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  1. Nolacycling


    Hello from Trindad, CO.
  2. Certainly not Finland but maybe Britain since they don't have nuclear weapons.
  3. Iceman I don't really get your point. You make efforts to keep your Mom from infection. She'd be bowling if she could.
  4. 6 deaths since whenever you want to start the appearance of Covid in Nueces. Beaches packed. I'm a lib but in certain cases and places it's just not all that.
  5. Nolacycling

    Getting old sucks

    Happy Fathers Day old people. I'm 62 1/2 today. Ran 1 mile in Corpus conditions this am. 14:00. Been building towards it. Very pleased. Now to get back on the bicycle. Corpus is tough for cycling. Not overly trafficked, but 15mph winds all day every day.
  6. Jehovah's Witnesses dislike Halloween because strangers are knocking on their front door
  7. Home Depot delivered wood for fence. It rained. "Aren't you worried about it getting wet?"
  8. I spoke w/my daughter today and she revealed husband is in treatment for alcohol. It's been a couple months and then he'll go to another situation and earn right to come home. Longterm program, which I would believe is good. No kids, I think she still loves him. We're not close and I had no idea. He had lost his job, I had chalked it up to Virus. Just thinking how hard it must be as an adult with freedom of movement to kick this to the curb. My younger daughter went through drug issues in hs, but we were able to put her in a program and school that completely cut off her peer group and dominated her free time which was probably the most helpful thing in changing her mentality. Tearing up.
  9. Lance is/was a prick. Read the early book and see how he dumped on the girlfriend that stayed by his side through the cancer. Read about wife #1 and the kids and his seeming indifference to anything but his own happiness. Hello S. Crow. Bye S. Crow. I've been a hs swimming coach for a long time and because of/despite my presence have seen some very successful kids. By far and away ,my favorites were not the elite, but the kids that were not naturally athletically gifted in terms of swimming(that'sfor you beeper). The elite kids have that extra "me, myself" gene that makes them more selfish and self-centered and adds to their success. Those 2nd tier kids graduated from MIT, Stanford and are the doctors, architects and God-forbid lawyers that I ask for help today.
  10. I owned a business 13 years ago and today received a letter from Ken Paxton that I have 10 days to respond. I did walk away from the owed sales taxes. Is this still collectable by the State or will they sell it off to a collector?
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