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  1. I saw the new Assassin's Creed coming out this year is set during the Viking era. Should be good.
  2. Any chance they move both Jake and Sirois to partner with Corby?
  3. How would Corby have enough clout to force anything regarding Mike?
  4. I share a lake house with my brother that is 1.25 hours away. I think that's the perfect distance. It's close enough that I can decide 15 minutes before work lets out on Friday that we are going for the weekend, but far enough that it feels like I am getting out of town. Between my brother and I, we use it probably 90% of warm weather weekends, and 40% during the winter.
  5. Just like playing blackjack with my wife.
  6. That's why the Crowline is genius. Add a bunch of alcohol and cut down all the calls into a 6 minute sound bite.
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