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  1. As an Italian who is related to most of south Portland, I laugh at your stupidity.
  2. Life is real when every gas station has Faygo.
  3. Our company just sent out an email letting us know we still can’t upgrade to Catalina.
  4. Great series, I've listened to all of them on Audible. Got book 16 and 17? on preorder already. Definitely would help to start from the beginning, I think Death Masks is the fifth in the series.
  5. Anyone else not able to get to any 247 boards?
  6. Yup, the 45 bumpers are fat, then plate 45s.
  7. Still got nothing on Fapple Mountain Dew.
  8. I mean, how else can you get a party to 150%? Dr pepper and bud light alone?
  9. Honestly, guy in the car probably acted more rationally than I would have in that situation.
  10. Can we talk about cheese, kate or something else? Draft picks over the past 10 years is too depressing.
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