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  1. Gordo talking about the vagina museum this morning was one of the funniest things they have done in quite some time.
  2. You are doing mankind a huge disservice if you dont also include a built in flat top. I use it 3:1 over my built in grill.
  3. Went to see it with my kid the other day. He is a big ww2 buff as well. Never watched any trailers or read anything, went in clear headed. It felt very much like pearl harbor and i hated the guy that played Best. I did enjoy the cinematography and that they kept the story pretty straight. Side note, I am so glad every theater near me now have craft beer.
  4. I really want to see the rest of this one.
  5. one of my all time favorite sushi places is in CM across the bridge from south coast plaza....found it, Angotei. it seats about 10 people but its awesome.
  6. Good news for me, bad news for you assholes. My 80+ year old inlaws finally decided to give up driving long distance. Hot Springs is about 5 hours from me so my house qualifies as "long distance". There is a high likely hood they will never be at my house again. So my stories of locking myself outside with cases of beer will cease. Gone are the days of my wife hiding 50+ bottles of booze and cases of beer before her church of christ parents arrive.
  7. Cold front + trip to total wine = great weekend picked up: -Anchor Christmas -St. Arnold's Christmas -Deschutes Jubelale -Delirium Noel -Harpoon Winter Warmer -St. Bernardus ...and a couple others i forgot.
  8. You're wrong, mother fucker.
  9. Have a vacation home up there (hot springs, not LR) and go a few times per year. No 5* places but not bad. Our hangouts: -colorado grill (decent mexian) -copper penny-cool little bar, decent food and pretty good craft beer selection -superior brewery -steinhaus keller -Vault is decent for a sit down dinner stay away from mcclards
  10. Methodist Dallas is streaming a brain surgery at 11:30 on their facebook page. https://www.dallasnews.com/business/health-care/2019/10/28/a-dallas-woman-is-streaming-her-brain-surgery-on-facebook-while-awake/?fbclid=IwAR1ZHJkyOCmDVK-7ySKlb4_DEwJ84b4p3JtNsSgBLYavMJHEySQLX4tV4v0/
  11. Guy i work with is just north of royal between preston/hillcrest. His roof is in garland somewhere.
  12. Youngest turned 15 last week and was chomping at the bit to get his permit. Took Monday off to take him. Keep in mind, our oldest just got his permit this summer so we have gone through this recently. If you have gone to the DPS lately for a permit, you know the paperwork required is just shy of buying a house. I told her to get everything and put in an envelope so we can go through the 3 hour beatdown...*she assured me everything is in there. I dont have to finish this for you to already know she missed one thing and i didnt find this out until i got to the dps window after 3 hours of waiting. *I do shoulder some responsibility because I should have double checked as opposed to trusting she did something right.
  13. Picked up my annual Beer Advent Calendar at costco this weekend. I've bought this 4-5 years now. The beers are pretty good, nothing outstanding but still good. I usually get 3-4 of these and give them as presents. (yes, they have the 2019, this is just a pic off google)
  14. Too bad Kum & Go didnt buy them.
  15. Off season work really moves the needle. Good luck to the two of them.
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