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  1. And another series cancelled. At what point to the Cardinals just say "fuck it, we're out"?
  2. I get asked "Do you have my keys" a few times a week. I must put off the vibe of "one who steals keys for which I have no use".
  3. But "then-director of Lebanese Customs Shafik Merhi" will certainly pay the price for not being emphatic enough.
  4. I was a DOD contractor for 8 years. My total time in the part of the world was about 4 of the 8 years. Started in Iraq for a couple of tours and then did my last 2 years in Kuwait.
  5. Yeah, I just don't really give a shit about this season. It's just a distraction for me if it's on TV.
  6. Carlson? Here on the local sports station they were reporting 2 pitchers off the taxi squad. Now, who knows.
  7. The reports are that it was 2 off of the taxi squad, so not Carlos
  8. It really sucks when the winds shift to come out of the south and you get a touch of humidity. I lived there for 2 years and when it gets even a tad humid it just sucks more than it already does.
  9. I wasn't too terribly impressed with his performance out of the pen last year.
  10. You kidding? That's not even enough room for all the ovaries.
  11. Watched the first episode last night. One thing that I simply don't understand is why that gym owner was brought in to testify. As far as I could tell, it had absolutely nothing to do with the case. Even if Kelley did say that he had been in the Marines, what difference does it make on that particular case? That was bizarre.
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