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  1. Hey, why the hate? I think you are one of the most educated, insightful and best posters on this site. BT or Hugo may edge you out a little but you are aces in my book!!
  2. Preach on, Joe is no embarrassment. I don't believe any of those lies about hair sniffing, leg hair rubbing embarrassing gaffs and dementia. He hasn't said anything bad about the black community or Obama like they finally found one who is articulate clean and stuff, I bet that was Trump. I bet he never supported KKK members in the Senate, or supported legislation keep his white kids out of the Jungle schools in the inner cities. Or that unfairly targeted the black community at all like a crime bill. I bet he passed bills that reduced sentences for non violent crimes, and put lots of money into black colleges and communities so they could grow. Trump would never do anything like that. All lies. All of this stuff about his kid using his name and job title to get positions on boards in foreign countries and millions in loans and payments form the Chinese and Russia are all just lies lies lies. Trump is the real Russian agent, I don't care what some dumb 3 year investigative report says. I am sure he has threatened to hold funds to countries unless they fire people that are investigating his family. But not trustworthy Joe, he is an honest man through and through. The guy gave like $900 to charity last year. That is so awesome Trump would never donate some amount that huge to anyone. Got to get back to twitter!!!
  3. You guys are right Joe is the man. He gets so much done so fast he shuts his day down at 10am everyday. He is a machine!! You just wait until he wins and gets in the Oval office. It is going be like unicorns sleeping under rainbows and the whole country will be happy again. He is on top of his game and sharp as the sharpest blade. All while stupid Trump is out burning up fossil fuels destroying our planet by flying around to rallies. Having press conferences and answering questions form the media, and it takes him all day to do it. Lazy fuck. And all those idiots who don't have electric cars cause they don't care about the environment or are poor rednecks show up wasting more of our planets resources that will run out any day now. Fucking selfish assholes.
  4. Moby Ric

    Cobra Kai

    Just started season 2 last night. Show is outstanding. We were thinking last night how the fuck did someone pitch this to a network. It had to be awesome.
  5. Yeah it has been horrible. I agree. I have to go turn on The Daily Show and Samantha Bee to get more news to inform myself of all the evil that Trump has done and how awesome Joe is just as soon as I get off twitter.
  6. This is where I am. I am all in for Biden cause if Biden wins. Pandemic solved and over. Racism is gone forever. The riots are over. The economy will be incredible. Everyone will pay their fair share. So no need for accountants anymore. There will never again be Russian interference in our elections. We won't need elections anymore. No more issues with China. Wars will be no more. Country will heal and all work together as one. The right person will always be elected to the Presidency from now on. Planets will align. People of earth will all live together in peace and harmony. Aliens will come forth and invite us to the united federation of galaxies since we are now good people. So I am so voting for Joe.
  7. Game was nuts. Can't believe Tech blew it, cause they actually just blew it in the last 3 minutes. I thought the game was over. Special teams was all over the board, bad and good. Tech should wear throwbacks every game, and the horns down was in bad form and brought the jinx. This coming from a Tech guy. Wife who is a Longhorn was happy, so there is a balance.
  8. Send it to the CR or not. The same commie idiots will find some other thread to ruin.
  9. Log in as BT, be stupid on the internet. Log out as BT Log in as Captainant come to defense of BT Log out as Captainant. Log in as BT, rinse repeat.
  10. About as well as communism worked. But these retards still want it.
  11. No, but this was interesting.
  12. Yes the cheering for cancer to kill Rush Limbaugh thread tells me all I need to know about the people on the left. Party of peace and tolerance. Fuck cancer and fuck anyone who cheers for it.
  13. You smell that? The stench of desperation/panic from the CR is extra strong today.
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