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  1. Not sure that it's final yet, but I'm sure he'll be back for one more year.
  2. Incest, necrophilia, whatever it takes. You never know in that state.
  3. Thread title had me thinking something completely different, but I guess this works too.
  4. Hard to get work done when this is starting at me. Must pet...
  5. Oh no, it's black. Probably breaking in.
  6. I'm disappointed, but not at all surprised with Mo getting extended. I'm not a fan.
  7. It's time! Boys officially start practice today after receiving a beat down in the first round of the football playoffs. Secretly, I'm glad football season is over so that wrestling can get going.
  8. For me, the best answer for TX is Killeen.
  9. They got lucky if the other option was Ohio.
  10. Man, I'm surprised that there are tickets left this late.
  11. I'm a fucking moron for believing that we were going to be good this year. Holy fuck, I'm stupid.
  12. That lives in Italy, if I recall correctly.
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