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  1. No, then he has an excuse. Let the ex-KU strength coach move in. She looks like the only one with balls.
  2. Mom's viral visit. I really don't want to count the days. As usual, she's being super helpful and making all those wonder Iowa dinners that I had growing up. Remember, it's from Iowa so therefore dinner or supper as she likes to call is a brownish casserole that either has the word cheesy in the title or... Now that she won't leave(the house) and I do the grocery shopping, it's amazing how the grocery store is out of cream of mushroom soup. Every day. Damn hoarders. @Al_4_ISU
  3. I seldom get involved, but sent my tweet this time. No response.
  4. Maybe not the jerking off part.
  5. Things I've done more in 2 weeks than the last two years: Cooked Gardened Jerked off
  6. Not really hard to figure why this thread leads the pack during this time of self derangement. Open the fridge to find two used teabags wallowing in a cup after making Sun tea. Me, "why two?" Her, "well next time, I add a new one". Me, " uh, ok" Do you young guys see what I did there?
  7. Nolacycling


    Agree. Besides, the pungent odor of modern leaf is an immediate bust.
  8. Nolacycling


    Round trip to Denver flights are $181. Cheaper than drive to border.
  9. Nolacycling


    Virus has opened up some time in my life and I have no quality goto in Corpus. Trinidad is 800 miles away. I can, but would rather not. Suggestions? Obligatory, "who invited the cop?"
  10. Aggy foiled again. From TA. Yeah 2020 was set up perfect for a natty run and now it's all gonna be ruined. It's like the football Gods hate us. Thanks Corona
  11. I think he's saying screw child labor laws. GM, Fiat and ? Will hire this "small-armed" workforce.
  12. Any word on how the pay day loan sharks are going to be magnanimous in our current situation? This filthy industry is going to blow up with people losing their jobs. WWJD
  13. Defending NIT champions. Still.
  14. Wives and the Stupid Shit They Say/Do Druggist replied to Spur08's topic in Lulz We went camping with another family and my friend’s wife loaded their newYeti with food and drinks. When we got there, she discovered that she should have addedice if she wanted everything cold. She thought the cold was included in the price.
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