretty sharp unis coming in 2020 https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/mlb/diamondbacks/2019/11/08/arizona-diamondbacks-unveil-new-uniforms-2020-mlb-season/2529246001/
  11. will be interesting to see what nike does with uniforms this year. The D-backs really need to kill themselves and start fresh. my lord. everything about their uniforms is utterly terrible.
  12. because they have an axe to grind against the astros after they initially defended Taubman, and wouldn't stop until he was fired, but the media feeding frenzy isn't going to end there.
  13. the video paints a story that fits their needs, but how do you know the pitcher and/or possibly the catcher were not tipping those pitches resulting in the "bang" from the dugout? fact is, you do not, nor do it, nor does the guy who thinks he has the "gotcha" video proof. We have the word of a guy who has had an axe to grind against the astros since 2017 when he was left off the postseason roster. Again, I am not defending the astros here if they were using video feed into the dugout they should be punished. severely. im just going to need a bit more than a media who seemingly is in "lets ruin these assholes for saying mean things in front of someone "WEARING A PURPLE BRACELET", and a disgruntled former pitcher who has done nothing but be a bitch about the astros since he was shipped off.
  14. fiers has been a bitch about the astros since he was left off the 2017 post season roster then traded or not re-signed. every time the astros play the a's he has some snarky shit to say. and there is basically zero shot Taubman is going to give the media anything on the astros. the media effectively "cancelled" his livelihood. not defending his actions as they were stupid, but c'mon, guy loses his career because some reporter didn't like his words? what a load of horse$hit. he has way bigger issues right now than ratting out the astros on this nonsense.
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