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  1. Often overlooked was this 2009 Fiesta Bowl gem against the Buckeyes .... Even sweeter in person
  2. Band of Brothers or the Pacific - - You can’t go wrong. After having enjoyed BOB so much I remember chomping at the bits for the Pacific to drop on DVD ( didn’t have HBO). I had always heard HBO/hanks/Spielberg were going to do a similar miniseries documenting the 8th Air Force’s exploits in Europe in WWII but its never come to pass. One thing I always smile about on the Pacific is one of the final episodes when Eugene, SNAFU, and Cpl RV Burgin take the train home east. Burgin gets off in Jewett, Texas. If any of you have been through Jewett, you understand how truly a small world it really is. Happy Memorial Day to all you veterans and to the families of these great men and women.
  3. Can you ever go wrong with a scene that includes Dean Martin, Strother Martin, and a fake eyeball con?
  4. Within the last 10 years TEA took over Beaumont ISD. Tons of problems. Financial mismanagement. Fraud - - test fixing. Along with racial strife /distrust. In then end there were multiple federal convictions handed down. I don’t hear much about it anymore , don’t know If that’s a good thing or not. I think things improved. And I had heard state was looking relinquish control back to the citizenry/local board.
  5. This team seeks like it is comprised of elite talent and dogshit. Nothing in between
  6. Can some post the video of debris overtaking John Sharp and the other dignitaries when they demolished Kyle field? Thanks
  7. Probably 10 ago went to Arlington to catch rangers / Yankees game. Not really a rangers fan but definitely not a Yankees fan, just there to see good ball. We sat in centerfield bleachers butted up next to Yankees bullpen. Early innings Rivera grabbed a seat on top of wall that almost within reaching distance from fans A fan asked for autograph but Rivera very politely said league rules prohibited signing autographs during games. After that,the guy sat there for the next for or five innings and engaged in give and take and good natured humor with ranger fans. Seemed like a genuinely great athlete who was as much a great guy. I always pulled for Mariano after that
  8. Username checks out Pitching and defense collapse were epic
  9. Keep hearing Correa has got to get rust off. One need look no for further than Cano who spent last 75 games watching from the outside to see that logic is BS. Unless he is still hurt, which with the amount of coddling given these guys is not imaginable (i.e. springers leg soreness). Inability to man up and produce like player(s) should and are capable of and extreme cautioness by brain trust has his whole thing headed in a bad direction.
  10. 3-2. Be ready to swing the gd bat Correa.
  11. On a similar note. Woodlands church. Once you get big enough to be an advertiser/sponsor (including tv slots)for the 2017 World Series Champion Astros -and remind you the church is tax exempt. You’re getting a little too big. Something just not right about it.
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