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  1. There was a bowling alley above Ol' South too at some point
  2. You can just ask the guy at the counter and he'll tell you
  3. I've been a couple of times. It's a cool concept and nice to check out once or twice, but it's not worth repeated visits.
  4. I'm Jill Biden, I have a huge bush you can chew on
  5. I met him at an AVN after party in a suite at the Hard Rock once.
  6. Dobs and I had a bunch of eastern bloc hotties bent over the couch, treating them like an old telephone switch board.
  7. I just joined and added to my profile.
  8. The only thing dumber than this post is the fact you let your wife hangout with your girlfriend.
  9. Kendall is the best looking... https://www.instagram.com/fitxkendall/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/p/CEnYY3KBWjv/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Alex is the best instructor.
  10. I stayed at Southernmost for a wedding a couple of years ago. The property was ok, not great. Pool was just ok. The only thing to really do there is walk out to Duvall and get drunk all day/night. Was just there 2 weekends ago and it was much nicer than Key West (if not just going to party). Decent beach, better pool, great food on site, and great golf in the area if you are into that. There were also great restaurants that were a short shuttle ride away.
  11. What was the place over in the same shopping center as Woody's?
  12. Her doing anything besides attention whoring would take a shred of intelligence that she lacks. No way she knows redistricting is coming up, or what that even means.
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