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  1. Picked up a bottle of Kaniche this weekend. Pretty good but a little too sweet for my tastes.
  2. I hope the neighbors dont mind.
  3. Happened to me last year...FYI, contact your local place, they might replace it. I got new dome, bands, etc fo' free.
  4. looks like a shithole, must be Forney.
  5. We (prosper) are still stuck with Allen. Not much else in the district...however, our region shifted west, Irving's, Arlington's, El Paso's, etc...
  6. FYI, #1 Iowa vs. #2 PnState tonight at 8 on big ten network.
  7. chesthair

    68 Whiskey

    Bingo. First episode was just horrible (other than psycho bitch fucking all the time). Let me know if the hotties end up scissoring, ill tune back in for that.
  8. How are your kids seasons going? We are 1 week from districts and we are peaking at the right time. Wrestled in OK a lot this season which will make you tough in a hurry. Boys have wrestled 4-5 nationally ranked kids...woof! Looking at going to mizzou this summer to train.
  9. both my kids got it/have it from wrestling. we drain immediately and usually takes 2-3 drains over a few day period. if that doesnt work, an ent will make a tiny incision. keep pressure on it. you cant see either one of my kids now unless you are really looking for it. as pat said, once it hardens up, plastic surgery is the only answer. question...anyone know a good/great boxing and or muay thai coach in DFW?
  10. The good Dr. Maxwell is the best guest on the ticket. The crazy 49'er needs to be shot.
  11. Burger Street...used to be a bunch of them around dfw but only a few remain. Much better burger than 99% of the chains, whataburger excluded of course.
  12. Maybe i was an early adopter and they hadnt figured it out yet. I took perfect care of it and had a cover. It was seasoned better than grandma's cast iron. It sat for a few months (my mistake) and when i took the cover off, the spots where they had welds underneath had rusted all the way through. This was back in 05-06 when they first hit the market.
  13. Brass Tap or Silo Park
  14. Didnt see it mentioned in the thread. I had the big blackstone and it rusted through so i bought one of the table top ones. Its perfect for a family of 4. i can get 8-10 burgers on it and i can easily feed a small group 8-10 people no problem. The best thing is the top is small and light enough that i can store it inside. So, if youre not cooking for an army, i would highly suggest the smaller one.
  15. guy i work with lives down there and his house got taken down to the foundation. he is feeling triggered today.
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