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  1. If you use the promo codes EXES at the link below, you can buy Texas Tech tickets at face value. The seats aren't great but worth taking a look at. Link to ticket office
  2. I’d read the rest of that book
  3. Ronaldo brought the double team and left Pepe running free
  4. It would have been great if this game was in game 1 or 2 of the group stage.
  5. If brazil win their group, that side of the bracket is stacked and will only get harder when the winner of the england / belgium group is decided. It might be worth landing in the 2 spot of group G.
  6. was the game played in buenos aires? the crowd looks like 90% argentina fans.
  7. That Messi fella is pretty good at soccer. The whole combo to control it and get the shot on target was outstanding.
  8. This is probably an easy question but it's new territory for a bbq newb. I need to cook a pork butt (for pulled pork sandwiches) for a 4th of July party next week. If I do the smokin a day early, what's the best method to reheat the next day?
  9. plvhorn

    Texas/ou game

    exes is another code that has worked for me.
  10. maradona going with a watch on each wrist today. bold move.
  11. I swear you can hear the USC fans cheer on the TV broadcast when the ref first sets the stick down on the 4th down stop. They thought they had it. A couple of things that have always stuck with me were how loud the "Eyes" sounded at the end of the game and just how euphoric I felt in the following days. My dad and I drove to Vegas the next day, and, to use a cliche, I felt like I was walking on a cloud everywhere we went. I also had a buddy that paid a cop a few hundred bucks to handcuff him and walk him into the stadium under the assumption he was being detained. Once inside, the cop let him go. He bounced around the stadium, standing in aisle ways.
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