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  1. I love the Foo Fighters. I can't stand Corbily's fellating of Foo FIghters/Chris Shifflet
  2. I love Beauty & Essex, and chicks definitely dig it.
  3. Wait, does Lily James have a sex tape? Or are you talking about Pam's?
  4. I've seen it 3 times. They cycle through acts, so there will be ones you haven't seen. The Gazillionaire comedy is pretty much the same though.
  5. Angel Park is in the same area as the TPC courses and is a good value. The TPC courses are better though.
  6. Out of those, I have only played Bali Hai and Paiute. Bali Hai isn't the best course and doesn't have a driving range, but it is nice enough and the convenience can't be beat. It's more of a party course where you will see an attractive cart girl every other hole, bust may also be stuck behind a group of jerkoffs. If you aren't going with real serious golfers it's a great course. Paiute is great, but it a pretty long ride from the Strip. If you are willing to go that far, check out Cascata. It's expensive ($450 I think) but the course is amazing and about about the
  7. I know he gets a lot of hate on this board, but IMO Leroy has been one of the most likeable contestants over his career including his season of Real World. Even though he never won, I thought he was a good competitor as well. Hope his barber shop works out.
  8. I'm down to buy a share of Reasonable Measure, and would also be willing to put in up to $500 for a new horse.
  9. How do you buy your first horse? I funded my account by when I go to marketplace it just says Sold Out and wants me to join Discord.
  10. It's sent to them by the athletic department's graphics people, seems pretty official.
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