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  1. I avoid the politics board like an unwanted pregnancy, but if all the rants are like this I may have to stick it in.
  2. What am I missing? X axis scale looks consistent
  3. Shouldn’t the Coronavirus and Social Distancing rags be reversed?
  4. Marquee Pool reopens this Friday. Max of 10/cabana.
  5. I don't know the economics of casinos, but do the bars, restaurants, clubs, shops etc in the casinos just pay a flat rent or is there some sort of profit sharing? If someone spends $500 gambling, and loses $250, I know that the entire $250 goes to the casino. If someone spends $5K on food and club and shopping, and there isn't profit sharing, then the casino doesn't benefit from that beyond helping insure the tenants can continue paying rent. More casinos should add points for room reservations though. So far Cosmo is the only place I have found that does that.
  6. What happened to Harvard? Covid temporarily derail that?
  7. How crowded was your flight out there? And where did you fly from? I have a pretty sizable winning Super Bowl bet stub, and I was going to cash it in when I went out for the draft but that obviously got cancelled. I checked it the other day and even though I have it in a ziploc bag it is fading pretty badly. I don't want to wait too long until it's completely faded, and I don't want to mail it in and risk them not honoring it.
  8. That's what I was thinking. And last night confirmed my suspicion that the Bananas/Wes rivalry has been mostly manufactured the last few seasons.
  9. And sounds like he is back to Bora Bora next week I was listening but not paying attention, what was it?
  10. What’s the backstory here? I’ve seen it mentioned multiple times but could never find the original post.
  11. My company got acquired by a larger company, and we got... 1 year salary worth of stock that vested immediately 1 year salary of retention bonus (paid if we stayed for a year) 1 year salary and benefits severance if our jobs went away before the year was up Somehow our executive committee was able to negotiate that we were eligible for both the retention bonus and severance if our job went away or they closed our office within a year. I kept my job for 5 months, coming in at 10am, going to a movie or playing golf in the afternoon, and leaving at 3pm. I then found a new job, so I emailed the new HR department and said my job responsibilities went away, and they fought it until I pointed out my new "boss" hadn't called or emailed me in 4 months. I walked away with 3x salary.
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