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  1. beer

    2020 Tampa Bay Rays

    but he watches more than you think. I actually tried to send that a long time ago.....I will recheck what happened. And in.
  2. The hell am I doing wrong? I even consulted the appropriate thread for dummies.
  3. Sonos might seem pricey but goddamn it just works. I have it all over the house and it is absolutely independent. I only have one 'play' device that I use for outside that drives an amp/speakers that were already in the house when we bought it. I have 9 others spread throughout a 3 level house that are stand alone. I use one as a stereo pair, have one sound bar with 2 rear speakers, the others are mono. I picked them up on ebay, on sale at Best Buy, etc...started with just 3 and kept getting them. Yes, a bit pricey but I tried doing this with several others and dammit this just works out of the box every time, no issues. I tried it with its own network but when I put in a better wifi setup it works better just intermixed on my main network.
  4. Remember this fact: Diamonds are NOT rare, repeat, NOT RARE. There are metric tons of them sitting in warehouses and the price is artificially supported and pumped at multiple levels. Fucking commies.
  5. Not an owner, but I was concerned that several people said they do not reduce humidity as well as a forced air system.....but every last house in Europe I have seen had them so they cant be that bad at it.
  6. Last time I did it was $250/hr, took me 2 hours to review case and write an opinion. But that was for the defense...aint no snitch
  7. Tengo miedo viajar al sur de Tapachula porque algún pinche rrrrrrreputa médico podría ponerme mierda en la garganta
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