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  1. Yeah I think most are. I found this, but not sure how accurate it is. https://wizardofvegas.com/guides/blackjack-survey/
  2. Can't remember the name, but I used to ride my bike there all the time growing up.
  3. That's not bad. The only bad part was his hook 'em sign at the end.
  4. That's so cheesy and so awesome at the same time
  5. You can find 3/2 in almost any strip casino, but it's going to be a $25 or $50 min.
  6. The state of Texas deserves better than Randolph Duke
  7. Stirr may not last long, but I've been twice and it's great
  8. The night doesn’t start until someone kills a hooker
  9. I did like Charlie making a drink and putting cat food in it.
  10. LOL at Tony writing a letter to the president of ABC (NBC?) to give his list of suggestions on how to fix Dancing with the Stars.
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