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  1. California grocery stores (not even beer stores) imo
  2. Yes, Master Pancake is still going strong (they are actually named checked in the Hollywood Reporter article) and does pretty regular in theater shows these days plus, even better for those of us fans that don't live in Austin since Covid, they do regular shows online each week on Twitch. Mdmost and I have been fans of the Alamo since that original 1 screen theater on 4th and Colorado and I have followed them and their inner workings (from afar as an uber-fan) throughout their expansion. While I can agree with those that feel the zenith of the Alamo was the original Tim and Karrie League-owned days, I think the reality is that it has become more and corporate for many many years now (starting back when they started really expanding into other markets and continuing through the bankruptcy/private equity change). I will be curious to see what Sony ownership brings but, especially as someone here in Dallas with presently closed Alamos, I am excited to at least have a new infusion of money/ownership and they are at least currently paying lip service to honoring all that has made Alamo the brand it is today.
  3. Just watched. Funny, breezy entertainment. Just what I was wanting/expecting. Good for Glenn Powell.
  4. EVERYONE'S fucking hyperbole ALL the god damned time?!?
  5. I am/was also an "only at the Alamo" customer since they opened here 13 years ago. Beyond the no talking or get kicked out being a real thing, the biggest draw for me was always that they fostered an environment that going to see the movie you were at was a big thing (in addition to screening more indie-type movies you are probably not gonna find at most multiplexes). Always made a point to get to the movie early to watch their curated preshow of clips related to the movie/cast. Their food/drink menu definitely declined over the years imo but that was never the hook that got me loyal to them.
  6. I recall that the franchisee owner was previously a member of the Army Special Forces
  7. I agree. Especially after seeing this. “Following the closures, there are 35 Alamo locations nationwide — 15 of those are franchise locations, and 20 are corporate owned theaters. “ https://t.co/urnDmw1zYV
  8. Pretty sure this is one of the tags you find on a MyPillow
  9. Drive down to nearby Laguna Beach and check out Heisler Park - a multi-tiered park on the side of a cliff and which leads down to tidepools. Also, drive down to the San Clemente Pier.
  10. I am struggling to remember the last time I had one of their beers. I went by their taproom once years ago and remember they only had on tap the same beers you find in stores...which is a real pet peeve of mine.
  11. *is an hour and half...
  12. The newest episode of the Until Saturday podcast in an hour and half breakdown of the game.
  13. Well shit. I really thought my drink of a non-IPA would stave off Greenspoint’s apparently insatiable thirst for blood for [a brewery I will confess I never heard of despite it’s relative proximity to me] but I guess not. Tanks for nuttin!
  14. Well, well, well. If it isn't Mr. Bullshit and Dr. I'm-Full-of-Shit? In what way are we full of shit? Which one of us has the Ph.D?
  15. they-a-ya were hoping you wouldn't notice
  16. Always love this thread as it signals that our long national nightmare will (eventually) end!
  17. Just finished watching all 4 episodes of STAX: Soulsville U.S.A. about the rise and fall of Stax Records. Really good stuff.
  18. If you’re in Haight Asbury and thirsty (for beer nerdy beer in particular), you certainly need to stop by my favorite bar: Toronado
  19. If down in Chinatown, stop by John Wick’s favorite restaurant and get the sesame chicken
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