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  1. There literally is no Big Spring in Big Spring. Dried up years ago. The opening sequences for Midnight Cowboy were shot there and that's some twisted demented shit
  2. Yes, i live here also and it really seems to be kept under wraps. To me it feels as if we're averaging one/day. It reminds me of living in NOLA and it's same rame race on same race and young people or street people that nobody cares about.
  3. I heard they were doing the same with those "kids on board" yellow suction-cup signs and are now targeting the autos with the family adhesives. Just can't win.
  4. Not for long, but do those huge military cargo planes still do their touch ground and takeoff again practice? Kinda cool.
  5. A few months ago RT was in the top 3 for $ earners. I don't care how others' new contracts affected his position, but he's got enough $ to exhume Sigmund Fucking Freud to get him out of his dark place Did I mention he's from Big Spring. I've never lived around such stupid, selfish people scratching to hold onto their piece of scorched dirt.
  7. When you were born in a Mental Institution, you do not support abortion.
  8. San Antonio is a murderous city.
  9. Nolacycling


    Yes or no? Delta 8 sucks. Maybe for the occasional smoker it's a high. Getting ready for a Denver run. I know thc strength has been covered here, any idea which page or current link on reading labels?
  10. These young men and sometimes adult men that sit sullen in the passenger seat, thumbing their phones while their girlfriend or mom drives them . In a similar vein,, the men who drop off their scrub-wearing wives at the hospital for bed pan duty. NOLA based.
  11. $ report the loose dogs to animal control, cops, hoa... Once the owner pays some expensive tix, he'll make a decision.
  12. Edibles, vapes, dobs, dibs and do-dad possession is a felony. Leaf is not. When I go to Trinidad, everybody is following the speed limit for the approach. Guess I'm on the list now
  13. Big, badda boom just happened outside. 3 thoughts went off in my head. Thunder One of the military bases is getting fucked over. Police are blowing shit up(live near training facility.) Didn't get out of bed.
  14. Since this thread is being allowed to stay in The Cloak Room. Barry Goldwater 1960's And as anybody knows, Eno is God.
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