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  1. I agree there should be a prize for winning challenges. Maybe being in 5 tribunals (by winning, not voted in) counts as an elimination win. But since that isn't the rule, wouldn't it be a decent strategy for a good competitor to throw themselves in against a weak opponent early before all the weak opponents are eliminated? Also, I am interested to see how far a Bananas/Wes alliance can go, or last. I've always thought their hatred for each other was mostly an act for tv.
  2. Would that Fessy dude be playing Sundays if not for his injury or is that typical Uncle Rico talk? He performed pretty well. And Rogan has come a long way from collapsing in pain halfway through the first challenge.
  3. That's the hard hitting investigative journalism I would expect from TC.
  4. He drove all the way down to Houston to try McDonald's new chicken sandwich and wrote an article on it. His unapologetic love for everything fast food is both surprising and not surprising.
  5. That's a fun weekend to be in Vegas. I could care less about the festival but it's fun to be sitting drunk at a BJ table at 5am and watch the girls in neon face and body paint come stumbling through the casino.
  6. I just cancelled my flight and hotel for the draft weekend. Sucks.
  7. It turns out he didn't really sing on his albums/music videos. Also, the podcast is really good too.
  8. I see she took off Fitness Freak from her profile
  9. I told myself I wasn’t touching that shit. But being quarantined does weird things to the mind.
  10. I tried real peanuts. Not sure there was anything salty enough to counteract that level of sweetness. Maybe I should have salted the rim.
  11. The Vans are safe because they never left the box
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