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  1. Had lunch yesterday at Vector Brewing, my local neighborhood brewery. Their IPAs can be hit or miss to me. Some pretty decent though their hazy IPAs generally have a little too much bitterness to me. The saison and Berliner Weisse (both with a fruit twist) and eggnog stout were particularly good. Good pizza too.
  2. Can someone tell me what kind of tree/plant/bush these are? They are in my neighborhood and I’ve always found them very interesting. These have been around for years and I’m looking for a very small one as I’m redoing our landscaping.
  3. [emoji443]”ONE RAPEY MOMENT!”[emoji443]
  4. We have a front yard porch and a patio. Pond would be good for you...
  5. Great front yard patio reading/drinking weather today!
  6. Yep. Those first two pics were when you took me there back in 2014.
  7. One of my favorite breweries to sit out and watch the sunset: Faction Brewing while enjoying the view of downtown San Francisco.
  8. The Tavour app for me. Though I understand TG will be distributing here in Texas relatively soon.
  9. Because they are all sudden medical experts...on just this one particular medical issue. Makes sense, huh?
  10. Speaking of TG, double dry hopping takes an already delicious Pseudo Sue and kicks it up a notch.
  11. I had a bomber back in 2014 and remember that being the first time that I thought wow this mosaic hop is really delicious.
  12. Stopped by Odd Muse today. Good beers though I thought their hazies all had a unique taste in them that I couldn’t quite place. Maybe the yeast they are using? Not bad just...unique.
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