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  1. I've never listened to Randy Rodgers on the Ticket before, and I started tuning out of Band of Your Life, but I happened to be listening this morning. How can the lead singer of a semi popular band be so devoid of personality? What a beating. Most overrated band is TLC? Also, he dropped a "fuck" that didn't get dumped.
  2. TJ can’t roast anyone anymore for quitting, due to mental issues
  3. It's pretty great. I've watched it twice already.
  4. I agree that finding OG girls would be tough, but some of the guys are spares too. They should have just cherry picked the top 5-8/each OG men and women and made a normal season of OGs vs current cast.
  5. Was anyone on here in the online league we tried to do back in the Shaggy days?
  6. I was excited about the OG season, but that cast sucks. Can you really be an "OG" with this stat line?... Arissa Hill (The Real World: Las Vegas) Apperances: 1 Championships: 0
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