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  1. I have about 2 acres that I mow, slightly hilly, and lots of trees to go around. I was thinking about a ZTR, but the costs are way out of my budget. I was using at 30 year old Craftsman rider that was quite a workout. Last year it finally died on me and I ended up getting a Cub Cadet XT1, with a 46" cutting deck. I've been very happy with it. It may not be the best on the market, but it runs and cuts great. Additionally, it's WAY better than what I was using. Turning is relatively effortless and I can go around most of my trees in one turn. Most retailers should be having sales on mowers soon. Edited to add that it has a cup holder for my beer.
  2. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend going to the Shirley Plantation. Some of Turn was filmed there.
  3. My expectations are not high. This off-season was a disappointment to me.
  4. I'm having a hard time understanding this. Someone called the police, right? Someone, I'm assuming an administrator from the school, is in the first part of the video and is complicit. How can they later say that they were surprised? That broke my heart listening to that child cry and beg to not be arrested and the police just keep on doing what they are doing.
  5. The Great Pyrenees puppies are almost 6 weeks old. It is going to be a sad day when they leave, but I won't miss cleaning up the endless amount of shit. The rescue has officially put them up for adoption. I don't think it is going to take long. Here are some pictures from this weekend.
  6. Districts went about as expected. 285 qualified for state by finishing 3rd at district tournament. Made it to semis, had to wrestle at top 5 or 10 285 in the nation and of course lost. Then won next match in wrestle backs, which guaranteed him at least 4th and a spot at state. Won his 3rd place match. 152 was a buzz saw. Several returning qualifiers. My sophomore was one of the two at that grade. He lost his first, won his second, then got bounced in second round wrestlebacks. State tournament was this past weekend. For state, they don't seed. There are 4 districts, top 4 from each district qualify. For 'seeding', they place them in the bracket based on how they placed at their respective district. It's the same for all weights. District 1, 1st place gets a certain spot in the bracket. In that same pod is a second, third and fourth place finisher - all from different districts. That way they don't have anyone wrestling another wrestler from the same district for the first 2 rounds. Worked out pretty shitty for my senior. First round was an easy win against the second place from some other district. His second match was against the 4th place from district 3, which also happened to be a finalist at 220 from last year. I think that kid kind of tanked districts. Anyway, my kid lost that one in the second round. Then in his next match, 3rd round wrestle backs. he messed up near the end of the second period and got caught. So, he was out at that point. What really sucks is that the kid that my boy beat at districts for 3rd place got put into a pod with the 1st place finisher from a horrible district. Basically, that pod was easy. That kid won his first 2 matches, so into the semis and a guaranteed placer in the top 6. My kid has wrestled this same kid 3 times and won easily each time. Once that kid got the semis, he lost his next 3, but still medaled at 6th. I'm biased, but my boy was easily in the top 6 of the wrestlers there. He just got unlucky with the bracket, which is how it goes. There are 4 classes, so there were 8 finalists wrestling for titles. Of those 8, my son wrestled 5 of them this year. I doubt that there is any other heavyweight that wrestled that kind of schedule. He finished the year 35-12, with 7 of his losses to state finalists. Ugh. He's actually glad that it's all over, though. He's joined the Navy and now he can start really preparing physically for that. He didn't want to lose any weight during football or wrestling, but now that can't be used as an excuse. My sophomore is extremely motivated. He had a very good year, although he came up a bit short at districts. Preparation for next year has already started.
  7. There is a somewhat similar trick for getting rid of tapeworms. It involves lemon cookies and hard boiled eggs.
  8. Just a little background on me: I'm an old (50) and think that we, collectively as a society, have become soft. I spent 11 years in the Marine Corps. That doesn't mean that I'm a badass or anything like that. It just means that I'm a bit different and have a view of our society that quite a few on here would probably think is archaic. I keep my political opinions to myself unless I am in my own home. That being said, there is no justification for punching a kid. Whether the kid has mental issues or not, there is no justification for a grown man to punch a kid in the face the way he did. That kid was handcuffed with his hands behind his back. Okay, so the kid spit blood at deputy badass. Punching the kid in the face is not going to alter what happened. It's not going to stop the kid from doing it again. It's not going to make the kid better. Now, what may have prevented it in the first place, is if the grown men in the situation had any compassion for a human being that is obviously in a bad place. Our society really sucks.
  9. I live just off 44 about 60 miles outside of STL. You'll see the signs, but you probably should stop at the Uranus Fudge Factory just because and your kids will think it's funny. While in STL, you need to go to the Hill to get some good Italian food. I recommend Favazza's. https://favazzas.com/ STL style pizza sucks. It's thin and crispy with fucking provel cheese. Shit is gross. It forms a film in your mouth. I honestly can't think of place I'd recommend to eat STL style pizza because it all sucks. Depending on the time that you have on the drive, there is a pretty cool place just outside of Springfield called Wilson's Creek. I think it's the location for the first Civil War battle west of the Mississippi or something like that. Your kids are going to love City Museum. There is also the National Museum of Transportation, which is really cool. You could also check out Purina Farms (in the Grey Summit area) and Grant's Farm. The zoo is always cool, but it's an entire day. It is free, so there's that. Oh, there's also the World Bird Sanctuary and Lone Elk Park. As far as the stuff I listed above, I'd prioritize them this way: 1. City Museum (because that's on your own list) 2. The zoo 3. National Museum of Transportation 4. Purina Farms 5. Grant's Farm 6. Both parks Hope you all have a great time!
  10. Whatever it is, Dirtbike needs to be involved. Build a storage facility, hire him to run it, and have security cameras recording his every word. I also have heard of an idea that is something of a condom, but for the tops of Solo cups.
  11. We have districts this weekend. Senior (285) ran into a rough patch and lost 4 in a row a couple of weeks ago. He has wrestled some very tough competition, but seems to be back on track. We'll see how this weekend goes, though. In his district is a kid that's ranked in the top 5 or so in the nation at 285. If my boy gets to the semis on the right side, he'll wrestle that kid. My sophomore has wrestled a lot. he's had 44 matches this year. He consistently finishes tops among the underclassmen, so he's improving quite a bit. He's at 152, which is a gauntlet. He's had some nice tournaments this year. Districts is going to be tough though. In his bracket this weekend there are 5 state qualifiers from last year. I did get him signed up for a really good camp this summer. Ever heard of Purler?
  12. As kingkoopa mentioned in post 32. He was a Marine. Semper Fi
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