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  1. Picked up Ricky’s Hot Chicken from their Richardson location tonight for dinner. Chicken sandwiches and fries were great along with their comeback sauce. A bit of a sweeter hot chicken which is very tasty though I’d still put Hattie B’s as my personal local favorite. The chicken and waffles the kids got were also good. As you need a minimum $55 order to pick up, I also got their nugget sampler with all heat levels. I was smart enough to know not to try the hottest. My wife was not and had to chug some milk. Pick up is definitely the way to go as it is a TINY space. I had scheduled our order ahead and was able to walk right in and pick it up on time. There were probably around 20 people packed in that place waiting for theirs as I’m betting they had not though to order ahead.
  2. I also enjoyed the burger at Father’s Office in Santa Monica. Of course the great beer selection that went along with it probably helped.
  3. It's July 29th and had my first sighting of an Oktoberfest while out shopping.
  4. Actually thinking about driving as far south as Pacific City and Cape Kiwanda.
  5. Wife and I are headed up this way in August for a Thursday to Sunday long weekend trip. Flying into Portland and staying there Thursday night. Will stay Friday and Saturday night in Cannon Beach. I love seeing the coast wherever I view and especially scenic locations. For Saturday I was thinking we’d get up that morning and drive down south though Mazanita, Rockaway Beach down to Cape Meares State and Cape Lookout and over to Tillamook. Then maybe drive back up the coast to Astoria. Thoughts? Anything I’m missing? Is going up north to Astoria a better move than perhaps heading further south? TIA
  6. Except as that chart shows to the contrary. I don't have any real vested interest in which conference (without UT) draws more viewers or what any stats (dubious to some or not) reflect but i find it interesting that so many on here appear to have SUCH a vested interest.
  7. Doesn't The Athletic's numbers make initial sense from just a TV market perspective? Generally speaking, aren't most of those remaining PAC schools in bigger TV markets than those remaining Big 12? I listen to a lot of CFB podcasts and seem to recall a discussion last week of this same point.
  8. Per the article: Below is a chart of the remaining Pac-12 and Big 12 schools’ average TV ratings, from 2015-19 and 2021. (Games against Oklahoma/Texas and USC/UCLA are excluded.)
  9. That Athletic article that Francisco quotes above is really interesting and, in particular, that chart with average viewers, is not what I bet most people who think if you asked them which conference had more average viewers:
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