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  1. Now the carpet negs form another idiot who is not even participating. More hiding from the real world.
  2. That is not at all what I said. I did say that infectious diseases coming into this country have easy access via the massive amounts of illegal aliens crossing the border everyday that are un vaccinated against diseases that have mostly been eradicated in the US. Polio is just a conversation starter.
  3. I don't neg much , but blanket carpet negging by one poster will get it from me. i also equate the lib neg as a sign truth being denied by you.
  4. Racist call out page 1. Nice. I did not know that being concerned about the safety of the country's citizens and immigrants was racist. Thanks for clearing that up for me. liberals calling anyone racist is just the dumbest thing ever. Anyhow, back to polio. Polio case confirmed in New York state, health-care providers told to look for more infections WATCHLIVEFast Money Halftime Report HEALTH AND SCIENCE Polio case confirmed in New York state, health-care providers told to look for more infections PUBLISHED THU, JUL 21 20221:59 PM EDTUPDATED 4 HOURS AGO Spencer Kimball@SPENCEKIMBALL SHAREShare Article via FacebookShare Article via TwitterShare Article via LinkedInShare Article via Email KEY POINTS New York state confirmed a case of polio. It was believed to have originated outside the U.S. The individual was an unvaccinated adult who suffered paralysis and was hospitalized. The chain of infection may have started with someone who received the oral polio vaccine, which uses a live but mild virus strain that can still spread. The U.S. no longer uses the oral polio vaccine, but it is still administered abroad.
  5. Certain folks that are in denial and think there are no repercussions for ignoring a very real crisis at the southern border. Incoming disease is just one issue. Not going to go CR here. Just living in the real world.
  6. It is clear to many that a lot of you ignore reality and choose to bend reality to continue to live in fantasyland. Ah fantasyland, where the biggest threats are that we can't find the thermostat for the planet, and a tailgate party.
  7. While polio is pretty much non existent in the USA it is not in other parts of the world, like the 3rd world countries. Gee I wonder how these kinds of diseases get here? Some of you were saying something about the unvaxed?
  8. Anyone got a link to Phoenix sports talk radio? I am sure the meltdown over this is great. They will have that Kyler anchor around their neck for a long while.
  9. A Lambo does not belong to you, you belong to it.
  10. 1st post in CR. Worth it.
  11. Well I guess i am going to have to let all those episodes sit on the dvr until they decide to run a repeat of episode 2. fml
  12. Precipitation is from the ancient greeks and he was the God of false hope. He would lure you into a sense of hope playing the long game so you would really commit and then take you out back and fuck you in the ass.
  13. I have yet to watch and have all the episodes on the DVR except #2. Is that going to fuck me up? I hope they do some marathon before the last one. I guess that is today. brb.
  14. Would be interesting to see a spin off short series of the adventures of Burt Macklin. Johnny Karate by day, Burt Macklin by night
  15. Moby Ric

    Getting old sucks

    This past weekend I met up with a friend at top golf to goof off for a bit. I have not swung a club in a couple years but I still got it where it counts. I did a funky swing I guess during the goofing off and now I think I have a cracked rib on my right side. How the fuck do you crack a rib playing top golf? #50
  16. All I am wondering about this pic is how much cocaine these two have done together and how many swingers parties they have hosted on a boat.
  17. Clearly this is going to suck. And I mean suck so bad that the word suck graduates to a new meaning of how bad something is.
  18. i thought Kim was gone when she kissed Saul and drove away. Her scene telling the story to Howards widow just showed me what a stone cold killer she can be. I love her character and if she does not get the Emmy for it they need to burn shit to the ground, she killed it this season. Part of me think we will see her in some small glimpse but I think that is wishful thinking. I am really curious how the rest plays out now since they seem to jump years into the future after Kim left.
  19. Still zero rain at my home since last Spring with none predicted for the next 10 days with triple digit temps. I feel like my property is ripe for a wildfire.
  20. Narrarator: And they both went on with life, never to love or know success. They grew old while living in section 10 of their condo complex in Sun City. They fussed at the young, the successful, the wealthy as if they were owed something. That something never came and they both later died of syphillis.
  21. I sent off mine and my kids off in May of this year. They got theirs back about 3 weeks ago. Mine is still processing. Did not think it would still be processing 8 fucking weeks later. I kinda need it back.
  22. Just finished this series. I liked it but it had its weak spots. Chris' seal buddy that was by his side the whole time was obviously in on the deal from the get go. I guess the pilot chick just vanished? And there is no way you can walk into Warcom with a suicide vest on. But it was still a good show.
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