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  1. As in any mystery look for who benefits the most. If I were to look, or care, who are the highest repped posters on the board? Since Commies don't care about money, rep is all they have.
  2. It is interesting to me that those that post their stupid shit in there have not figured out that the people that live in the real world don't want to hear their idiot views and don't like them overall. I think the CR is made up of 3 real people and the rest are socks.
  3. Moby Ric

    Uniform Pron

    i always thought you could never fuck up putting red and black together on a uniform. Atlanta just killed that theory.
  4. Cause I'll ban the CR idiots. I'm the moderator you need.
  5. My apologies, you must be new here. Hi I'm Moby Ric, now kindly fuck off.
  6. You will be fine. I am going later today and I am not wearing a mask or gloves. None of the employees do either. Just keep your distance and nobody will bother you. Don't live in fear, just be smart.
  7. I know you are just another one of Hugo's socks but you are currently the worst one.
  8. Yeah it has nothing to do with spread its this. And yes on the meat prices.
  9. Really, cause they are touching everything else that is put on the counter, plus cash if it is used. What difference is another piece of paper going to be? Everybody in the store is touching everything anyway, even people with gloves.
  10. So I was at the local HEB yesterday getting my rations. It was depressing as Hell. People were making no eye contact, staying away from each other all looking defeated. Shelves were ok but it is take what you can get. I assume this is what shopping in Russia is like. One thing I did notice though was that usually HEB has those coupons hanging in front of stuff they are running specials on. Not a single one in the store. I assume it is cause they run specials on stuff they are over stocked on and now everything is being bought. While I am thankful they have most of what we need they are making a killing right now. And fuck the hoarders.
  11. To add to the original OP's list: Ferris Bueller The Blues Brothers
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