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  1. My banker is telling me they still don't have the note language from the SBA yet. Anyone else heard this?
  2. We are not in the tens of thousands. We just hit 10,000. Tens implies multiples. We aren't there, yet.
  3. We can subject ourselves to being around other people doing take out at restaurants and going to stores like Academy, but a guy can't drive a tractor or swing a hammer all day by himself? That makes a lot of sense. The social interaction on jobsites is less than just about anywhere else.
  4. Abbott just issued an order allowing development and construction activities to continue statewide, overruling Adler.
  5. I see I've been cast to another thread. Didn't think I was going political, just trying to offer another take. Will work on playing in the sand box better. I get this is serious, just have a lot of questions. When I see numbers that show over 85% of all tests are negative, seems we are heading in the wrong direction with testing. Something like 600k have tested negative to the 80k positive. That's a lot of testing that for whatever reason is being done on people that maybe don't need it? In turn it is tying up doctors, staff, and using test kits that should be done on others. Do these people have symptons, or are they panicking due to what they are hearing? Either way, they are having an impact on hospitals, etc. I also am curious as to if the flu vaccine has any impact. How many people that are positive had the vaccine? And how many people that tested negative have had the vaccine? Valid questions in my opinion. And seems the reporting a couple of weeks ago about antibiotic testing has fallen to the side. What is going on with the test group in Washington? Maybe I missed it. Our family is following the rules/orders the best we can. Staying away from folks - not ordering take-out, having conference calls, etc. But I'm also in the essential business category (land development - public works), have a family company, and need to put food on the table. Our son at UT is now living at home and is immune compromised. So this is VERY serious to me. And why can other countries test tens of thousands and have results in minutes, and we're tripping over our selves trying to test hundreds?
  6. Around 1.200,000 people die in the US each year from cancer and heart disease. We know a number of contributing factors for both yet do nothing. This will not come close to that. Yet we are destroying our lives over it. And in the US, the death rate is approaching what it is for the flu. And that without factoring in the tens of thousands that have had it and never knew.
  7. We believe so, as do our contractors. Those items would be inspected by the city and inspection fees would have been paid to the City.
  8. Is any aspect of the project public works, i.e. water main work, installing a water line for a meter, repairing a public road, etc.? The stop work order says if a project has any public work aspect to it, then the entire project is exempt. That's what we and our contractors are following. Understanding that getting inspections will likely still be a problem.
  9. Per a conference call with Adler and some contractors this morning, the City of Austin is going to direct inspectors to quit inspecting job sites starting Friday, unless they meet affordability. Public works (most subdivisions) though exempted in the order, will also be put on hold, per Adler. There were police at office building sites in downtown Austin this morning stopping workers and giving warnings as well. Group of builders and contractors apparently have the Governor's attention and he is going to address in some fashion so that all cities follow the same guidelines for construction/development/housing. Austin is the only city effectively shutting it down.
  10. Chicken pox party. Get it over with.
  11. Is anyone else starting to read the word as "panic" when they see "pandemic"? We are cratering our economy for a severe flu type illness. When you factor in the tens of thousands that have already had it but were never tested, the death rate is below the annual flu death rate.
  12. But the death toll rate is falling. Italy was over 10% and is dropping, and we are now below 1.5% after being over 3% last week.
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