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  1. Yep - just saw 3 different Trillium 4 packs at Central Market here in Dallas. To each their own and all that and they no doubt make great beers when I've had them but it is still shocking to see a $29.99 price for a 4 pack (of non-barrel aged stout) in a grocery store. But as someone mentioned up thread, I'd have no problem paying $7.50 for a 16oz if I saw their beer out somewhere.
  2. For posterity, last year’s best weather to beat (at least since 2000) was a high of 80 (which I’m surprised was that high). Screenshot from noon at the game:
  3. Wait....Constant = Lee Corso??
  4. From my kitchen chalkboard, ready to go bird hunting TEXAS!
  5. Funny you say that as that’s exactly what I thought of you based on your prior response: this discussion is religious for you. Not religion for me: just following the recommendations of the medical establishment just as I always have. I’d submit to you that (only since COVID) has the issue of (not) following the recommendations of the medical establishment become religion for some and I do think it’s time we take the issue back from the dumb people.
  6. Yes, just like any other medical issue, I think it’s absolutely reasonable (and what pretty much everyone did pre-COVID) to rely upon the recommendations of the supermajority of medical professionals. Since that supermajority has previously and currently recommends getting the COVID shot (“jab” to you timid types) I will continue to follow the recommendations of the medical community on this and all other medical matters. To do otherwise should cause you to #rolleyes
  7. Hmm…I had assumed the freak phenomenon of “Sudden Medical Expertise (But Just in the Limited Area of COVID Medical Expertise)” was just a 2020-2021 phenomenon. Sadly, it appears it to have flared back up in some people…like gonorrhea.
  8. And she said everyone was so gosh darn nice and helped direct us into the stadium before the game and that we truly fit in the SEC-SEC-SEC! I can’t remember if I am leaving out any other relevant points from their fan fiction.
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