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  1. i once had a baseball coach who spouted zig zigler wisdoms all practice. worst coach ever
  2. shakas career is a magic carpet with fairy dust
  3. shaka just lucked into key injuries forcing unselfish players to change the course
  4. take cuningham out and watch how fast it goes back to hero ball
  5. shaka 100% not responsible for anything that is happening now, he is just along for the ride, the more he stays out of it the better he will look
  6. this turnaround has zero to do with shaka and every bit of luck forcing shaka to use high energy unselfish players
  7. would dribbling be too much to ask for
  8. Let me tell you about this Texas team they ain’t good
  9. A real man says about that buyout, yeah, keep it, I’ll walk
  10. Making renderings is really really hard
  11. I don’t get it whats the humble brag what was the proof and what were you proving.
  12. Win one for the seniors campaign 2019
  13. I remember in 6th grade the coach of our flag football team spent a majority of his time making sure we had only 11 on the field. This team feels a lot like that
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