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  1. Sutton, the attorney that allegedly solicited the murder for hire, was also the head honcho of a motorcycle "club". Said undercover officer was assigned to infiltrate Sutton's motorcycle "club" and successfully worked his way in as a probee. Apparently, every criminal defense attorney in Waco, with the exception of Sutton, knew that the undercover cop was in fact a cop.
  2. I hate being crowded. Guess what? I don't go to crowded places, especially bars. What a dick that guy is.
  3. I was born in NE Mississippi, and most of my family is still there. My dad lived there until he died about 5 years ago. I used to drive up the Trace from Jackson to Tupelo. "Horrible" is the only way to describe that trip.
  4. After how this year has started, can you blame it?
  5. My hearing is pretty much shot. No fucking way am I getting hearing aids. I have a built in excuse to ignore anything that is said to me from another room.
  6. Well, I think that if I share this information then it may help me to keep going. I started the Beach Body 4 Weeks of the Prep on Monday. I'm 50 and the only working out that I have done in 7 or 8 years is splitting wood on our property. My muscles are extremely sore today, but it really does feel great. Wish me luck.
  7. Do you mean the oldest public university west of the Mississippi? Both Lindenwood and SLU are older than MU. I live in Missouri. I like the state, the slower pace, the friendly people, environment, etc. I dislike Mizzou just because. The big drawback in the state, however, is that they THINK they know good BBQ, but they don't.
  8. The rescue said that she's not much more than a year old. It's just horrible. I can't even walk by without her growling at me.
  9. We have another foster now. She had 6 pups about a week before the rescue got her to us. They are lab/german shephard/among other breed mixes. The mom is extremely scared of men. My wife and youngest boys don't have any problems, but she has a deep fear of me and my older boys. At this point I'm not pushing the issue. I just throw treats in her direction when I walk by. She still growls every time I am in the same room. When we first got her she even snapped at me. I feel bad for her, but I think the way I'm doing it is probably best. I do not talk to her at all, just the treats. Any advice? I'd really like to work on this while we have her, but it's been a week now and she still growls at me and the older boys just the same.
  10. Shoot, I meant right field wall. Anyway, I never noticed that they looked like Jackie Earl Haley, but I'll be damned if they don't have a resemblance. I think that those pictures are from their 1981 Topps baseball cards. And Tim did have an awesome 'stache!
  11. I have tried to keep in touch over the years, but not with a whole lot of luck. When Steve was done playing he ended up coaching in the minors for some time. He and his wife moved back home to Mississippi and he ran the parks department for his town. I don't know if he is still doing that or if he has completely retired. Sometime around 2010 or so I was contracting for the military in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. My dad had kept in touch with them (my dad retired in Mississippi as well) and he told me that Steve's oldest son was an officer in the Air Force. I contacted him and we kept in touch that way for a bit. Tim, on the other hand, I was never able to get back in touch with. Much like any other friendship, life just seems to get in the way. I'm not certain about Tim, but Steve had a job in the off season in his playing days. He was a UPS delivery driver if I recall correctly. I think they barely missed the rise in players salaries. We probably attend some of the same games if you went to any of the 1:00 weekday starts in the summer. I vividly remember the first homerun that I saw Tim hit. It was a line drive that he hit into the chain link fence over the left field wall near the pole. I remember hearing it hit the fence. To add a bit of irony to this entire story, I have never been a Cubs fan. I am a Cards fan, but I appreciate the Cubs and their long time fans. I did, however, spend a couple of summers as a Cubs fan.
  12. Steve Dillard and Tim Blackwell. I did have the years mixed up. It was the summers of 79 and 80. Steve made it to the Cubs before the 79 season. Steve played 2nd and Tim was a catcher. Steve finished up his career with the White Sox while Tim finished up with the Expos. We moved to STL in late 1980. When we were there and Tim was with the Expos he would leave tickets for us. He would come to the house if they had an off day and my dad would grill some steaks. Another cool story was during a Cards/Expos series in STL. We met him downtown and had lunch. He also brought a couple teammates with him. Somewhere in boxes there may still be a picture of me in downtown STL with Tim Blackwell, Gary Carter and Tim Raines. This will sound corny, but those men, Steve and Tim, were not all star major league players, but they were amazing people. I can’t imagine taking 2 or 3 young kids with you to work as often as they did. They are just humble men that also happened to be major league ball players and loved to give an amazing experience to this bratty kid. They are largely responsible for the love of baseball that I have today. Those 79 and 80 Cubs teams had some names on them. Dave Kingman, Bruce Sutter, Mick Kelleher, Jerry Martin, etc. I have a few signed balls locked away. One from early 80’s Expos and one each from 79 and 80 Cubs. No clue if they are all authentic signatures though. I have heard that a lot of times those are actually signed by equipment managers. I do choose to believe that they are authentic and will be passed down to my boys at some point. Another cool story: I think it was 80. Me and a friend were in Wrigley waiting for the gates to open while watching batting practice. We were right behind the third base dugout. The Cubs had a player named Mike Tyson (yeah, not that one). He broke (more of a chip than broken) his bat and when he left the cage, he threw his bat toward the dugout. Fortunately for me, he overshot and it bounced up into the stands right next to me. I carried that thing around the whole day. After the games, we would wait outside the clubhouse until Tim and Steve came out. This time, I got Tyson to sign the chip on the broken bat. I think that is at my mom’s house.
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