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  1. Must be pretty close to the mark since you are so riled up. It is almost 9am. Probably need to call a lid today.
  2. Jesus talk about being a fucking pussy. You let the CR drivel lib drivel take over the site and you threaten to nuke my account. Go fuck yourself.
  3. JFC the gif thing again. This place gets worse everyday.
  4. Miami says yes since they have the Texans 1st round picks next year. Fucking BoB.
  5. I wish I had cool neighbors like that. Mine are lame.
  6. If 2020 has taught us anything it is that it is just a matter of time until it is all over.
  7. So we don't have to post in the cloak room. Duh. And voted, Camacho 2020!!
  8. Why would you do that? It is going to be comedy gold next week.
  9. Having lunch or dinner in a Mexican place and then you and your clothes smell like Mexican food the rest of the day.
  10. Moby Ric

    Did you vote?

    Voting is now closed but was curious about who you think will win. Weston has a strong game with the wife beater and shades. https://mulletchamp.com/kids/kids-mullet-contest-voting/
  11. The Cardinals, with KK as their coach are 5-2. 2020 really is kinda fucked up.
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