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  1. All of those independent contractors...each with a story to tell.
  2. Say what you will otherwise about them about their strange sense of mercantilism but Jawas seem like they like to party.
  3. First beer of the weekend cheers to you all.
  4. mdleast

    Its happening

    You know, we could save ourselves from at least a few (but not all) future uteral-related jokes with a relatively simple “bridge” fix to the design...
  5. B-52 Brewing’s Szechuan Sauce. Actually pretty tasty for how ridiculous/disgusting it looks. I did chuckle when I poured it as I immediately thought of that Budweiser Pumpkin Peach Ale commercial.
  6. Love Joel Klatt and always look forward to his weekly appearance on The Ticker here in Dallas. He also does a podcast during the football season called Breaking the Huddle...well, sort of. Oddly, there is no real frequency as to how often it comes out (sometimes once a week but then other times not for several weeks and with seemingly no consistency on which day of the week it will drop) which is too bad as he is actually way more opinionated and animated on it than I have seen him in other formats. Also, as much as I love hearing the guy and his needling of SEC and Aggie in particular, as someone mentioned Finebaum above, let's not be totally bind to the fact that the conferences he seems to prop up and champion (Big 12, Big 10, Pac 12) happen to also be the ones that he broadcasts for. That's, of course, not a coincidence. That in no way takes away from me enjoying his opinions and all but my eyes are open to it...
  7. #MeToo In fact, I was cry laughing at Roxanne being played at ever increasing speeds. /doubleshrug
  8. Gordo during the 5:40 kickaround: “incredible gum ball ejaculate”
  9. True. Though that is also true if you switch out “Widmer Hefe” with other hefes as well...
  10. Loved it. Also love that they are actually spreading the episodes out so you can’t immediately binge all at once. That was it will be appointment TV for my me and my son (who has been counting down the days for quite a while now until its release).
  11. Is it also “leveraging” a “scalable b2b solution” Andy?
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