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  1. Bill Murray should have won the Oscar
  2. What the drop of this post would look/sound like.
  3. Just now catching up on Surly and not sure if already posted but given how often it is wrong/made fun of, can we agree that ESPN’s win probability percentage is probably not a very good metric? Also from last weekend’s Cowboys game:
  4. It’s OK Corby...you didn’t even go to OU
  5. We love him because he always does a belly flop when in Waco!!
  6. I’ll just leave this right here (not my pic). Enjoy Surly!
  7. It seems like every year they add more and more people to the “We’re Coming to Your Citayyy!” band. They’re the Polyphonic Spree of country hick hop.
  8. I like to pretend that the Martin House guys are just trolling Surly at this point
  9. I’ve been seeing breweries posting a lot of pics like this recently so decided to try it. Promise I won’t make a regular thing out of it though. Really juicy IPA. Hop-a-tropic Lupulositor by River North Brewery out of Denver.
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