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  1. Weird difference I noticed between the genre splits in techno vs metal, I would hear all sorts of techno then get told the genre, in metal I never heard some of the music till I heard the genre. Don't know if it's the same experience for all.
  2. What is with the youtube links changing lately?
  3. I dig Gutalax, I'll go to my corner.
  4. I saw the live video, I was honestly impressed.
  5. They are one of my favorite bands, for all those new.
  6. Also, shot in the dark, prog black metal band that has pretty understandable fry vocals.
  7. There are some growls tucked into their discography, but mostly singing.
  8. I guess peein your pants is cool again.
  9. NOFX and Propagandhi are up there too. I've seen Mammoth Grinder like 40/50 times, but I won't count that considering they were local and I knew them.
  10. I think I've seen Darkest Hour over 10 times, easily the band I've seen the most. Cattle Decapitation is right around there too.
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