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  1. dudes vision + ability to make the moves needed to take advantage of what he sees + the balance to shrug off contact like it isn't there and stay up... it's just nutty
  2. cam4mav

    NFL Week 1

  3. Russians seeing those above "Are those X-Drones?"
  4. no context college football https://twitter.com/ilmiofootball33/status/1566143693953945611?s=20&t=bukXGzowIy8kfoROnzSDbA edit: how the fuck do you embed tweets
  5. Bijan running squigglies up the middle like got damned Case McSquiggles
  6. he was so fucking fast it's hilarious how slow it made everyone else look, while doing it seemingly effortlessly.
  7. It's just awful here Golden Gardens Park last night around 9:15pm, cool 65 degrees with a nice ocean breeze
  8. Damn, the deep state really works quickly they already got to him!
  9. cam4mav

    Texas RB Talk

    Ramonce Taylor end around for a TD every time and Goal Line Henry Melton would like a word with you Also JC being #2 behind Young was a reflection of coaching not a reflection of the players. So I disregard that data point entirely. Tiers in terms of talent shown in 05 vs 21 Bijan JC - Taylor - Johnson - Young - Keilan - Brooks/Melton at this point who cares it's arguing over split hairs, but it's end of May so nothing better to do. I take the 05 group over last years, basically because I like the combo of JC and Taylor very slightly more than Bijan Rojo. Both are luxury's to have in the RB room. I'm also a massive JC stan that thinks he's one of the best RB's ever so yeah
  10. those MLRS sound like incredibly effective units. The ability reach beyond rusky arty, very accurately, with drone spotting, that's exactly what Ukraine needs. Hell fucking yeah
  11. Yuuuuup. This war has shown just how much artillery still rules the battlefield. NLAW and Javelin and STUGNA etc are absolutely awesome on the small scale, but the big guns are defining the lines of battle. Ukraine getting western equipment with better range than what the ruskies are using to lob shells, means exactly that^ the threat of counter battery fire coming from beyond your own range to hit.... game changer. The M549 shells we sent over (The M549 is a High-Explosive Rocket Assisted (HERA) 155 mm howitzer round) has a range of 19 miles / 30 kilometers https://en.defence-ua.com/news/m777_howitzers_with_rocket_assisted_projectiles_in_ukraine_taking_revenge_on_bucha_massacre_along_with_irpin_and_boyarka_photo-2811.html that's a 5km buffer to be able to hit russia's most common howitzer MSTA. And those rounds come in very accurately combo'd with drone sighting in, not some grid square deletion MLRS type deal. Happy hunting men! Fuck em up. Not sure if we will be sending them precision guided kit equipped rounds, but what they can do with big guns in this day and age is pretty spectacular https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1156_Precision_Guidance_Kit 50 meter area accuracy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M982_Excalibur 4 meter area accuracy, 4 fucking meters 30+ miles away from a 155 mm shell. holy fuck
  12. Brian Kelly isn't fooling anyone with his sunglasses disguise
  13. Arm your kids from neighborhood dogs? Preemptive victim ass bullshit. Teach them to treat animals with respect as they would humans (you did teach them that part right?). Those dogs will be a better judge of character of your kids than your kids teachers, shut the fuck up. Go clutch your pearls between your bear mace fingers.
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