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  1. Extremely fiscally conservative Extremely libertarian socially Vote R or L every chance I get Craft beer is my reason for existence Not a racist bone in my body Very open minded and respectful of anyone's opinions Hate the strife in American today About to retire and go off-grid so I dont have to deal with this shit anymore Wondering "WTF am I doing on the politics board?"
  2. If we are talking "event"...I would say the time i hiked high in the sierra's fly fishing...stuck a 6'er of yellow bellies in the creek and came back 2 hours later...sweaty as a motherfucker but worn out from catching wild trout...sat down on a rock and drank them bitches that were ice cold. probably the last memory that will go through my mind on my death bed.
  3. Sucks. Always loved Ralphie and my mind will never change that he and razor were the best broadcast duo in sports history. csb-played golf with ralph (random pairing) in Hawaii a few years ago. He was the nicest/normal/good'ol boy I have ever met. Sending positive vibes he recovers fully. Oh and lets fucking go wednesday!
  4. Next to impossible to find...i think they only import it every few years. Their triple is the best of that variety i have ever had as well.
  5. It was difficult, but not impossible, to finish to that story.
  6. Oldest finished up his application for UT last night. I'm 50/50 on him attending UT. Good student, great kid but I could see UT swallowing him up (like it did me...I was done after 1 semester, couldnt handle the freedom). I have taken him to a bunch of games and he is infatuated with UT but we havent done a "real" campus visit. He also applied to ou...that was crushing for me. BTW, dont we have a "applying for college is a fucking beating, please help" thread? I would rather go through 10 mortgage applications vs one college app...beat down! He used CommonAp for some schools but UT didnt accept it so had to do another one from scratch.
  7. Scrolling through vrbo now planning our ski vacation, week between xmas-NY. Taking a family of 4 with us (we are 4 too) and FML, we are driving this year. Driving from Dallas and would normally would do Wolf Creek or even Taos but the wimmins are demanding a "cool" town to hang out in since they will not ski. I'm guessing Breck is the closest "cool" town if we are driving? Any other suggestions?
  8. BGSky is a yankee, ignore him. We are starting week 5. Our ISD has 11,921 students, 2,344 employees...we have 5 cases with students, 1 with faculty. No screens/shields in classes, they rotate classrooms like normal, they eat lunch in the cafeteria, sports are pretty much full bore. Protocols are masks at all times, hallways/stairs are 1 way and thats about it. My kids say they average 2-3 remote kids per class so I would WAG around 10-15% of the school is doing remote. They have the option of changing remote/in person any time. So far, this has been a non-event. I do know one kid who got ISS for not wearing a mask so they certainly have a 0 tolerance about that.
  9. They lost me when they removed the meximelt. fuckers.
  10. All of Dad's learn new stuff every day. Here is mine from yesterday: 17 year old has been driving to school this year. Yesterday at 4:30 (his normal arrival time at home) I was standing on the patio enjoying the rain...all of the sudden fire trucks came screaming down the road leading to the high school. I've now learned the sound of fire trucks/ambulances when your kid is driving is terrifying. No, it wasnt him.
  11. Ok, first batch done. It was a'ight but we learned where we fucked up so next batch will be this weekend. Was going to do a marzen but that looks a little advanced so we are going to try a Whole Hog clone. Happy enough with the results that i am going to order kegs and other equipment, we were old school this time, pot on a turkey burner, fermented in a plastic barrel and bottle conditioned. I think the better equipment will help. Anyone have any Christmas ale recipes?
  12. Too much but its a lifelong bucket list item for me. more than double what i paid for big brothers car.
  13. noticed this thread got bumped. got oldest a 2015 altima for around $8k, had 90k miles on it. he has driven it about a year now and still under 100k. its been perfect for him. got the youngest a 1988 bronco (well, actually for me). it was in great shape but have dumped another $3k or so on it (engine stuff) because its a 32 year old vehicle. i really love it, so does he.
  14. CTE says hi. My kids have been practicing/working out in a fairly large group since March (wrestling). They have also traveled to 3 out of state tournaments with 100's of kids and 1000's of spectators. zero deaths and zero + tests as a result. We are a large 6A school and today is the 2nd day, in person, that they have been back in school They said in their classes there was an average of 2 kids "virtual", the rest were in class.
  15. I think the black ship won that one. so fucking racist.
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