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  1. I watched the first half of the game and the second Mahomes marched the Chiefs down the field and scored their first time I knew it was over. Any Houston fan remembers 1993 and that it is never over. Fuck Bill, worthless piece of shit coach.
  2. Depends on what you want. Concert or a Cirq show etc. I saw KA Sat night and it was pretty badass. I have Seen O and it is great as well. Others here says Absinthe is good too.
  3. Out here now. It is NFL crazy. The Raiders new stadium is fucking sick looking. They should have moved out here years ago. Lots of NFL drunks running around.
  4. Out in Vegas today. JFC I have never seen so many grown drunk ass men in NFL jerseys out here. Douchebag quotient this weekend has been met. Torn about this game, don't think the Texans win. If the Texans do win I do not want them to get beat at home by the Titans. I hate BoB and he is the only reason I am thinking this way.
  5. Moby Ric

    Neil Peart RIP

    Yeah I normally don't get upset about celebrities deaths, but this one is pretty tough. Neil was such a talent both on the drums and off. He inspired so many like myself, and actually made the world a better place. So lucky that I got to see them live all the times I did.
  6. Moby Ric

    Neil Peart RIP

    RIP Rush’s Neil Peart, dead of brain cancer at age 67. Goddammit. The man was my drumming hero. And how he’s gone. I’d heard rumours that Neil wasn’t well, including whispers that he had brain cancer. But ranks closed tight around him, despite the fact that he’d been sick for three-and-a-half years. Neil died January 7 in Santa Monica, California. Brain cancer. This has been confirmed by his personal manager, Elliot Mintz and Meg Symsyk, Rush’s media spokesperson. Fans knew that Neil had been suffering from arthritis, a very common affliction for hard-hitting drummers. That was the reason given for Rush packing it in after the end of the R40 tour in Los Angeles on August 1, 2015. And it wasn’t just that he’d retired from Rush, says Geddy Lee, but that he “retired from drumming.” Information on his illness is still forthcoming.
  7. Lulz. Stay classy BoB, you suck too motherfucker!!
  8. Fuck you, fuck me, and fuck everybody!!
  9. Things just got interesting.
  10. The slow spiral to the drain continues.
  11. Heading out Saturday for work. Will be there till Thursday. The annual winter trip.
  12. Rape whistles to the first 5,000 through the doors.
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