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  1. I mean makes sense with the OL coach going to Arky.
  2. Story of the year is Carlisle working his magic on THjr and making him look like he's worth his salary.
  3. Kinda hated this band on first listen but now I'm really digging it. Drummer is nails, they sound like they are heavily influenced only by 90s Metallica, and the singer sounds like the Machinehead singer's clone.
  4. It's very good. The BangerTV review is hilarious, I hadn't hear of goblin singing before that, but it makes complete sense and that's all I can think of it now.
  5. I can't remember, did LSUFreek do the Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg from 8 mile?
  6. Mensa level move to get Fillinger back on board.
  7. Saw these guys live with 1349 and Uada, can't stop listening to the album. Sound a lot like Tribulation if you're familiar.
  8. Absolutely Outstanding video. Sound like Cattle Decapitation.
  9. Ya I've seen Power Trip like 8/9 times now, only 3/4 from the latest album, they always kill it. Devil Master took a while listening for me to get into.
  10. I don't know the solution, but it does help my understanding at least having statistics that are backed with context like that NPR article, good find.
  11. This was on the Athletic Background part of 247's profile of him. PERSONAL: Is the younger brother of Oklahoma OL Erick Wren
  12. Looks like his brother is at OUsucks.
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