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  1. Then respond to that and not 3 days later. You're barking up the wrong tree.
  2. Maybe we need a protest in Harrison, Arkansas.....
  3. What the fuck are you talking about? I'm simply saying that while there will be lags, in the short-term, as Texas catches up with it's new reporting system, there could be and have been larger numbers reported. And here.... https://www.texastribune.org/2020/07/27/texas-coronavirus-deaths/?utm_campaign=trib-social-buttons&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  4. I do think if Joe has in his mind, this is a one term presidency then he's aware his VP choice will give them the inside track to the 2024 nomination and unsure if his desire is to anoint someone.... anyone. I think Kamala and Warren come with some of the same criticisms this way. Kamala is a very political animal, nothing wrong with that but there's a lot of work to be done and he needs someone who is going to do some dirty work. On the other side, is both Kamala and Warren ran mediocre to below average campaigns, especially Kamala, who was saddled with all sorts of infighting in her camp, so perhaps just pick the person best suited to get you into office and let the chips falls in 2024. I still think Harris is the favorite but as someone said above, whoever he picks is going to get some sort of criticism from the other camps. Comes with the territory. Just worry about beating Trump..... nothing else should matter at this point.
  5. Deaths are lagging. We started seeing hospitalizations increase in, what, the last week of June? And they increased for weeks after that before starting to come down last week. We can expect significant death counts well into August, unfortunately. Yes, they lag, but we also just changed the way we declare data. Cases are down, positivity is down, but not to levels that indicate a stark declination. Agree, deaths will continue for a while. At least 2 more weeks, but need to get cases closer to 4-5k and positivity rates below 10 before we'll see a stark decrease.
  6. Wow..... over 300 fatalities. Awful. Postivity rate is about 12.5% so while we've flattened and found a plateau, it's not looking like it's going to stop anytime soon.
  7. That's one of the worst "attack" political ads I've ever seen.....
  8. They do.... the story isn't this write up, they have them on all the leading contenders, but who leaked it and why?
  9. Since the WH demanded data go to the HHS and not the CDC, hospitalization data has magically disappeared....
  10. Shocking!!!!! And now do deaths at home who were exhibiting symptoms but hadn't had a positive test who died at home...... Probably another 1k there too. For folks that thought Texas wasn't suppressing the numbers, welp.
  11. That's after the 2nd debate location at the University of Michigan pulled out last month. Donny has just the place to step in...... Trump Tower in Chicago!
  12. Absolutely agree with this as well. It's one of the weaknesses of having an older career politician as the nominee. Joe needs to leave some of these dinosaurs in the past.
  13. That's one of the main criticisms of her as VP. The other is she basically would be another Obama surrogate moving back into the race. Obama is great for Joe's likeability and in contrast to Donny, but a Rice pick brings up a lot of the holes and failures of his administration. There's almost no upside to a Rice pick except a women of color and she wouldn't be instantly considered having an inside track on 2024 if/when Biden doesn't run. I think there are a lot of advocates of competing camps who don't want the usual VP becoming the automatic favorite for a 2024 run and therefore floating Rice as a convenient compromise running mate.
  14. Too many ignorant people. Too little leadership. They'll try and soldier on because it's the Marlins, but it feels like it's just a matter of time.
  15. Nope. Magic was under fire at that time. They were offering 3 pieces and draft pick. We just didn't want to deal him to LA. Again, RC and Pop really fucked up the transaction not getting Siakam or at a minimum, not getting OG. Poetl as the 2nd piece was terribly shitty. And we also should have traded Demar by now..... Amazing how management doesn't look so shiny when they don't have Timmah as the foundational piece.
  16. So MLB may only make it a weekend..... as of this post, Marlins are rumored to have 12 players and 4 coaches test positive in the last 36 hours. Everyone will say...... fuck it, drive on, this was going to happen and that's mainly because it's the Marlins. But imagine if this was the Yankees? Or the Red Sox? Or the Cubs? Now imagine when this becomes 2 teams? College football looks (Hope not) almost hopeless. NFL only if they get their shit together and look at hockey and the NBA.
  17. That's not necessarily true. Death per capita, yes and of course it makes sense considering main access points to the US and population density that the East Coast would get hit extremely hard in an initial wave scenario like COV. We were woefully unprepared and caught flat footed as this region raced to figure out what to do. They were really the unfortunate and sad guinea pigs. Since then, 4 of the top 6 and 6 of the top 10 in cases per 100k are "red" states (7 of the top 11). Hospitalizations is tough measure as many states didn't track the stat early and some states use different metrics so it's pretty difficult to discern. Therefore, it's a difficult stat to use except as a lens in the current time frames to see capacity issues.
  18. Biden's camp needs to get their ground game better organized and more effectively aligned. You hate to see shit like this.
  19. No extension was struck with Seattle so maybe he still will in a couple of years although I wouldn't hold my breath. Stephen doesn't believe in investing a ton of capital into the safety position.
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