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  1. Nice work UT. The University is not only able to keep its history, but also expand its history in a positive way as well.
  2. Don't think Juicy had this in mind when he was committing a hate crime against himself. Aggy gone global. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8511691/Black-student-Texas-M-racist-notes-car-cops-say.html
  3. Suzi is by far the best of the girls in that house. The amount of make up it takes to make any of them look decent is insane. I had to fucking laugh at the dude that could not get it up for Derynn. I mean seriously you in your 20's and can get it up?
  4. Don't worry guys, the have brought in the best. It is just a matter of time now.
  5. How Ghislane Maxwell is still alive baffles me.
  6. I was thinking more like Canadian rep but I see your point and agree.
  7. Moby Ric

    Below Deck

    JFC Pete gets worse every episode. I did not know you could get more douchebag each week.
  8. And here we go. Another thread about to be ruined.
  9. Angelina coming back? Deena? With Snooki leaving I would think the others would be pissed off at Angelina so bad they would say fuck off. But $$$$$$$ talks.
  10. I agree Watson is great, he deserves better than the Texans. It is BoB that would have ruined Mahomes.
  11. So glad the Texans did not take him. They would have ruined him.
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