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  1. They are also on The Rewatchables with Bill Simmons...another great movie podcast
  2. Is that an artist’s rendering of what they wish was the attendance?
  3. What I now expect when I see in the preview that Greenspoint has posted in this thread
  4. When he is doing his “research” (i.e: scrolling his phone while on the toilet) how many times a day do you think he googles “Fauci” as he can’t seem to NOT talk about him.
  5. I love this movie and, though different in certain ways, the Hulu series from 2020 starring Zoe Kravitz was pretty great too, imo
  6. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/civil-war-with-alex-garland-plus-the-10-most/id1439252196?i=1000652241422
  7. There is a great (and long) episode of The Big Picture podcast (that I am actually finishing up right now as I type this) in which they discuss, debate and breakdown the film and includes a postscript interview with Garland. Highly recommended if you have had this film on the brain since seeing.
  8. I believe they have done this in a handful of other (non-Texas) Alamo Drafthouse locations.
  9. It’s a Cosby sweater! A COSSSBY sweater!!
  10. I love a good DuaL ipa
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