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  1. that's reassuring cause his play style and frame you'd think he'd be 210 ish at least
  2. Yeah BJ lost a bunch of weight he's sub 200 rn, trying to not get Overshowned lol..... meanwhile Adimora is like 210-215 or something, he's def gonna be the spur/box safety/nickel whatever you call it edit - Jamison one handing the block on that huge fucker is funny
  3. voted by mail drop box today in WA. I'm so scurred someone is going to break into that box and open my ballot and change my votes.
  4. yeah that should work well. might even get an uber crust on em searing twice. don't be afraid to use a thermometer if done-ness is a question, I haven't ever cooked a par cooked steak before, not sure if that would make a difference on texture.
  5. Lol you right. Mi scusi Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  6. that's a continent. where's Madigascar?
  7. Globe Life Field is the Rangers old ballpark that was converted to football for the XFL team. I dont think the new park can handle football. google tells me Globe Life PARK is the old one, converted for foozball Globe Life FIELD is the new one.
  8. fuuuuuuuck i haven't though about the GCD in years. That was the best.
  9. cam4mav

    XFL: The sequel

    that's ..... interesting
  10. that road she was on is extremely remote. I drove it overnight coming back from eastern Washington and saw at least 15 deer next to and just standing in the middle of the road. maybe 1 big rig coming the opposite way. zero cell service for an hour at least maybe more. probably just an impatient, dumb decision thinking going up would get to cell service. I'm more curious where she was going with a bag packed and not telling parents, driving that far out on that road. There is NOTHING out there and not much in that direction. Running out of gas and making a dumb decision in the middle of the night, i totally buy that. But where the fuck was she going.
  11. cam4mav

    XFL: The sequel

    15 mil is cheap for a sports league..... right?
  12. If it was also over stuffed with asparagus I think we are ok without those pics ๐Ÿ˜†
  13. 2nd page of a paper needs to be memes. crazy enough it just might work!
  14. single digit receivers ftw Epps with 19 gonna look funny to me.
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