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  1. I love it. Eyes leveraged open receiving eye drops. Staring.
  2. Parnas' testimony would consist of being asked ad nauseam about how he was stalking an American ambassador like any hulking Russkie would. Thank goodness our president got her out of there!
  3. Shut up, just shut the fuck up.
  4. We will remain undefeated at home and reigning NIT Champions.
  5. It's in the contract that during any description of any Baylor game the word manhandling must be used.
  6. If I remember, Clinton was impeached for lieing to Congress. This is a chance that most likely won't happen and Republicans support it.
  7. The one time he received a pass down low, he was screaming for the ball. Our team doesn't look for that pass, I mean Liddell has to get his and all. Didn't we jump all over Mo Bamba for a an inauspicious start at the three point line?
  8. Have not seen that commercial. Hilarious.
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