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  1. Clemson did rename a building. But the campus is on the grounds that were the plantation owned by the same person. They really should relocate the campus if they are serious about it.
  2. Pretty sure the origins have to do with chewing tobacco and are very clear.
  3. landman

    Port Aransas

    Just back from a few days in a house down there. Plenty of spacing on the beach at mile marker 39 where we were. Cooked at the house, but did some shopping in town. Masks were maybe 50% where we went. Seemed more like 10% in masks at IGA, including the store staff. Nice to get away from Austin and the world falling apart. Didn't turn the TV on at all for 3 days, so had no idea things were blowing up crazy again until last night.
  4. Doesn't anyone with ties to slavery need to be removed from history? Washington owned slaves - need to rename DC, rename the university, and remove the monument, as well. Take him off the dollar bill and the quarter. Burn Mt. Vernon.
  5. Haven't they been saying asymptomatic carriers aren't spreading the disease? I know I've seen/heard it a few places, but not sure if that's standard across the board or not. But if it is true, then no reason not to play basketball. Those with symptons probably don't feel like running around in the heat.
  6. Quan Cosby was on the radio yesterday and had no issues with the song. Said he never really thought anything of the statues, but could see the concerns there.
  7. It's a special song to a lot of people. The first song my boys learned was The Eyes of Texas from my mother. My grandfather taught it to me. I sang it with my family in Omaha and at the Rose Bowl and thousands of other times with tens of thousands of other people. My dad requested we sing it at his memorial service 13 years ago. And it's a stretch to tie it to racism because of the timing. Hook'em Horns was first used when the football team was all white. Does it need to go away? Dirty Martin's likely didn't serve black people at one time. Do we need to burn it down?
  8. We need to change the name of Washington DC, remove the Washington monument, the Jefferson memorial, etc. - they owned slaves. We also need to change the name of the City of Austin as well. Houston to. And the Alamo? A number of those brave defenders owned slaves - several city and county names will need to be changed to. How far do we go?
  9. Yes she is. And no, pictures will not be provided.
  10. How fucking dare you insinuate that I'm in favor of racism. I made a comment in reference to a tweet about a group of protestors in Philadelphia that defaced a statue that had they know the history of the person it would have been left alone. I'm married to a minority (Lebanese), I have family members that are minorities (Hispanic, Lebanese, Mexican), and my son's girlfriend is a minority (Mexican). I've seen what they are up against on far too many occasions.
  11. In response to the first line of the tweet, VERY. But then the voice of reason is mattering less and less each day.
  12. So create an area all to yourselves, and then beg for handouts. Beautiful.
  13. Glad to see cancer and heart disease have been eradicated from the world. Where do deaths from medical mistakes fit in? Estimates of over 200k in the US die each year from them.
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