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  1. Agreed. I'm an equal opportunity hater.
  2. Well, the "muh freedom" people are the ones on Facebook and Twitter and their neighborhood Nextdoor group telling everyone masks are a scam and perpetuating the stupidity and danger. So they're more dangerous than the average non-mask person. But yeah, the people who go on Facebook and tell everyone to "MASK UP!!" then have 20 extended family members over to their apartment need to piss off too.
  3. Thanks for posting that. Definitely small sample size and some optimistic assumptions, but it's the best we've got so far. It's difficult to reconcile this virus not being spread via kids when they're germ sponges and distributors with everything else. Hard to wrap your head around.
  4. True that. They do love them some modern farmhouse.
  5. I think they know crediting Trump with getting rid of Waco would give him a big bump in his polling.
  6. This is the actual property as well as another professional CAD sketchup. It's probably not as bad/extreme as I described in my first post. I'm assuming they could do an in ground here, yeah? Just build up the pool area and make some retaining walls?
  7. Sack, it's a bit disingenuous to say that luring homeless people to your compound so that you can hunt them for sport doesn't carry some risk for all involved.
  8. I love Patty and I never really liked Tony the person, and I completely agree. TP was an easy guy to take for granted, especially later in his career when he lost some sizzle and replaced it with solid, smart play.
  9. Isn't that study pretty old? I can't find a date on it but I think it's the same one I read a couple months back. It's definitely not conclusive or an end-all be-all, but it is interesting. I'd be interested to see if anyone wants to dig through it and take the opposite position and go back and forth with you. Not gonna be me, I have too much going on right now and no energy left to use. I'm basically a meme poster until we get through buying/selling a house and some other stuff. It's also maddening that the best information we have to inform our local leaders and parents on how best to protect our children is a questionable two month old study from Scandinavia. What an absolute failure of leadership. We should be leading the research and data science on this and we are completely MIA. There just aren't enough superlatives to explain what a terrible failure we have been in that regard. America - we have the money, the resources, the science, the brain power, and the infrastructure to be leading the world through this via research and wisdom. Where the fuck are we? We are failing our people and our children.
  10. I'm happy to. Can I even put an in ground there? I mean I guess they could build a huge retaining wall and build the pool area up and drop an in-ground there, but I have no idea what that looks like. That's what I'm trying to figure out.
  11. What are my options in this incredibly detailed MS Paint mockup? Assuming that I want the pool deck to be level with the existing concrete patio? Can I drop a fiberglass pool next to it and build concrete decking around it? Some sort of above-ground modern solution that isn't tacky and shitty? What am I looking at here? Considering making an offer on a house that looks like this, but I can't figure out the pool situation which is critical. Cost sensitive but not incredibly so - AKA $80,000 is good, $50,000 is better. ETA - the concrete deck is maybe 3-4 feet off of the ground at the edge, sloping to maybe 5-6 feet where the pool would end. My picture is not to scale at all - the house is more than 8 feet tall.
  12. Exactly. If there are two sides, the sides are: - Masks are a scam, let it burn through the population, it's just the flu, the media is overblowing it - Wear masks and follow the example of other countries who have had success controlling it and are now re-opening their economies, tourism, and society. One side is right. The other side is stupid as fuck. And if those sides happen to fall along political lines, it doesn't change the fact that one side is right and one side is stupid as fuck.
  13. Man honestly, it feels weird going into anywhere without a mask for me now. It's crazy.
  14. I forgot my mask once to HEB and I went home and got one because that's the right thing to do.
  15. It's already been done many times. We talked about it a few pages ago. But, all you need to do is google "United States Covid Cases", look at the chart, then do the same thing for basically any first-world country and compare the charts.
  16. This is sort of the crux of why this thread turns to Cloak Room shit so quickly, isn't it? There's a group of posters that sees any post, article, or piece of information that hints that America might have handled Covid anything but perfectly as an attack on their political beliefs. They see these posts as an affront to their worldview, and instantly retreat to the "us vs. them" bunker they've created for themselves. And what follows is usually either nonsensical posts "masks don't work!" or political posts that ultimately get them negged or banned from the forum. It's a stone cold lock that as soon as one of these posters gets offended, we're in for 2-3 pages of absolute dogshit content. Perhaps if you could learn to separate a rational discussion about the pandemic from your ever-present partisan, Cloak Room mindset, you could become a good poster that contributes to this thread. Meantime, if you want to yell about politics, we have a forum for that. Take it there, please.
  17. Besides the fact that almost every other non-third-world country on Earth has proven everything you've said here wrong, you might have a point.
  18. Texans largely forgiving a man too afraid to stand up to the rich New York trust fund baby bullying him at the expense of our lives. I thought we were tough.
  19. I'm not making any real point except that as the current parent of a two-year-old terrorist I can definitely attest to the fact that there is no way that day cares have easier logistics than elementary schools in terms of Covid. I actually have no idea which side of the Covid debate this puts me on. I'm not really even paying attention to what's being argued. I'm just saying if my kid had Covid and went to day care you might as well just spray the room down with Covid because he's going to get that shit everywhere in a matter of minutes.
  20. Haha I totally understand what you're saying but one toddler is going to germify space and objects at a rate probably 20x that of a five year old, so none of your geometry wizardry matters.
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