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  1. I have also been wondering about this as our spring break trip to California is in 2.5 weeks.
  2. Yeah though that seems to be the going price these days for such a 4 pack picked up from a brewery.
  3. The above exchange made me think of this:
  4. Like that Pinthouse is canning more and more these days.
  5. Really enjoying Southern Heights’ Clarity. With all the hazy IPAs out there (which I also enjoy), it’s nice to have a good, classic West Coast IPA.
  6. What he said. Subscribed for Tapatalk purposes. Going to DL on a Tuesday during spring break next month.
  7. I know some on here make fun of Martin House for some of the weirder stuff they put out and I also don’t drink their weirder stuff if it doesn’t look particularly appealing to me but sometimes their weirder stuff does...and is delicious.
  8. Quick Austin overnight trip for my birthday. Beer highlights: Pinthouse in Round Rock has become a go-to stop on our way into town for lunch and drinks (& pick up what’s canned to bring home). Oddwood has also become a staple and has games for the kids to play. Checked out Southern Heights for the first time in a while. Good stuff as always. Austin Beerworks later on as it’s also a staple and was near hotel to boot. Sunday morning routine for a while has been to hit up Jester King right when they open at noon. Love the vibe of that place plus their beers. That new DDH IPA (especially the variant they have at the Pasture Bar with the Lotus hop) is quite tasty. On the way out of out, we went by Central Machine Works. While kinda spare that they only have two of their beers on tap (Citra Pale Ale and Pils), both were tasty and the place is really great looking. Really good food to boot. Beer nerd out
  9. Are certain P1 posters on here already contemplating hiring a pane to fly the “Not Our Standard” banner outside of Ticketstock?!?
  10. If only Jake had eaten all three pizzas...
  11. This year is this year’s next year.
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