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  1. You’re not dumb enough to believe the shit you post around here. Why do you assume any of the other posters here are? If you’re trying to reach idiot lurkers, there are probably more fruitful boards to frequent
  2. If you don’t think them comparable why compare them in this thread?
  3. The Republican bylaws allow the delegates to disregard the primaries and select the nominee at the convention. There were at least a few leaders who recommended doing so to deny Trump the nomination in 2016
  4. Holy shit you cracked the case! White supremacy in the US is all a plot by Ukraine to undermine our society!!!
  5. Cash is a means to an end. Address the end needs. So you want to develop a cradle to grave nanny state? Give people money. Most will spend it on what they need. Some will game the system and live on the dole. Such is life. universal basic income is going to have to happen. Almost everybody posting here is going to be replaceable with technology.
  6. They’re working on fixing that glitch. And when they do, the real fun begins
  7. I didn’t watch any video I lived it. I also watched friends and family live it and more didn’t make it out than did. There is zero margin for error when you grow up that way. Even if you make all the right choices. Realize you are the exception and be thankful you were blessed with a mother who didn’t abandon you and your brother despite her hardships, or become an addict, or find a guy that liked to get drunk and use y’all for punching bags, or get cancer and die when you were a kid. All of those things were realities for kids I grew up with. Where would you be if your mom had had a serious illness or injury while working and going to night school? With what I do for a living I see lives and families destroyed because the breadwinner gets hurt, misses too much work, loses their job and therefore insurance (if they could afford it in the first place), and can’t get a needed surgery so they can get back to work. Even if I did the surgery for free the hospital will want thousands of dollars up front, might as well be a million It is rare to have the combination of talent, intelligence, drive, and lucky breaks you and I had to get from where we started to where we are. I would like fewer of us to have to rely so much on the luck part. Will some people game the system and take advantage? of course that’s human nature and always will be. But I would rather those inefficiencies than the loopholes in the system that further enrich those at the top.
  8. Fuck that. This time it’s Russia not some puppet of theirs.
  9. Of course I would consider a non living wage earner poor. As you describe your brother he was making a living wage. Or your folks and or his in-laws were helping them out
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